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Stack Overflow Note 1.2 covers EIP

In section 1.1 we say that we can use stack overflow to destroy the contents of the stack, and in this section we'll look at how to scramble for the return address (EIP) so that we can control its value at will, so we can program it. Take a look at a classic program:The Get_print function of this program defines an array of size 11 bytes, under normal circumstances our input should be up to 10 characters (there is also a \ s terminator), and the Get f

What is an EIP?

Enterprise Information Portal: Enterprise Information Portal, which effectively integrates and publishes data collected and processed by various internal information systems. An EIP is an application system that enables enterprises to release various internal and external information and allow customers to access their personal information from a single channel. Customers will use this personalized information to make reasonable business decisions

Eip ebp esp in the stack

EIP, EBP, and ESP are system registers, and some addresses are stored in them.The reason is that the three pointers are inseparable from the stack implementation in our system. We talked about the data structure of the stack on DC, which has the following features. (This emphasizes too much) In fact, it has the following two functions: 1. the stack is used to store temporary variables and intermediate results transmitted by functions. 2. Operating Sys

Linux interrupts and system calls & ESP, EIP and other registers

issued a corresponding interrupt signal, then the CPU will suspend execution of the next command to execute the order to execute the processing program corresponding to the interrupt signal, If the previously executed instruction is a user-state program, then the process of the conversion will naturally occur from the user state to the kernel state switch. such as the completion of the hard disk read and write operation, the system will switch to the hard disk read and write interrupt handler t

Haojie's large-eye processing of TGA file format Buffer Overflow Vulnerability (EIP controllable)

Haojie's large-eye processing of TGA file format Buffer Overflow Vulnerability (EIP controllable)Software Introduction: http://baike.baidu.com/view/222352.html :Http://www.onlinedown.net/soft/2704.htmHttp://dl.pconline.com.cn/html_2/1/114/id=1879pn=0.htmlThe buffer overflow vulnerability exists when processing the TGA file format, and the eip is controllable.Poc: Code Region 0200080000000064 006400010001

Nagios Custom Script Monitoring < Checking the existence of an EIP user's Java process >

Client ip: ip: To check the existence of the Java process for EIP usersClient ConfigurationScript Name: check_pid.shThe script is as follows:#! /bin/bashSi= ' Ps-ef|grep java|grep eip|wc-l 'If [$si-eq 1];thenecho "Status OK"Exit 0Elseecho "The Pro is Down,plaese check!"Exit 1FiPlaced under the/home/monitor/nagios/libexec, that is, Nrpe plug-in storage place, Chown

Three methods to print the return address value of the main function (old EIP) (usage, you know !)

Here, we can simply modify the return address of any function, and customize the EIP point to execute any commands of the current process space. Here, we just make everyone better aware of the stack frame structure, there are no Inline hooks related to cross-process operations. Later, we will explain how to read any process memory and modify the execution process of any process function. If you don't talk much about it, just serve it directly: # Incl

Maples EIP System Safety Network scheme

1. Foreword Due to the openness of Internet and the limitation of the original design of communication protocol, all information is transmitted in clear text, which leads to the security problem of Internet increasingly serious. Illegal access, network attacks and so on frequently, to the company's normal operation brings security hidden trouble even immeasurable loss, therefore must use the information security technology to ensure the network security problem. 2. Network Solution Description T

Java Common Design Patterns 16: Observer patterns for common design patterns (behavioral patterns)

(); - } $ $}Observer (interface): an abstract class of abstract observers, observers.1 Package Com.himi.observer; 2 3 Import Com.himi.observable.Subject; 4 5 Public Interface Observer {6 Public void Update (Subject s); 7 }Jobseeker: the specific observer .1 PackageCom.himi.observer;2 3 ImportCom.himi.observable.Subject;4 5 Public classJobseekerImplementsObserver {6 7 PrivateString name;8 9 PublicJobseeker (String name) {Ten This. Name =name; One } A @Ove

[Original-tutorial-serialization] "android big talk Design Patterns"-structural patterns of design patterns Chapter 1: Bridging patterns the most important thing is to have a heart that makes MM happy.

