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How to enable remote access for MySQL on EC2

Recently, MySQL was installed on an Amazon cloud host and cannot be accessed remotely. After several pitfalls, the access was successful. Here we will record: EC2 Recently, MySQL was installed on an Amazon cloud host and cannot be accessed remotely.

Build a nginx+php environment on AWS ' EC2 servers

Installing the GCC compiler Yum-y Install gccyum-y install gcc-c++yum-y install make Automake Create user Useradd www Installing Nginx Installing a dependent LibraryYum-y Install Pcre-devel OpenSSL

Evaluate the Network load when AWS EC2 as a Web server

Evaluate the throughput method for the network on a virtual machine as a Web server: Nginx + Apache benchmark + nload The first step is to build an Nginx server on the Amazon Linux eligible free set of versions 1. Installing Nginx Yum Install Nginx

nginx+php (FastCGI) +mysql installation configuration and optimization on small memory VPS (T1.MICRO)

Background information:Previously, because the price of AWS EC2 more expensive and rented other foreign small vendors VPS, after using more than 3 years, found that the AWS EC2 Price is much cheaper than the VPS currently in use.The T1.MICRO model

Configure the Nginx + PHP + MySQL environment on Ubuntu

In practice, configuring Nginx + PHP + MySQL on Ubuntu is a high-performance HTTP and reverse proxy server that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is also an IMAP/POP3/SMTP proxy server, the pronunciation is "Engine X" (No wonder I

The path to opening Amazon AWS

First, according to the official website to help files, new instances, download putty files and puttygen files according to the tutorial with the user name ec2-user login instance. --------------- This is the premise ----------------- 1. because the

Enterprise-oriented Cloud computing: Part 2nd

This article supporting source code Enterprise-oriented Cloud computing: Part 2nd: WebSphere SMash and DB2 on the Amazon EC2 public cloud Express-c Brief introduction In 3 types of cloud-public cloud, private cloud, and mixed cloud-the public

Installation Steps and instructions for lamp environment configuration and installation

Pay attention to the installation steps and instructions for lamp environment configuration and installation. (1) install gcc Gcc Glibc-devel Glibc-headers Kernel-headers Libgomp Gcc-C ++ Libstdc ++-devel (2) install the zlib compression

Create an Nginx + PHP + MySQL environment on AmazonAWSEC2LinuxAMI

Running Environment: AmazonLinuxAMI2012.09-release1, system update and configuration 1) update System Software $ sudo-s # yumcheck-update # reboot after yumupdate is updated, because there may be kernel updates! 2) install rzsz: # wgetftp:

Build a two-factor verification system for Apache and SSH

If you are running a Web server that is accessible to the public but only for your own use (let's be honest, if you are reading this article, it is very likely to run such a server ), so how do you limit the risk of someone accessing your website

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