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To set the root login method for a Debian system

The Debian desktop environment does not allow root logging by default, so you need to modify the configuration. One, let Debian can use root login 1 First modify the GDM3 settings file (/etc/gdm3/daemon.conf) and append the following line to the

Debian system root user Automatic Login

By default, Debian does not allow root logon. (1) Allow Debian to log on as root 1) First, modify the gdm3 configuration file (/etc/gdm3/deamon. conf) and append the following line to the [Security] field: Allowroot= Ture 2) modify the logon Pam

Fedora 12/Debian logon GUI with root

Just installed fedora 12 and logged on to the GUI as the root user. The error "Fault Identification" is returned ". Checked: by default, the root logon GUI is not allowed.   Solution: (1) Log On As a common user. (2) # Su Switch to root. (3) #

How to configure the Telnet service in Debian Linux

Step: 1. debian :~ # Apt-getinstalltelnetddebian :~ # Apt-getinstalltelnetd-ssldebian :~ # Apt-getinstallxinetd (installation package xinetd ......) 2. create a file/etc/xinetd. d/telnet. the method and content are as follows, and save. debian

Port Debian Linux to the Tiny210 platform

I personally like Debian Linux, which is concise, elegant, lightweight, and stable. Debian has a wide range of utilities to choose from, and its Aptitude tool is very easy to use. it perfectly solves the problems of version matching and library

Mount remote files through sshfs/shfs In Debian

  I tried the first method. Note that the remote host. Ssh/authorized_keys needs to be generated through the ssh-keygen gesture. The previous steps were successful, but the configuration was still not successful after the instance was

Debian Linux 7.1.0 Graphic Installation Tutorial

First, Debian 7.1.0 the latest installation CDSecond, installation system tutorial diagramThird, DEBIANLNMP more related use series articlesFirst, Debian 7.1.0 the latest installation CDDebian7.1.0 's installation image file has DVD disc ISO,

Debian System Configuration File description

Chapter 10. Debian System configuration File Description Table of Contents 10.1. . Bash_profile,. BASHRC,. Bash_history and. Bash_logout 10.2. /ETC/PASSWD,/etc/shadow and/etc/group 10.3. /etc/login.defs 10.4. /etc/securetty 10.5. ~/.gnomerc 10.6. ~/

Linux KVM Environment Installation Windows Tutorial-partition letter and Mount Debian installation

Old left originally in Ramnode New Year promotional activities purchased one-month KVM VPS host, originally meant to look at the Internet circulated KVM environment installed Windows system method, although most businesses do not allow such

Debian 5.0.1 xfce4.2 installation experience

Debian 5.0.1 xfce4.2 installation experience----------------------------- Motivation:Debian has been used for a while before. Due to its troubles in configuration, Ubuntu is generally used for compaction, because it has good hardware compatibility

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