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Dolby truehd (Dolby truehd) Audio Encoding

Dolby truehd is the next-generation lossless compression technology designed for HD disc media. This technology provides excellent audio and HD recording studios with the highest definition, allowing the next generation of CDs to bring you a real HD entertainment experience. With high-definition images, Dolby truehd technology provides an unprecedented home theater experience, allowing you to enjoy the same

[News] Dolby Laboratories launches Dolby 3D kids 'glasses

335 wordsFri, 24 Jun 2011 11:46:00 GMTDatamonitor News and CommentEnglish2011 Datamonitor Ltd. All rights reserved Dolby Laboratories, Inc., a provider of audio and video solutions, has launched Dolby 3D kids 'glas. Dolby Laboratories said that designed with Dolby's 3D technical know-how, the expertise of an eyewear design company, and 3 M's new multilayer optic

DTS, Dolby 2.0, Dolby 5.1, AC3

DTS is short for "Digital theatre System", which means "Digital Cinema System. Technically, DTS is completely different from other sound processing systems, including Dolby Digital. Dolby Digital stores audio data between the tooth holes of the film. Due to space limitations, it must adopt a large number of compression modes, so it has to sacrifice part of the sound quality. DTS solved this problem with a s

What does DTS, Dolby 2.0, Dolby 5.1, AC3 mean?

DTS is the abbreviation for "Digital Theatre system", which means "digitized cinema systems". Technically, DTS is completely different from other sound processing systems, including Dolby Digital. Dolby Digital Stores the sound data in the perforation of the film, because the space constraints must be in a large number of compression patterns, which have to sacrifice part of the sound quality. DTS has solve

Paper 72: High Dynamic Range (HDR) image HDR (HI dynamic Range)

in this range is more sensitive than in the high place.More convincing visual effects can achieved if the rendering are adapted to let the ranges of pixel values more accurate Ly reflect the light levels that would is present in a real scene. Although these values would ultimately need to being mapped back to the range available on the display device, any Intermediat e calculations (such as Unity ' s image effects) would give more authentic results. Allowing the internal representation of the g

Sound Effect Assessment by major companies (DNSe/BBE/SRS/PlayFX/Dolby/Full Sound ...)

standards to bring a more harmonious and pleasant music experience. In my opinion, it is the most practical function in the three settings. Unlike modified sound effects such as 3D surround and ultimate bass, Volume balancing is not a pure sound technology strictly. We know that due to the varying volume of songs from different audio sources, especially those from the network, we often need to adjust the player volume frequently during actual listening, which is quite troublesome. The function

Be careful when being fooled by "Dolby" Certification

Dolby is a British R. m. dr. Dolby's Chinese interpreter, who has established the Dolby laboratory in the United States, has successively invented many technologies such as the Dolby noise reduction system and the Dolby surround sound system, which have a huge impact on movie and home audio. The commonly used

Dolby Digital plus for tablets tries to compensate for weak speakers

Dolby Digital plus for tablets tries to compensate for weak speakerscan software optimizations make the speakers in today's tablets any better? Dolby Digital plus for tablets, shown here in a preliminary form, is a reasonably successful software fix for a pervasive hardware problem-namely, the low-rent speakers in most tablets. Dolby On most smartphones and tabl

Bloom, fake HDR, true HDR)

Bloom, fake HDR, true HDR Concept The principle of HDR has been mentioned on my old website. It mainly refers to the principle on gamedev.Article. Now let's explain them together. These post-processing technologies are designed to achieve luminous effects (glow effect) HDR refers to the high dynamic light range,

Dolby Pro Logic II vs. SRS circle surround

From: In the same way that digital technology has replaced analog, surround sound is replacing stereo. phenomenal sales of DVD-video players and home theater systems confirm that consumers enjoy sound from all around. savvy broadcasters understand that they must some how squeeze 5.1 channels through their 2-channel audio signal paths. While matrix surround systems suchDolby Pro Logic II (dplii)AndSRS circle surrou

