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Understanding cloud computing Vulnerabilities

Earlier, IEEE's Security & Privacy published an article titled Understanding Cloud Computing Vulnerabilities. Recently translated by InfoQ into Chinese, it is reproduced as follows:Discussions on cloud computing security often fail to differentiate

Use IT network and security professionals to define the cloud

This article focuses on the definition of the cloud tailored from the unique perspective of IT networks and security professionals. A set of common and concise words for unified classification can be used to describe the impact of cloud architecture

Caocao Cang Ting broke the first Xuan de Jingzhou according to Liu Biao

Caocao Cang Ting broke the first Xuan de Jingzhou according to Liu BiaoBut said Cao Shaozhao defeated, Rectification Army horse, meandering chase attack. Yuan Shao towel unlined, more than 800 ride, Ben to Liyang North Shore, General Shanyi Canal

"Summary" leverages AWS to build a hybrid cloud architecture

Download the full video: Download the full MP4 file1. Churyang's understanding Defines the concept of a hybrid it architecture (because some enterprises may not have a cloud locally, but need to build a cloud + physical architecture) Hybrid IT

Hengtian cloud 3.0: Creating a New openstack-based private cloud model

Cloud computing is in full swing in the IT world today. More and more enterprises are using cloud computing to transform traditional data centers and simplify the delivery mode of IT resources. Cloud computing is the integration of many open

SQL Server 2017 is officially released: Both Windows and Linux are supported (now look down, that's when De la's "

Microsoft first announced the Linux version of SQL Server in March last year and released its first public RC version in July this year. Microsoft announced that SQL Server 2017 will be officially released on October 2, at the Microsoft Ignite 2017

Alibaba Cloud Yi Li: The Evolution of Docker should be adopted instead of the revolutionary means.

Alibaba online technology summit topics, register now: Cloud senior expert Yi Li will share on-cloud application Docker continuous delivery and microservice practices at on March 13, July 19. To better

Fast enough Yuncu: Why transform from personal cloud disk to Enterprise cloud disk

Recently reported in the major media about 360 cloud disk was Teng Xun reported allegedly a large number of pornographic content of the incident, undoubtedly become the focus of the cloud storage industry, but also further exposed the personal cloud

0702-spring Cloud Config-git Warehouse configuration, user authorization

I. OverviewSee Address: Https:// example: git, svn, git-based local storage, local storage, VaultSecond, gitThe default implementation of

Ubuntu trial ibus cloud pinyin

Zhou haihan/Wen 2010.7.15 Ibus cloud Pinyin is Linux/ibusA Pinyin input method that supports the online cloud pinyin service is designed. : Http://, currentlyStill under development.It uses the cloud pinyin

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