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Comparison between fixed-point DSP and floating-point DSP

Http://www.cnblogs.com/scncart/articles/1805553.htmlComparison between fixed-point DSP and floating-point DSP It may be helpful for entry-level DSP developers. This article focuses on the comparison between a fixed-point DSP and a floating-point DSP, mainly from three aspec

Comparison between ARM, 8051, AVR, MSP430, ColdFire, DSP, and FPGA systems

reflect its advantages. However, embedding the operating system is a relatively complex system, it takes a lot of time to understand and digest. It seems that arm has powerful computing power and portability, and is generally used in high-end instruments and equipment; this is why I want to learn about arm.3. Compare AVR and arm to discuss the same and Difference I saw hyloo's question, which I wanted to answer, but I wrote a lot about it, which is n

(Multi-Core DSP QuickStart) 1. Create a simple multi-core DSP project HelloWorld

Original articleReprint please register source HTTP://BLOG.CSDN.NET/TOSTQTutorial directory: http://blog.csdn.net/tostq/article/details/51245979In this section we will run the first multi-core DSP program, familiar with the CCS development environment, and learn to use the CCS debugging tool, the main content is as follows:(1) New CCS project(2) Import target simulation module(3) Using the Debug toolFirst, the new CCS projectSelect File/new/ccs Projec

Algorithm standard implementation efficient DSP System Development thesis)

Algorithm Efficient DSP system development with standard implementation Author: Steve blonstein, Technical Director-Software Development System As the application of digital signal processor (DSP) expands, the demand for component-oriented software modules continues to grow. The ready-made algorithms provided by third parties can respond to the above requirements at the basic level. Third-party algori

(Original issue) How can I solve the problem of saving enough attention in MATLAB after removing the DSP Builder? (SOC) (DSP Builder) (MatLab)

AbstractIf the DSP Builder is installed in MATLAB, after the DSP Builder is removed in a day, as long as the MATLAB is moved together, there will be negative information. How can this problem be solved? IntroductionEnvironment: MATLAB r200b Previously, I installed DSP Builder 7.2 and 8.0, but after Quartus II 8.1, I didn't install

"DSP Development" "Computer Vision" EMCV: OpenCV that can be run on a DSP

EMCV: OpenCV that can be run on the DSP EMCV Project Home: HTTP://SF.NET/PROJECTS/EMCVEMCV all called embedded computer Vision Library, is aComputer Vision Library running on the DM64X series DSP. EMCV provides a fully consistent function interface with OPENCV, and with EMCV, you can easily port your OPENCV algorithm to a DSP without even changing one line of co

On the similarities and differences between MCU, ARM and DSP

the main idea is the same, that is, compared to the common PC system, the embedded system is a dedicated system, the structure is streamlined, both hardware and software to retain only the necessary parts, and the unnecessary parts of the cut. So the embedded system generally has the characteristics of portability, low power consumption and single performance.Then, MCU, DSP, FPGA These are the categories o

Design of DSP-based embedded micro-image processing system

component of the entire system, which takes DSP and FPGA as the core, as a central processor, DSP is responsible for image filtering, threshold segmentation, and statistical processing of the number, diameter, and area of the target. It completes various interface logic and timing matching through FPGA, and uses large-capacity memory for image storage. The DSP c

Porting and testing of embedded real-time operating system Μc/os-ⅱ on DSP chip

critical segment code and reopening the interrupt after processing is complete. To increase portability, Μc/os-ⅱ defines the macro os_enter_critical () to open interrupts, and Macro os_exit_critical () to turn off interrupts. We passed in Os_cpu. H defines Os_critical_method constants to select different implementations of os_enter_critical () and os_exit_critical (). In this paper, the first way to achieve the protection of critical areas, the imple

C + + portability and cross-platform development

OverviewTalk about the portability of C + + today. If you normally use C + + for development, and you are not very clear about the portability of C + +, then I suggest you look at this series. Even if you don't have the need for cross-platform development at the moment, it's helpful to know about portability.C + + Portability This topic is very large, including c

Exchange 2013 Database Portability Recovery user database (ii)

mailbox normallyThe solution is as follows:Move a mailbox database using database portabilityhttps://technet.microsoft.com/zh-cn/library/dd876926 (v=exchg.150). aspxDatabase portability is the ability to move a Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 mailbox Database to or mount any other mailbox server in the same organization, which runs Exchange 2013 for a database that has the same version of the data database schema. The previous version of Exchange's ma

Application tool. NET Portability Analyzer analysis and migration of dotnet core, portabilitydotnet

Application tool. NET Portability Analyzer analysis and migration of dotnet core, portabilitydotnet Most developers prefer to write business logic code at one time and reuse it later. This method is easier than building different applications for multiple platforms. If you create a. NET standard library compatible with. NET Core, it is closer to this reality than ever before. But what about the existing. NET Framework library? How much does it take to

Portability of software

software portability refers to the ability of a computer to transpose software onto other computers (also known as software Auto-moving). Software porting is the equivalent of implementing a function, not an equivalent connection. That is, the software does not modify or only a small amount of modification can be moved from one machine to another machine to run, the same software can be applied to different environments. The transformation of the int

Portability and cross-platform development of C ++ [0]: overview

Let's talk about the portability of C ++ today. If you usually use C ++ for development and you are not very clear about the portability of C ++, I suggest you look at this series. Even if you do not need cross-platform development at present, understanding portability is very helpful to you. The portability of C ++

A little bit about portability

characters before line breaks are output. The problem could not be solved for a moment. I continued to port the libc of djgpp. Although I didn't like this library very much, it worked very well. Speaking of this, I think of the GUI problem again. Myos has its own GUI, but its personal capabilities are limited after all. Although the myos gui works wellThere are still a lot of work done, and only a few simple controls can not meet the needs of application development. Therefore, I often check so

Thoughts on C language portability

I believe that students who have learned C language will see the characteristics of C language in the book: portability. But what is portability? How can it be transplanted? How can c be transplanted? For beginners, it may be a mysterious word that is often encountered. I want to use this article to express my thoughts on portability. First of all, we will lay th

Java Security and portability

Java's two characteristics, the key is that the Java compiler output is not executable code, but byte code bytecode. Bytecode is a set of highly optimized instructions designed to be executed under the Java Runtime system, known as the Java Virtual Machine JVM. In its standard form, the JVM is a byte-code interpreter. For performance reasons, many modern languages are designed to be compiled rather than interpreted. Translating a Java program into bytecode helps it make it easier to run programs

C ++ portability and cross-platform development [2]: syntax

A considerable number of developers are currently working with older compilers, which may not support C ++ 98. Therefore, when your code is ported to these older compilers, you may encounter some strange problems (including compilation errors and runtime errors ). The following considerations help you bypass these issues.It is emphasized that the several terms mentioned later are to avoid the new syntax of C ++ to ensure portability. If you are using

On the issue of program portability

The last part of "Linux programming" mentions the portability of the program, and here's a summary. Portability is for compilers, operating systems, and hardware at three levels. In general, if a project has code that is specific to a system, it should be designed as a separate part. 1. From the point of view of the program, it is mainly to pay attention to the maximum value set in Limits.h. 2. From the har

How to Build da Vinci DSP Server

How to Build da Vinci DSP Server Author: Cui Jing, Ti General DSP Technology Application Engineer Texas Instrument's DaVinci digital media technology platform consists of four parts: chips (processors), development tools or Development kits, software and technical support. Software development involves operating systems, audio/video coding/DecodingAlgorithmAnd the division of labor between ARM

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