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DSP using Matlab Book in practice example 2.1

First the code, then the result diagram.An = [ -5:5];x=2*impseq ( -2,-5,5)-Impseq (4,-5,5); set (GCF, ' color ', [1,1,1]) % change coordinates peripheral background color stem (n,x); title (' Sequence In problem 2.1a '); Xlabel (' n '); Ylabel (' x (n) '); Grid on;Bn = [0:20]; X1 = N. * (Stepseq (0,0,20)-Stepseq (10,0,20)); x2 = ten * exp ( -0.3* (N-10)). * (Stepseq (10,0,20)-Stepseq (20,0,20)); x = x1 + X2;set (GCF, ' Color ', [1,1,1]) % change coordinates peri

Comparison between fixed-point DSP and floating-point DSP

Http://www.cnblogs.com/scncart/articles/1805553.htmlComparison between fixed-point DSP and floating-point DSP It may be helpful for entry-level DSP developers. This article focuses on the comparison between a fixed-point DSP and a floating-point DSP, mainly from three aspec

Comparison between ARM, 8051, AVR, MSP430, ColdFire, DSP, and FPGA systems

advantages mean that arm has a wider application scope than AVR. Therefore, if "We use AVR in Middle School" is correct, we should use arm in university.We can see that at91m55800a Based on the ARM core of ATMEL includes a lot of AVR peripherals, but still lacks Twi/I2C, variable gain ADC, EEPROM and other useful components. However, there is no doubt that arm's external expansion and peripherals are more powerful than AVR.In terms of operating system and software source code resources, arm has

(Multi-Core DSP QuickStart) 1. Create a simple multi-core DSP project HelloWorld

Original articleReprint please register source HTTP://BLOG.CSDN.NET/TOSTQTutorial directory: http://blog.csdn.net/tostq/article/details/51245979In this section we will run the first multi-core DSP program, familiar with the CCS development environment, and learn to use the CCS debugging tool, the main content is as follows:(1) New CCS project(2) Import target simulation module(3) Using the Debug toolFirst, the new CCS projectSelect File/new/ccs Projec

(Original issue) How can I solve the problem of saving enough attention in MATLAB after removing the DSP Builder? (SOC) (DSP Builder) (MatLab)

AbstractIf the DSP Builder is installed in MATLAB, after the DSP Builder is removed in a day, as long as the MATLAB is moved together, there will be negative information. How can this problem be solved? IntroductionEnvironment: MATLAB r200b Previously, I installed DSP Builder 7.2 and 8.0, but after Quartus II 8.1, I didn't install

"DSP Development" "Computer Vision" EMCV: OpenCV that can be run on a DSP

EMCV: OpenCV that can be run on the DSP EMCV Project Home: HTTP://SF.NET/PROJECTS/EMCVEMCV all called embedded computer Vision Library, is aComputer Vision Library running on the DM64X series DSP. EMCV provides a fully consistent function interface with OPENCV, and with EMCV, you can easily port your OPENCV algorithm to a DSP without even changing one line of co

DSP Learning Guide

Graduate student during the TI DSP research, from a to the embedded point does not know the novice to the completion of a self-satisfied project, which has traversed a lot of detours, now put my knowledge of DSP learning and some references listed, may be helpful for beginners.Laboratory is a smell pavilion DM642 Development Board, at that time this development Board is relatively new, the domestic Chinese

Fundamentals of DSP Data operation

Reprinted from: http://bbs.21ic.com/icview-841266-1-1.htmlIn the application of DSP, in fact, hardware is generally not a problem, the main is the software, is the algorithm! The following about the operation of the essence of DSP hope that some value!A DSP fixed-point arithmetic operation1-Count CalibrationIn the fixed-point

On the similarities and differences between MCU, ARM and DSP

Still remember when reading, the teacher said that single-chip computer, ARM, DSP has interoperability, are CPU, but listen to the teacher can not understand.How can I understand them and find out their similarities and differences? Let's take a look at my wife's views:Icer, SOC design for arm CPUsLet me say a few words, hoping to say a little thinner.First of all, said CPU, central processing unit, the essence is an integrated circuit, the function i

