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Elasticsearch Tutorials (eight) elasticsearch delete deleting data (Java)

The deletion of Elasticsearch is also very flexible, next time I introduce, DeleteByQuery the way. Today, we will introduce a deletion based on the ID. On the code.Package Com.sojson.core.elasticsearch.manager;Import Org.elasticsearch.action.delete.DeleteResponse;Import Com.sojson.common.model.SOBanggKey;Import Com.sojson.core.elasticsearch.utils.ESTools;public class Deletemanager {/*** Deleted by ID* @param key* @return*/public static int Deletesoban

ElasticSearch resthighlevelclient Tutorial (c) Delete && query Delete

}}:{{port}}/delete_demo/demo/awexgsdw00f4t28wapen Java Client public class Elkdaotest extends basetest{ @Autowired private resthighlevelclient rhlclient; Private String index; Private String type; Private String ID; @Before public Void Prepare () { index = "Delete_demo"; Type = "Demo"; id = "AWEXGSDW00F4T28WAPEO"; } @Test public Void Delete () { deleterequest deletereques

Elasticsearch increase, delete, change, check operation in-depth explanation

Introduction:For children who have just come into contact with ES, they often do not understand the meaning of the various ES concepts. In particular, the word "index" is more confused with the relational database. In this paper, through the comparison of relational database, the common es in the increment, delete, change, check the operation of graphics and text rendering. Can deepen your understanding of ES. At the same time, it also lists the graph

ElasticSearch Java api-Delete Index

document that deletes an index named blog with a type of Article,id 1:DeleteResponse dResponse = client.prepareDelete("blog", "article", "1").execute().actionGet(); 1 2 by Deleteresponse the Isfound () method of the object, you can get the success of the deletion, and the return value is a Boolean type.Third, delete through queryelasticsearch-2.3 and older APIs are not the same, install plugins:delete-by-query 1 When a

Elasticsearch's Curl Delete

Extended,Elasticsearch Curl Delete the index library[[email protected] elasticsearch-2.4.3]$ Curl -xdelete ' HTTP:// '{"Found": true, "_index": "Zhouls", "_type": "EMP", "_id": "1", "_version": 5, "_shards": {"Total": 2, "successful": 1, " Failed ": 0}}[[email protected] elasticsearch-2.

ElasticSearch Java Api-delete Index

blog with a type of Article,id 1:DeleteResponse dResponse = client.prepareDelete("blog""article""1").execute().actionGet();by Deleteresponse the Isfound () method of the object, you can get the success of the deletion, and the return value is a Boolean type.Third, delete through queryelasticsearch-2.3 and older APIs are not the same, install plugins:delete-by-queryDelete the index named Twitter, with all documents of type Tweet,user field containing

Elasticsearch Curl Delete the index library

For an introduction to curl creating an index library, pleaseElasticsearch Curl Creating the Index library[Email protected] elasticsearch-2.4.3]$ curl-xput ' '{"Error": {"Root_cause": [{"Type": "Index_already_exists_exception", "Reason": "already exists", "index": "Zhouls"}], "Type ":" Index_already_exists_exception "," Reason ":" already exists "," index ":" Zhouls "}," status ": 400}[[email Protected]

Elasticsearch's Javaapi facet,count,delete by query

shard.The default mode is SINGLE_THREAD .Elasticsearch's Javaapi Delete by queryThe Delete by Query API allows you to delete documents based on a query, from one or more based on index and one or more type. Here is an example:Import static Org.elasticsearch.index.query.filterbuilders.*;import static org.elasticsearch.index.query.querybuilders.*;D Eletebyqueryre

The get,delete,bulk of the Javaapi of Elasticsearch

= Client.preparedelete ("Twitter", "tweet", "1") . setoperationthreaded (False) . Execute () . Actionget (); The bulk of the javaapi of Elasticsearch The Bulk API can be used to retrieve and delete multiple data in a single request, and here is an example: Import Static org . Elasticsearch . Common . xcontent . xcontentfacto

Explore | Elasticsearch How do I physically delete historical data for a given period?

