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Social Media Marketing: community participation and Community marketing strategy

Article Description: social Media marketing? Get a sense of the user's community involvement first! Today, on Weibo, I talked to online users about the social media marketing template, and in the past experience of operating Facebook in

Access to social networking web sites via OAuth, part 1th

Build a desktop Twitter client that supports OAuth OAuth is an open protocol that enables users to share their protected resources among different Web sites without worrying about the risk of a leak. OAuth is ideal for mixing up today's social

Pay tribute to the old open-source social platform ThinkSNS with technical analysis

Pay tribute to the old open-source social platform ThinkSNS with technical analysis As an IT otaku, I started my SNS social networking from high school. The scenes of the year 78 s were used on SNS social networking, with smiles, sweat, and

Google associates with some social websites to fight against Facebook

Google will join hands with some other industry-leading social networking websites to fight against the Internet's new and expensive Facebook. On Thursday, Google will launch an opensocial set that allows software developers to develop applications

100 Most useful Web site addresses

This article for translation of the British guardian of the Science and Technology channel of December 21, 2006, the paper listed the 100 most representative English web site, there is a certain reference value, the translation process will be part

Talk about SNS website and website member analysis

has been concerned about domestic and foreign SNS and community development, operating over the SNS two years, read a lot about SNS comments and analysis, but also has been using various SNS sites, I would like to from the SNS operating in some of

The 1th Chapter Spring Introduction

To reduce the complexity of Java development, Spring has adopted the following 4 key strategies: Lightweight and minimal intrusive programming based on POJO; Loose coupling is achieved by dependency injection and interface oriented;

51. com: not playing games for many years

It's better not to ask which competitor Pang Shengdong's looks like. He is still a little excited to tell you that video authentication, group dating, and other functions are not only the first in their domestic counterparts, but even earlier

Exploring the secrets inside receng: A Preliminary Exploration of receng

[This article is reproduced. Original article address:] Introduction:With the development of web technology, it becomes easier to create and share content. A large number of images,

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