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Interpretation of the Emoji Open-Source Project (2) custom emojis and the emoji open-source project

Interpretation of the Emoji Open-Source Project (2) custom emojis and the emoji open-source project Introduction In the previous section, we explained a system Emoji expression. In this section, we talked about custom expressions, such as QQ and so on. Just two days ago, we saw an application similar to QQ, although there are still many things that need to be improved, the custom Emoji functions are also quite mature. Thank you for your thanks, let's

Csdn Forum emojis Guide

Expressions can also be used in csdn forums. There are three methods: (1) load the emoticon plug-in. For example, there is a vbs icon button in the upper left corner of the reply text box. Click it and load the emoticons plug-in written by Lao Wang and xiaoya mm. (2) directly copy the URL of the emoticon Image Right-click the image, and click "properties" in the pop-up menu ("properties" at the bottom of the pop-up menu "). Then, a window is displayed, with the image URL in the middle.

Php filter WeChat emojis

: This article mainly introduces php to filter emoticon. For more information about PHP tutorials, see. Php filter emojis: // Remove the emojis $ tmpStr = json_encode ($ textTpl); udsLogDataTxt (7, "tmpStr... ". $ tmpStr); $ tmpStr = preg_replace ("# (\ ud [0-9a-f] {3}) | (\ ue [0-9a-f] {3}) # ie ", "", $ tmpStr); $ tmpStr = json_decode ($ tmpStr); udsLogDataTxt (7, "tmpStr... ". $ tmpStr ); The abov

Search for emoji: Bing will show you the story behind emojis

be connected to the "Laugh" page in Wikipedia. some searches can produce wise and meaningful results. Searching along with a helicopter will point to the bell Boeing V-22 fish e military aircraft on the Wikipedia page, which looks like a combination of a helicopter and an airplane. It can even jump to the video link of the aircraft-helicopter mixture of howstuffworks. This function plays a positive role in deciphering some emoji semantics, but it requires more energy to invest in distinctive

IOStextfield limits the length of input characters and filters emojis,

IOStextfield limits the length of input characters and filters emojis, // Add a modification box -(Void) creatSaveView { UILabel * lab = [[UILabel alloc] init]; If (self. searchType = 1 ){ Lab. frame = CGRectMake (14, 8 * KWIDTH + 64, IPHONE_WIDTH-100, 16 * KWIDTH ); } Else { Lab. frame = CGRectMake (14, 8 * KWIDTH, IPHONE_WIDTH-100, 16 * KWIDTH ); } Lab. text = @ "remark name "; Lab. font = [UIFont systemFontOfSize: 14]; Lab. textColor = kCo

Wordpress comments emojis plugin

Some methods have been modified. The emoticon can be directly read from the directory. Now you can easily add or remove emoticon images. You only need to put the images in the face directory. However, Chinese image names are not supported yet. /*Modify1. You can add or remove emoticon images in the face directory (Chinese characters are not supported currently)2. jpg, jpeg, png, and gif emojis are supported by default. Description: Review plug-in

The meanings of various libraries in MyEclipse 10

New projects in MyEclipse generally have the following four types of libraries:JRE System Library;java EE 6 libraries;referenced libraries;web App Libraries;Various libraries meanings: JRE System Library: Refers to a collection of common repository files for Java SE, which is used to build common Java projects; Java EE 6 Libraries: refers to the Java EE Common Library file collection, the establishment of the Web project will use this lib

Two meanings of database schema ~ ~

1, the database schema has two meanings, one is a conceptual schema, refers to a set of DDL statements, the statement set is a complete description of the structure of the database. There is also a physical Schema, which refers to a namespace in a database that contains a set of named objects, such as tables, views, and stored procedures. The physical schema can be created, updated, and modified through standard SQL statements. For example, the follow

About library (Rjava) loading and environmental variables Java_home, Path, classpath respective meanings

by default from the current directory to find this command, if not found, the OS will go to path set to find that command, And then execute.The system default system variable is:%SYSTEMROOT%;%SYSTEMROOT%/SYSTEM32;%SYSTEMROOT%/SYSTEM32/WBEMThat is, in the above 3 directories (multiple variables separated by semicolons) in the *.exe file, can be executed anywhere (commands that can be executed directly in the Run window, like CMD, etc., basically in the top 3 directories), so they can run directl

The meanings of various libraries in MyEclipse

the meanings of various libraries in MyEclipseJRE System Library, Java EE 5 Libraries, referenced Libraries these three are the collection names of various jar packages (library files), which can be arbitrarily taken, just the default name of Eclipse.JRE System Library: Refers to a collection of common repository files for Java SE, which is used to build common Java projects;Java EE 5 Libraries: Refers to a collection of common library files for Java

