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Installation and Use of Hyper-V in Windows 8

. requires the computer's CPU to support hardware-level virtual mode and is turned on. To know if your hardware configuration meets your requirements, you can download the following tool, which will automatically test whether the CPU can support hardware-level virtual mode. The Hardware virtualization option in the screenshot. (show no: unsupported; show yes: support; Locked on (supported, BIOS already turned on); display Locked off (ind

Windows 8 + hyper-V virtual machine performance test and virtualization technology (3)

in the test. Data is for reference only. Pcmark Test This test is also one of the data samples for reference only. When Win8 + hyper-V tests the video playback performance, an error is reported directly. Windows 7/8 + virtualbox cannot start the test process. For comparison, the editor adds the last bar chart !! Summary This time, the hydrology may have bee

Windows Server 8 Hyper-V Security: overview of new features

Since Microsoft released its flagship virtualization platform Hyper-V, security professionals have been wondering if Microsoft will catch up with its main competitor VMware. VMware has always been competitive in providing more virtual network control capabilities, while providing more effectiveness and simplifying the integration of new security products and existing security products and technologies. Before Wind

Enable Hyper-V on Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Enabling Hyper-V on Windows 8 Consumer Preview can experience Hyper-V on Windows clients. However, Hyper-V is disabled by default, so weYou need to manually enable it to experience Hyper

What does Windows 8 built-in Hyper-V mean?

BKJIA Internet headlines in September 14] not long ago, network engineering was still a very complex technology that not only had to be handled by skilled engineers, expensive hardware and mysterious MAC and IP addresses are also important components. Nowadays, all these have become the mainstream content in the job. It is common for children in their teens to switch to user-level routers. Connecting to laptops and accessing the Internet can no longer be referred to as technology. It can only be

Hyper-V virtual machine operations in Windows 8

Microsoft integrates Hyper-V manager into a personal Windows 8 system, which can be said to be a major improvement. This improvement also illustrates the importance of virtualization and cloud computing in the IT industry. The use of Hyper-V can be directly created in the PC Hyper

Windows 8 Server Hyper-V has no CPU kernel restrictions

On July 6, July 24, Windows 8 Server version Hyper-V no longer has CPU kernel restrictions. It was previously reported that Windows 8 will directly have built-in Hyper-V 3.0 components, but it was mentioned that there may be restr

Windows Server 8 Beta Hyper-V experience

Windows Server 8 Beta and the previous server operating system comparison, the biggest change is the absence of a Start menu, the Start menu is replaced by Server Manager, in terms of operational experience, the previous server operating system is basically composed of four parts: the beginning, desktop, control Panel, Management tools, with these four parts, basically can complete all the configuration, an

Install Hyper-V after installing Windows 8/10 on MAC book does not work correctly---virtualization blocked issues

MAC Book because the work needs to install a dual boot, usually working with Windows 10, because some old programs can not start, but also to install a virtual machine. Initially loaded WMware began to install 7.1 version, the result is not installed after the direct crash restart, online feedback even if the upgrade to 11.0, there are some blue screen and other problems.Use the Hyper-V that comes with

How to configure hyper-V Virtual Network in Windows 8

With the Virtual Machine role enabled, your physical devices need to be shared to all virtual machines (your Windows 8 has also become a virtual machine, because it also needs to pass through the virtualization layer when using physical devices, of course, if hyper-V is enabled, your hardware supports virtualization. In other words, the performance loss is very l

Enable Hyper-v vm in Windows 8

Recently, many of my friends asked questions in the soft media forum that it is not difficult to enable Hyper-V for Windows 8's Hyper-V virtual machine. The difficulty is whether the machine can start running :-(. The Hyper-v vm management function is disabled by default in

Hyper-V Wireless Virtual Switch for Windows 8 Professional Edition RTM

Hello everyone, today I formally installed the use of Windows 8 Pro x64 RTM (official version), found that Hyper-V has changed, become more powerful, strong in what place? The client operating system can install Hyper-V without saying, we all already know, where has the enhancement change? Let me just say a little bit

Hyper-V Vnext pre-experience (1) Installation of Windows Server TP2

Microsoft released Windows Server Technical Preview 2 and Hyper-V Server Technical preview at the Microsoft Ignite 2015 conference 2. Interested friends can log in to the Microsoft TechNet website to download the evaluation Trial version.1) https://technet.microsoft.com/zh-cn/evalcenter/dn781243.aspx2) https://technet.

Windows 8 + hyper-V virtual machine performance test and virtualization technology (2)

latency The version used in this test is sisoftware Sandra 2013 lite.Pcmark 7 Pcmark7, as a PC performance testing software launched by futremark, is naturally one of the testing software. In this test, the system overall performance, common usage performance, and hardware component performance provided by pcmark7 are used to test the Virtual Machine System.The above three tests have a total of 25 load projects. Let's take a look at them: Computing load 1

Getting Started with Windows 8 Development (12) file Management for Windows 8 1

File creation and string Stream buffer method Read and write In this article, we'll learn about file creation and multiple ways to read and write in Windows 8, and set access to document library access and file types. Of course we need to do the following preparatory work: First: Set the program to allow access to the file location is: "Library \ Document", set the method: Click "Package.appxmanifest", a

Windows 8 practical tips series: 19. Use the gridview in Windows 8 (1)

In this article, we will describe the preliminary use of the gridview to show a variety of information. First, let's take a look at the important properties of the gridview:     Selectionmode: Set the selection mode (none, single, multiple)     Isitemclickenabled: Whether selected click events are allowed     Itemssource: Data source of the data item     Itemtemplate: Data item presentation template     Selecteditem: Content of the selected item Then let's see how to use the gridview.

Windows Phone SDK 8/8.1 official download

Windows Phone SDK 8.1 updateEnglish version Http://download.microsoft.com/download/E/7/D/E7D9744A-06A6-46FB-AEA4-50FAAEC6CE73/windowsphone81sdkupdate1.isoWindows Phone SDK 8.0Chinese version Http://download.microsoft.com/download/F/5/6/F56AD199-EF12-43C7-8551-C095394D3B32/fulltril30/iso/wpsdkv80_chs1.isoEnglish version Http://download.microsoft.com/

Download a full set of Windows 8 Development Video tutorials

This is a three-day course video of Windows 8 developed by Chuanzhi podcast. More and more friends in the garden are studying the development technology of Windows 8. I will release the content for free, I hope it will be helpful for you to learn. Course content list: [Windows

Install Ubuntu 14.04 and Windows 8/8. 1 In UEFI Mode

Install Ubuntu 14.04 and Windows 8/8. 1 In UEFI Mode UEFI is used to replace BIOS in Windows 8 or 8.1 pre-installed systems. This makes the installation of Dual-boot a little different from the conventional method. In this tutoria

Download Windows 8 Developer Preview and simplified Chinese Language Pack

Microsoft has just revised its Windows Developer Center and released the Developer Preview for Windows 8. You can download and install it as you like. This release of Developer PreviewOnly a Windows 8 pre-test version for develo

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