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A complete process for bitcoin transactions

This article explains the contents, purposes and results of Bitcoin transactions. The explanations below apply to novice and intermediate Bitcoin users.As an encrypted currency user, you need to be familiar with the rudiments of trading-for your

OKCOIN:2015 investment in Bitcoin has reached $9.16 billion

BitPay Chief Commercial Officer Sanny Singh, has been committed to the application of Bitcoin in global enterprises. Recently, he led a discussion on Bitcoin: blockchain technology for the rapid growth of banks, venture capital, and the importance

What is the development language for blockchain technology?

Most people do not need to re-create a set of blockchain, but based on the existing blockchain underlying platform to develop their own applications, for similar encryption algorithms, peer-to technology, consensus algorithm and so on only need to

Introduction to Blockchain application development

Blockchain technology is now very hot, not only for financiers and venture capital to flock to, and now has been sown in many fields everywhere. As an entrepreneur with sharp tentacles, do you want to integrate blockchain into your existing

2016 years payment industry development trend

2016 is a year of rapid mobile payment development, we can not only pay on the smart phone, but also through wearable smart devices to pay, such as watches, bracelets, rings, more people slowly develop the habit of cashless payment. 1. Mobile

10 Open source Rookie projects

2015 most recommended 10 open source rookie projectsTens of thousands of new open source projects are being launched every year, but only a handful of them can actually implement success. Some of these projects have been further advanced on the

Block chain will redefine the world __ programmers

Block-chain technology is considered to be the core technology of the next generation of power plant, electricity and Internet. If the steam engine released people's productivity, electricity to solve the basic needs of people's lives, the internet

"Node.js Block Chain Development" a guide __arcinfo

Absrtact: This book formerly known as "Nodejs development of encrypted currency", most have been free to share through the network (the network still has the original text), the official publication of the time changed to the name of the present,

Four, the IBM elite have resigned, unexpectedly because TA?

This is a job posting, very serious kind of! From time to time to hear a certain internet, the big guy in the financial world and all in the blockchain, you must be curious What exactly is a blockchain? is to do something awesome with a bunch of

In 2016, which business areas are more popular? SaaS is one of them!

Based on the data provided by Crunchbase, we analyzed the financing share of the 16 major entrepreneurial categories in the last five years, and learned about the development trend of the seed wheel and the A-round financing market. The investment

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