Python---The lifecycle of the Django Request-response (FBV and CBV meanings)

-based view)3. Business Processing-----customized to individual needs-----for Frames: The basic operation is to manipulate the database---pymysql (native)---SQLAlchemy---Django in ORM-----Response Content: Results returned to the User: response header and response bodyThe HttpResponse we write is written in the response body.Customization of the response header:def Post (self,request): Ret= HttpResponse ("")#下面为设置请求头ret[ ' h1 '] = ' v1 ' ret.set_cookie (' C1 ', ' v1 ') ret.set_cookie (' C2 ', '

Linux common commands and their meanings

run 3D games in Windows, and during installation, he may prompt you to install Direct 9, and Linux and Windows are similar in principle.3). RPM Common Command combinations:-IVH: Installation shows installation progress--INSTALL--VERBOSE--HASH-UVH: Upgrade package--UPDATE;-QPL: List file information in RPM packages [Query Package list] ;-qpi: Lists description information for RPM packages [query package install package (s)];-QF: Find which rpm package the specified file belongs to [query File];-

Number meanings in the Linux-man command (including system call and library function explanation)

course, I we are mister, as long as we are happy, not only call the Secretary (good evil ah ...) ), directly call the supervisor, contractor, even when the workers themselves can, write a system call, and then recompile the kernel, and then call their own written system calls, you can refer to the link below.Write your own system call: Jump Link: http://tldp.org/HOWTO/html_single/Implement-Sys-Call-Linux-2.6-i386/#AEN27Summary:System calls are designed to make it easier for applications to use

[Reprint] Several meanings of parentheses in JavaScript

member of the object, and the point operator after nature can execute normally.Middle BracketThere are four types of semantics for JavaScript in parenthesessemantics 1, declaring an arrayvarary = []; Declares an empty arrayvarary = [1,3]; Declares an array and assigns an initial valuesemantics 2, taking array membersvarary = [n/a];varitem = ary[0];semantics 3, defining object members (can not follow identifier rules)varobj = {};Adding an attribute to obj Name,name is a valid identifier, or it c

Different meanings of omitting parameters in function declarations of C and C + +

Have always thought that C + + is shaped likeint func ();Such a function declares its meaning as a function of a parameter void (without arguments). Today, however, when I look at C + +, I suddenly see this sentence:For functions with empty parameter tables, C and C + + differ greatly. In the C language, declare int func2 (); "A function that can take any number of arbitrary arguments (arbitrary numbers, any type)." This interferes with type checking. In the C+ + language, it means "functions w

Pcode Opcode meanings--vb__ Software analysis

Pcode Opcode Meanings ============================================================================== Prefixes: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ad Address IMP Import Ld Load Lit Literal (ie "Hi", 2,8) Rf Refrence St Store V Virtual DOC Duplicate/redundante Opcode (in the table it'll redirect you to another Opcode) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Variable types

Special symbolic meanings in common Linux shells

expressions about variables${parameter%word}${parameter%%word}A% represents the shortest word match, and both represent the longest word match.= Equals (equals)A symbol that is often seen when a variable is set.Vara=123echo "Vara = $vara"Or it is like the setting of PATH, even applied to such uses as arithmetic or judgment.= = equals (equals)Often seen in conditional judgments, representing the meaning of "equals".if [$vara = = $varb]... Slightly lower! = does not equalOften seen in conditional

Linux--->linux various folders and meanings

administrative commands and daemons.15./MNT: This is a common mount point for many devices before being replaced by the standard/media directory. Some bootable Linux systems still use this directory to mount hard disk partitions and remote file systems.16./media: Provides a standard location for mounting (mounting) and automatic mount devices, such as remote file systems and removable media (directory named Cdrecorder, floppy, etc.).17./SRV: The data directory that needs to be accessed after th

Turn: Comprehensive understanding. Rewritecond and Rewriterule meanings in htaccess grammar

^/$/homepage. Max. html [L]Rewritecond% {http_user_agent} ^lynx.* rewriterule ^/$/homepage. Min. html [L]Rewriterule ^/$/homepage. std.html [L]Explain:If you use the browser recognition logo as ' Mozilla ', then you will get the homepage with the maximum content (including frames, etc.).If you're using Lynx (terminal-based), you get a home page with minimal content (no table, etc.).If none of the above conditions are met (using a different browser), then you get a standard home page.Turn: Compr

In php, what are the special meanings of variables and functions whose names start with an underscore?

In php, what are the special meanings of variables and functions whose names start with an underscore? This is often seen in other people's frameworks, but what are the advantages of doing so? In php, what are the special meanings of variables and functions whose names start with an underscore? This is often seen in other people's frameworks, but what are the advantages of doing so? Reply content: In p

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