?conflicts=proceed " The merge script is as follows: #!/bin/sh curl-xpost ' Http:// Only_expunge_deletes=truemax_num_segments=1 '6, there is no more general method. have, use ES official website tool--curator tool. 6.1 Curator Introduction Main purpose: To plan and manage the index of ES. Supports common operations: Create, delete, merge, Reindex, snapshot, and so on. 6.2 Curator Website Address Http://t.cn/RuwN0oM git

Elasticsearch 5.x Delete by Query API (conditionally deleted)

In the 2.X version, this delete by query function was removed because the official thought it would cause some errors to install the plugin itself if needed.Bin/plugin Install Delete-by-queryWhen you need to useDELETE/Index name/type/_query{"query"needed to be emptied: {"match_all " : {}}}Then in the 5.x version of the API is again the official back to the self-feature. That's what the new feature says.Dele

41 Python distributed crawler build search engine Scrapy explaining-elasticsearch (search engine) basic indexing and documentation crud Operations, add, delete, change, check

change, unchanged original data) "recommended"POST Index name/table/id/_update{ "Doc": { "field": Value, "field": Value }}#修改文档 (incremental modification, unmodified original data unchanged) POST jobbole/job/1/_update{ "Doc": { "comments": "City ": "Tianjin" }}8. Delete the index, delete the documentDelete index name/table/ID delete a specified d

Automatically delete Elasticsearch indexes

#!/bin/bash# Author:wang Xiaoqiang# CRONTAB-E# 0 0 * * */root/script/del_esindex.sh# Auto Delete7Day ago Elasticsearch indexdtime=`Date-D"7 day ago"+%y-%m-%d ' Dtime_stamp=`Date-D"$dtime"+%s ' Indexs= ' Curl-s''|awk '$3~/^logstash/{print}'` forLineinch$indexs; DoIndex=$line itime=`Echo$line |awk-F-'{print $}'|TR '.' '-'' Itime_stamp=`Date-D"$itime"+%s 'if[$itime _stamp-lt $dtime _stamp]; ThenCurl-X

Distributed search elasticsearch Java API (6) -- batch add and delete Indexes

Elasticsearch supports batch addition or deletion of index documents. In Java APIs, bulkrequestbuilder is constructed, batch index/delete requests are added to bulkrequestbuilder, and bulkrequestbuilder is executed. The following is an example: Import static Org. elasticsearch. common. xcontent. xcontentfactory. *; bulkrequestbuilder bulkrequest = client. prepare

Elasticsearch Java API (ix)--Delete the field of the document and the properties of the field

First, the demandYou need to implement a field in the project to delete the document and delete a property of the specified field.Take document TEST/DOCUMENT/1 as an example:{ "_index":"Test", "_type":"Document", "_id":"1", "_score":1, "_source":{ "class":"Com.test.data", "ID":1, "Items":[{"class": "Com.test.data", "ID": 1 }], "lastupdated":"2016-07-22t11:26

ElasticSearch (v) Delete API

One, delete by query result (delete byquery API)Bulkbyscrollresponse response =DeleteByQueryAction.INSTANCE.newRequestBuilder (client)//transport Client. Filter (Querybuilders.matchquery ("Gender", "male")//query criteria. Source ("persons")//Index name. get ();Long deleted = response.getdeleted (); Number of deleted documentsSecond, the query results are deleted asynchronouslyDeleteByQueryAction.INSTANC

Elasticsearch Java API (ii): index create delete cluster management

Elasticsearch Java API (ii): index create delete cluster managementElastic official website has the authoritative Java API English needs to be patient to see here to tidy up the basic operationCreate a MAVEN project to add dependencies First, customize a client to connect ES/*** Created by Forgeeks at 2017-03-22 18:27*/ Public classmyclient {PrivateSettings Settings; Privatetransportclient Client; Pr

ElasticSearch Java api-5.x Delete and update index data

(); LongThen, according to the primary key to update the ES information, which does not appear in the field to update, do not overwrite the original value.Updateresponse response = ElasticsearchConfig.client.prepareUpdate ("index", "type", "PRIMARY Key ID") . Setdoc ( Xcontentfactory.jsonbuilder (). startobject () field ("business Field 1", "2") . Field ("Busine

Distributed search elasticsearch Java API (4) -- delete index data

The delete API allows you to delete JSON documents from a specified index by ID. There are two methods: ID-based data deletion and query-based data deletion. 1. Delete by ID The following example shows how to delete a document whose index name is Twitter, its type is tweet, and its ID is 1: DeleteResponse response = cl

Elasticsearch Java API Basic use of the increase, delete, change, check __elasticsearch

Java official documentation for the main reference el: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/client/java-api/1.7/generate.html A blog: http://www.cnblogs.com/huangfox/p/3543134.html Elasticsearch Official Guide: http://es.xiaoleilu.com/010_Intro/30_Tutorial_Search.html Key concepts of @xuguokun1986 code Understand the following nouns, as mentioned in the previous article, indexed (indices)-> databas

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