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Openstack deployment Summary: Install a single-node openstack through a local Yum Source

, create the corresponding repo file, take the Icehouse file as an example, create a rdo-release.repo file (one thing to note is that the container name in centos_local_repo must be base, the container name in epel_local_repo must be epel. You can start anything else) [openstack-icehouse]name=OpenStackIcehouse Repositorybaseurl= Upload the generated repo file to the/etc/yum. Repos. d/directory of the

Install the swift component of openstack on Ubuntu-installing openstack Object Storage

We are building a swift environment on our own these days. After reading some documents and combining my own practices, I wrote it down: 1. Physical Environment Description: Linux: Ubuntu server 12.04 Proxy Server IP: server one: server two: server three: 2. important components: Node: runs one or more object storage services. Proxy node: Run proxy services Auth node: Run auth Service Storage: Run account, container, and

Use fuel to install OpenStack Juno two-Mount OpenStack

Well, we've already installed fuel master, and now we're ready to install OpenStack, so you can see the OpenStack main interface when the installation is complete.Continue yesterday, we went into the fuel UI and then "new OpenStack Environment" to create the OpenStack deploy

Deploy OpenStack problem Rollup (i)--install OpenStack using packstack: Handling of source issues

During the installation process, a source problem was encountered and the Web page for the package could not be found: reopen the preloaded source address, open the Epel-openstack-havana.repo file, and display the following:# Place this file in Your/etc/yum.repos.d/directory[openstack-havana]name=openstack Havana Repository for EPEL 6baseurl= http://repos.fedorap

Fuel 30-minute quick-install OpenStack

" to assign a floating IP address.Directly in the Web page Access instance: Click on the right end of the "more" and "Console" button to enter the page, which is a web socket technology implementation of the VNC client, with it can do some simple instance management, insufficient to paste the copy is more troublesome.Finally open a "cmd" terminal on the notebook to see if the floating IP is unobstructed.At this point, the fuel web

Fuel 30-minute Quick Install OpenStack (Graphics tutorial) _openstack

All along, for OpenStack beginners, installation is often the first big problem of getting started. Before the E version, to build a basic OpenStack environment that is quite troublesome, they have to install, their own source, according to the document to knock orders, and there is no reliable documents, the official documents still have a lot of pits, and langu

Teach you how to install OpenStack incrementally

environment. This is also true for the next set of commands that will be installed: Create an OpenStack Client environment script You can configure environment variables if you do not want to run these commands with token or do not want to place them in the command business. Use the following command to create two script files. VI Export os_tenant_name=admin export os_username=admin export

Install OpenStack Mitaka (all-in-one) on Ubuntu 16.04: Keystone Installation and configuration

. The first step in the authentication operation on the official website is to set the way to disable temporary token authentication as follows (lazy translation) The second step cancels the environment variables we set in Operation 4.1: unset Os_token Os_url The third step, enter a complete command to get the Admin user token, in fact, the Admin user authentication, and then return a token, the command is as follows: OpenStack--os-auth-url http://co

CentOS RDO Way to quickly install OpenStack

I. Understanding RDOWhat is RDO?RDO is the community version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack platform, similar to the relationship between Rhel and Fedora,rhev and Ovirt. To put it bluntly, Red Hat supports an open source project that allows you to step on the pit and get a mature and stable version of Red Hat to make money for an Enterprise edition.This is the Red Hat business model, in fact, many benefits, the user has an open source free soft

Install openstack on devstack

Install openstack on devstack Devstack is a set of scripts for developers to quickly deploy the Openstack development environment. In fact, there is nothing to say about the entire installation process, because the script is well written, there are no major problems with brainless installation. However, due to the poor network environment in the company, I still

Install openstack in centos 7.0

Install openstack in centos 7.0 Reference official documents: /# Ip address information of three Nodes Controller: Network: Compute1: Modify the/etc/hosts file of each node Test the connectivity between each n

OpenStack Command line client emulates HTTP requests

Python and Curl submitting HTTP requestsSince OpenStack is a python implementation of WSGI's rest ful architecture, the process of learning and debugging often encounters HTTP request submissions, so you can sort through the submission methods of Python and curl commands.1.Python articleHaving a reptile experience in Python is of course quite simple, and a requests library problem is better than urllib.Import requestsurl= "" hea

Remember the Cloud test experiment-openstack-icehouse-Install Swift

-----------------------Controller:---------------------------------SOURCE admin-openrc.shKeystone User-create--name=swift--pass=000000 [email protected]Keystone User-role-add--user=swift--tenant=service--role=adminKeystone Role-create--name=swiftoperatorKeystone User-role-add--user=swift--tenant=service--role=swiftoperatorKeystone Service-create--name=swift--type=object-store--description= "OpenStack object Storage"Keystone Endpoint-create--service-id

Install openstack in centos

Install openstack in centos1. Installation prompt In this article, the system used to install openstack is centos7. The download path on the official website is centos-minimal. For the installation process, refer to the installation documentation on the official website. The URL is: centos-based

Ubuntu Configuration OpenStack II: Configure time synchronization NTP and install database MARIDB and issues summary

other two virtual machines, you have to refer to their own IP address modification.5. Configure the other two server controller IbrustDelete the four sentences that are connected to the server, and then add the5. Restart NTP and client Synchronization service NTP restart or/etc/init.d/ntp restart6, calibration time synchronization of the installationController Nodeother Node-ntpq-c peers-ntpq-c AssocSecond, configure the

Install fuel Master using one of the fuel installation OpenStack Juno

, the virtual machine to provide external network3, This is the management, storage, and VM internal network of OpenStackSince these networks are already defined in the fuel network, personal experimentation is not moving, and if it is a deployment environment, you can define the network according to the specific environment.In this section, we'll install fuel master, a toolset that installs OpenStack

Step by step to teach you to install OpenStack (text) _openstack

OpenStack, the installation of the threshold is relatively high, and quite troublesome, many of the installation document author saved a lot of installation steps. This brings a lot of trouble to beginners, perhaps the author easy to save a step, will create a subsequent installation failure. and beginners because of the openstack is not very understanding, errors can not be checked, so many people are half

Install OpenStack Mitaka (all-in-one) on Ubuntu 16.04: Nova Installation and configuration

" Compute Step 7: International practice, create three API URLs for Nova services, these three URLs are only different types OpenStack Endpoint Create--region regionone \compute public http://controller:8774/v2.1/%\ (tenant_id\) s OpenStack Endpoint Create--region regionone \compute internal http://controller:8774/v2.1/%\ (tenant_id\) s OpenStack Endpoint Create-

Fuel Quick Install OpenStack graphics and text tutorial _openstack

configuration simple, fast support for a variety of operating systems and distributions, support HA deployment x external API for the environment management and configuration, such as dynamic add compute/Storage node x Self Health Check tool x support neutron, for example, GRE and namespace are all in it, Subnet can configure the specific use of the physical network card, etc. What is the 1.4Fuel architecture? Fuel Master: A PXE-mode operating system installation service is provided by the

Apt-get install openstack pkg troubleshooting

Apt-get install openstack pkg troubleshooting The operating system is Ubuntu 14.04. During the installation of the Openstack software package, the DNS of the host is correct and the repository of the software source is correct. Why is there always a software package installation error? The following error is reported: # Apt-get

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