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Hosting git private libraries on Dropbox

---------------- Follow-up ---------------- My friend and I used Dropbox for SVN synchronization and found that there was no way to achieve this effect immediately after I submitted it, therefore, this article is not very reliable. The only

The Chinese version of Dropbox "Nut Cloud" and the team story behind it

(Fast-Path network column Lou Hao Chuan) Nut cloud is a Chinese storage service, formerly known as the "Nut Shop", provides free cloud space, similar to Dropbox, users can directly sync files to the nut cloud, for themselves and partners with any

Solution to bad https requests caused by Dropbox blocking in IOS

I recently studied the In-House Installation Method for IOS. I finally applied for an enterprise certificate and used a Dropbox network disk to support Apple's In-House installation method, the download address is also given to the customer. A few

IOS 7.1 App releases an alternative solution after Dropbox dies

Because everyone knows the reason Dropbox hangs up, the free HTTPS file sharing link is gone, the vast majority through the Dropbox HTTPS share link to publish the iOS app's children's shoes tragedy. Today will give you a recruit. Analyze iOS 7.1

Web project management tool selection (bottom)

Original: Web project management tool selection (bottom)In our previous article, we have introduced six tools for code management, task management, payment tools, data logging, Dashboard Analytics, customer support. This article describes the

Seafile launches "Distributed file synchronization Technology" to create a private cloud service

In the past two years, Dropbox and other cloud storage services quickly red, the Giants have launched their own cloud storage services (Apple's ICloud, Microsoft's SkyDrive, Google's forthcoming GDrive), domestic also have similar services (Jinshan

PETYA ransomware: encrypts the entire hard disk and locks the user's computer

PETYA ransomware: encrypts the entire hard disk and locks the user's computer Recently, security experts have discovered a new type of ransomware, Petya, which can cause a computer blue screen crash (BSoD) and before the operating system is loaded,

Lots of great Laravel resource collection: Awesome-laravel

A list of great bookmarks, packages, tutorials, videos and other cool resources in the laravel ecosystem. Essentials Documentation API Reference Laracasts Laravel News Laravel 5 Released on 4th February, 2015

12 free cloud storage resources provide up to 5 GB Space

The free sugarsync service also allows you to upload and synchronize data from any folder on your computer, not just a specified folder. This service can run on Windows and Mac computers. Supported mobile platforms include iPhone, BlackBerry,

The process of building the Farbox station

The process of building the Farbox stationThis article transferred from: Author: MOSiR Time: December 15, 2012 Category: Web-related Out of the farbox of the

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