DTS vs Dolby Digital

The difference between Dolby surround and DTS is that they are both lossy digital compression technologies. This kind of "perceptual" data compression technology is developed based on the audible Characteristics of Human acoustics-sensitive to high-level sound and shielded from other insensitive sounds. What is the difference between DTs and Dolby Digital 5.1 In the same 6.1 or 5.1 channels? The biggest dif

Windows 8 System does not open Dolby sound-efficient solution

Dolby Driver is unable to control the audio, Win8 audio is still controlled by the self driven. After half an hour of perseverance, found a new installation of Dolby Driver method, special to share (install the official drive after the default to open the Dolby sound effect of friends can ignore this post, this paste suitable for the official sound card driver af

PhotoShop CS5 Merge to HDR Pro easy to create HDR photos

HDR is the abbreviation for the English high-dynamic Range, which is a high dynamic illumination rendering. This technique allows you to capture a wider range of brightness and color than ordinary photographic technology. To achieve this, HDR photography uses a combination of three or more photos of different exposures in the same scene-instead of just taking a photo-– as you normally do to recreate the wo

Implementation optimization of Dolby Digital additive in SOC design

Dolby Digital Plus-the latest generation of Dolby Digital technology, is entering the next generation of home entertainment applications, will bring people a super sound, more efficient audio compression, and a better user experience. Dolby Digital Plus, or enhanced AC-3 (e-ac-3), has evolved to meet the needs of two markets that are currently in its infancy (i.e

Apple 5s HDR Mode photography How to use the HDR mode camera method

The iOS7 version is also added to the HDR feature for the iphone's photo shoot. HDR-Highdynamic Range (High dynamic illumination rendering) is one of the rendering methods in computer graphics, which can make stereoscopic scenes more realistic and greatly increase the virtual reality of three-dimensional. When this feature is turned on, the iphone will actually shoot three photos, corresponding to the expo

How does the Samsung S6 use HDR to shoot? S6 Mobile phone HDR Mode Photography Tips

1. Under the Standby page, click on "Camera". 2. Click the "HDR" icon at the top of the screen to open HDR mode, and when the HDR icon displays "On", the HDR mode opens, and then the camera is clicked, and you can take a picture by clicking on the "Cameras" icon. Turn on/off the

Dolby Audio X2 (DAX2) unauthorized vulnerability

Lenovo Security Bulletin: LEN-4884 Potential impact: Local ultra vires vulnerability Severity: High Summary: A vulnerability exists in the file permissions of the Dolby Audio X2 (DAX2) software utility that allows local users to run files using system-level permissions. Describe: Dolby Audio X2 (DAX2) is an industry standard software program developed by Dolby

How can I enable HDR shooting on a Samsung mobile phone? How does Samsung enable HDR shooting?

Samsung J7109 has powerful real-time HDR technology. Even with strong backlight, HDR allows you to take more colorful photos and take photos. If you want to use this function, follow these steps:1. Go to the camera on the Samsung mobile phone, and click camera on the desktop ].2. Click the mode option in the photo mode.3. Click [HDR (rich colors)] on the page, as

[News] Dolby scores a Patent Victory the right way

Earlier this week,Dolby Laboratories(NYSE:DLB) andResearch In Motion(Nasdaq:RIMM) agreed to bury the hatchet and smoke a peace pipe. Patent infringement lawsuits on two continents were laid to rest, and now the BlackBerry maker is a license-paying Dolby customer with the right to use its patented audio compression technologies. other electronics mavens licensing the same patents, albeitLess begrudgingly, in

Dolby decoder downmix (LO/Ro and LT/RT)

From the Dolby metadata guide:In each of these devices, the analog stereo output is one of two different stereo downmixes.One type is a stereo-compatible Dolby Surround downmix, of the multichannel source program that is suitable for Dolby Surround Pro Logic decoding.This kind of downmix is also called Pro logic or left total/right total (LT/RT ).The other type i

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