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How to Build da Vinci DSP Server

How to Build da Vinci DSP Server Author: Cui Jing, Ti General DSP Technology Application Engineer Texas Instrument's DaVinci digital media technology platform consists of four parts: chips (processors), development tools or Development

How to construct Da Vinci's DSP Server_davinc da Vinci

Texas Instruments (TI) 's Leonardo da Vinci (DaVinci) Digital media technology platform includes four major parts: chips (processors), development tools or development kits, software and technical support.         Software development involves the

What DSP should know best

How does one mix 1.5 V/3.3v?The development of TI DSPs is the same as that of Integrated Circuits. The new DSPs are all 3.3v, but many peripheral circuits are still 5 V. Therefore, in the DSP system, there are often 5 V and 3 v dsp mixed connection

DSP debugging method using Matlab

This paper introduces the debugging method of DSP Application Based on MATLAB based on specific examples. MATLAB has powerful analysis, computing and visualization functions, using dozens of professional toolboxes provided by MATLAB, algorithm

Algorithm standard implementation efficient DSP System Development thesis)

Algorithm Efficient DSP system development with standard implementation Author: Steve blonstein, Technical Director-Software Development System As the application of digital signal processor (DSP) expands, the demand for component-oriented

DSP Learning Guide

Graduate student during the TI DSP research, from a to the embedded point does not know the novice to the completion of a self-satisfied project, which has traversed a lot of detours, now put my knowledge of DSP learning and some references listed,

Fundamentals of DSP Data operation

Reprinted from: http://bbs.21ic.com/icview-841266-1-1.htmlIn the application of DSP, in fact, hardware is generally not a problem, the main is the software, is the algorithm! The following about the operation of the essence of DSP hope that some

Notes about Dsp/bios __ios

These are notes about Dsp/bios, and attention is directed at CCS3.0 and Dsp/bios 5.31. 1. A new platform must be saved as a platforms.tci rather than a special name in the Help document. 2, the thread and interrupt (including soft, hard interrupt)

How to use C language to develop DSP embedded systems

How to Develop DSP embedded system in C Language Xiao wanang Zeng Weimin Xiao, wanang Ceng, Weimin (China East Jiaotong University) Xiao wanang Zeng Weimin Abstract: At present, many embedded systems are built with DSP as the core. However, there

Dsp/bios Program Boot Sequence

TI-based DSP chip application program is divided into two kinds: general application; Dsp/bios application.To simplify programming, TI provides a programming interface for C, which encapsulates all of TI's hardware modules in the form of APIs and

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