The difference between DSP and MCU

Before just learning single-chip computer, after certain programming, can realize a lot of different functions, at that time, I feel that single-chip microcomputer is really a powerful. Later came into contact with DSP, found that DSP processing digital in communication, more convenient. So I was curious to ask myself, DSP and microcontroller, what is the differe

How to Build da Vinci DSP Server

How to Build da Vinci DSP Server Author: Cui Jing, Ti General DSP Technology Application Engineer Texas Instrument's DaVinci digital media technology platform consists of four parts: chips (processors), development tools or Development kits, software and technical support. Software development involves operating systems, audio/video coding/DecodingAlgorithmAnd the division of labor between ARM

How to construct Da Vinci's DSP Server_davinc da Vinci

Texas Instruments (TI) 's Leonardo da Vinci (DaVinci) Digital media technology platform includes four major parts: chips (processors), development tools or development kits, software and technical support. Software development involves the operating system, audio and video codec algorithm and arm and DSP between the division of cooperation, so that many engineers feel more complex. TI introduced a series of software modules and tools to establish the

The bustling and sad DSP

1. What is a DSP?I'm used to understanding any one technology from two angles 1. It solves what problem 2. For whom it serves. For DSP, I think DSP is to solve the problem of the complexity and ROI of the programmatic purchase of advertisers, which is born to advertisers. If the advertising industry is simplified into: media (supply), advertising platform (ADX) a

What DSP should know best

How does one mix 1.5 V/3.3v?The development of TI DSPs is the same as that of Integrated Circuits. The new DSPs are all 3.3v, but many peripheral circuits are still 5 V. Therefore, in the DSP system, there are often 5 V and 3 v dsp mixed connection problems. In these systems, Note: 1) the DSP outputs to a 5 V circuit (such as D/A), which can be directly connected

Discussion on How to Learn DSP Software Development

Address: http://www.analogcn.com/Article/wz3/201112/20111207164354.html 1. Find out the source and familiar manual of DSP-related resources Generally, this is mainly from the official website of DSP chip manufacturers. Although the current DSP chip manufacturers provide Chinese official websites, I suggest you use an English website, some resources are not avail

DSP debugging method using Matlab

This paper introduces the debugging method of DSP Application Based on MATLAB based on specific examples. MATLAB has powerful analysis, computing and visualization functions, using dozens of professional toolboxes provided by MATLAB, algorithm Analysis and Simulation for automatic control, signal processing, and communication systems can be conveniently and flexibly implemented. It is an indispensable software tool for algorithm designers and engineer

Lifting the "Red hijab": unlocking the true meaning of the DSP veil

Reprint: http://www.ipinyou.com.cn/UI/technicalnews/201203/dsp_0.html Now, you have to ask what the hottest topics are in China's online advertising field. Someone will tell you that DSP definitely belongs to one of the hotspots. DSP in China, the upsurge seems to be growing, many domestic advertising companies have claimed to have advanced DSP, the entire Inter

Hardware Design of Image Processing Platform Based on PCI Bus and DSP chip

Hardware Design of Image Processing Platform Based on PCI Bus and DSP chip [Date:] Source: Electronic Technology Application Author: Kong Xianggang, Zhu Jing [Font:Large Medium Small]   With the rapid development of computer, multimedia and data communication technologies, digital image technology has gained great attention and development in recent years, it has been widely used in scientific research, industrial production, medi

DSP-based data scheduling strategy for image rotation Algorithms

DSP-based data scheduling strategy for image rotation Algorithms [Date:] Source: Electronic Technology Application Author: Li Linlin, Feng Yan, He Yizheng [Font:Large Medium Small]   Image rotation is a widely used digital image processing technology. With the increasing application level, the demand for high-resolution and large image rotation in embedded systems is also increasing. For example, in the display and processing of h

Algorithm standard implementation efficient DSP System Development thesis)

Algorithm Efficient DSP system development with standard implementation Author: Steve blonstein, Technical Director-Software Development System As the application of digital signal processor (DSP) expands, the demand for component-oriented software modules continues to grow. The ready-made algorithms provided by third parties can respond to the above requirements at the basic level. Third-party algori

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