regularly updated on the official blog of guoshi studio. Please visit the blog of guoshi studio. Http://www.cnblogs.com/guoshiandroid/get more updates. Bridging Mode The most important thing is to makeMmHappy heart Bridging ModeUse Cases: Mm in the morning. Good morning. mm in the evening. Good evening. mm in new clothes. Nice clothes. mm in the hair style, say your hair looks pretty. Don't ask me the question of "how to say a new hairstyle to mm in the morning". You just need to combin

Design Patterns: C # Object-oriented design patterns discussion on [Learning: 01. Object-oriented design patterns and principles course notes]

First Lecture: 1. Object-oriented design patterns and principles Introduction to Design Patterns: Each pattern describes a problem that recurs around us, and the core of the solution to the problem.--christopher alexander{Architect} Software designers ' understanding of the concept of design patterns: (1) The design pattern describes a general solution to some co

5 practical application of design patterns: Factory method patterns, 5 of design patterns

5 practical application of design patterns: Factory method patterns, 5 of design patternsDefinition of factory method modeThe factory method model is widely used. The factory method mode is widely used in Java APIs: java. util. the iterator method of the Collection interface is an example of a well-known factory method pattern; java.net. createURLStreamHandler (String protocol) of URLStreamHandlerFactory is

Design Patterns ----------- Singleton design patterns, Singleton Design Patterns

Design Patterns ----------- Singleton design patterns, Singleton Design PatternsHungry Chinese Style: class Single {// do it in advance! Private static final Single s = new Single (); // private constructor cannot use new to create an object! Private Single () {}// public static Single getInstance () {return s ;}}Lazy style: As the name implies, lazy guy is lazy. When will it be used to create it!Class Sing

Java classic 23 design patterns: behavior patterns (4) and 23 Design Patterns

Java classic 23 design patterns: behavior patterns (4) and 23 Design Patterns This article describes the policy mode, template method, and visitor mode in 11 behavioral design patterns.I. Policy Mode Define a series of algorithms, encapsulate each of them, and make them replaceable. This mode allows algorithms to change independently of customers who use it. 1. S

23 design patterns (17) java command patterns, 23 Design Patterns

23 design patterns (17) java command patterns, 23 Design Patterns 23 design patterns Article 17th: java command patterns Definition: encapsulate a request into an object so that you can parameterize the client using different requests, queue requests or record request logs,

Java classic 23 design patterns: behavioral patterns (1) and 23 Design Patterns

Java classic 23 design patterns: behavioral patterns (1) and 23 Design Patterns There are 11 behavioral design patterns: Chain of Responsibility (responsible Chain mode), Command (Command mode), Interpreter (Interpreter mode), and Iterator (Iterator mode) mediator (intermediary mode), Memento (memorandum mode), Observe

Johnconnor design patterns note (1) What you must master before learning design patterns-Understanding UML class diagrams johnconnor design patterns note (2) photocopiers in the procedural world-prototype mode and light replication/deep Replication

-UML class diagrams are often used to describe the static structure between classes when describing the design mode. The purpose of this article is to allow the readers to understand the UML class diagrams and to figure out several relationships in the UML class diagrams. -In the subsequent design model learning process, only these two points are adequate. More advanced is beyond the scope of this article. Johnconnor design pattern note series directory Johnconnor design

23 design patterns (18) java memorandum patterns, 23 Design Patterns

23 design patterns (18) java memorandum patterns, 23 Design Patterns 23 design patterns Article 18th: java memorandum patterns Definition: capture the internal state of an object without compromising encapsulation, and save the state outside the object. In this way, the obje

Design Patterns-behavioral patterns-observer patterns

) { System.out.println (str); }}//The specific observed personPublic classConcretewatchedImplementsiwatched {PrivatelistNewArraylist(); @Override Public voidAddwatcher (Iwatcher watcher) {Watchers.add (watcher); } @Override Public voidRemovewatcher (Iwatcher watcher) {watchers.remove (watcher); } @Override Public voidnotifywatchers (String str) {Notify the Viewer for(Iwatcher iwatcher:watchers) {iwatcher.update (str); } }} PackageObserverpattern; Public classMain { Public Static voi

Second use of design patterns (memorandum patterns), design patterns memos

Second use of design patterns (memorandum patterns), design patterns memos Our company has a very awesome girl who is one of the core figures in our project team. I usually ask her if I don't understand anything. Just yesterday we discussed a caching issue, I think in the class, the reference variable defined with static is the cache (because it was called in the

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