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Windows service Windows Service installs, debugs in Visual Studio

Directory structure:contents Structure [-] Create a Windows service Configuration Installing Windows Services Debugging in Visual Studio Problems Recently wrote a TCP connection program, because this communication protocol differs from the HTTP protocol, so it can not be deployed to the site, so the window service is used. Next I'll explain how to install and debug

Windows, SVN installs SVN under Windows Server and can maintain code versions on the client

code, compare and download the server code to the client, called CheckoutSure you can6, Normal, checkout, the folder will have an icon display, if it is Win10, svn icon is not displayed, you can deal with the followingRun →regedit→ to open the registryOpen hkey_local_machine\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\explorer\shelliconoverlayidentifiers\Rename the SVN-related icon, preceded by a space, and then restart the computerResults7. Sync to se

Windows Server 2008 R2/windows 7 Administration Five installs WDS and DHCP

Should be part of Bo friends, this and the next several elaborated on the use of WDS to advertise the operating system, that is, network installation Win7 systems. Preparation is necessary, WDS roles and DHCP are installed as an underlying environment in this article, the WDS role provides WDS services, DHCP provides DHCP to enable clients to obtain IP from the network startup and then obtain the boot image and read the image, and then start the Win7 installation. Master and cattle skip this art

Samsung installs Windows 8 system computer installed Windows 7 system cannot boot via USB

1. When the Samsung screen appears, press the "F2" button to enter the Bois. 2. Select "Boot". 3. Select "Secure Boot" and press "enter". 4. Select "Disabled" and press "enter". 5. Select "OS Mode Selection" and press "enter". 6. Select "CSM OS" and press "enter". 7. Choose "Advanced". 8. Select "Fast BIOS Mode" and press "enter". 9. Select "Disabled" and press "enter". 10. Select all, press "F10" key to save exit. when the above operation is complete, the

Windows installs both Apahce and IIS tutorials

ports Third, configure the PHP environment Download php5 zip installation package on, unzip its files into C:WEBPHP5 PS, Apache 2 can take 2 ways to run a PHP program: Run via a CGI interface (external call Php.exe), or use PHP's DLL file to run inside Apache. The latter way is faster. Therefore, for each version of PHP, there are 2 Windows binary release packs available. The smaller one is

CentOS 6.8 Installs Samba 4 as a Windows Shared server

In some cases, to achieve load balancing for multiple Windows servers, sharing is required to make the upload space for pictures and attachments.This is the time to use techniques such as Samba, IIS virtual directories, etc.The Web server uses upload as the uploaded directory and now requires 2 servers for load balancing, using a Samba server in the background as a file share store1. Creating a Samba File serverUninstalling the old Samba components, C

MongoDB installs Windows a bit

Tags: number parameter inux res cmd append together conf viewsMongoDB installs Windows a bit, note version 64,32Direct MSI installation, select the installation path, D:\MongoDBThen there will be a file when the installation is completeBin,gnu-agpl-3.0,readme,third-party-noticesThen create a new data in this directory, which is re

WDS Automation installs Windows Server R2

: TICK: Activate this scope 8, tick: Disable DHCPV6 stateless mode 9 for this server, use current credential 10, click Install after correct configurationIi. configuring WDS, adding boot images and installation images1. Management Tools-->windows Deployment service--right-click Server--Configure server2. Specify the Remote Installation location3. Configure DHCP-related settings4. Setting how to respond to PXE clients5. Clear the

Windows Server 2012 installs the. NET Framework 3.5 Error

installed on Windows Server 2012 with the Windows Server R2 version of iOS mirroring failing, or is it in Windows Server 2012 R2 2012 ISO installed the. NET Framework 3.5 successfully?My initial answer: is the low-level version of the source files that are not properly read in the advanced version of ISO. The. NET Framework 3.5 may be successfully installed on

Fedora 21 Virtual Box installs Windows XP SP3

PackDownload Address: select the lastest version.Opening virtual box, clicking on file-> preference->extensions->add package, selecting Oracle Vm virtulbox extens Ion Pack, Finally clicking on OK button;The third step:download and Install Windows XP SP3Firstly, Download address:, clicking on operating system->

DELL 755 Industry Machine installs Windows 2003 system error 0X0000007B

DELL 755 Industry CD-ROM installation Windows 2003 system error: 0X0000007BWorkaround: Adjust the Achi mode to ATA mode to resolve the issue:After looking at the online information, the final lock in the following post is said to be a bit of a reason,Http://"Third Reference"solution to the problem of blue screen code 0x0000007b when installing Widows XPDuring the reinstallation of

How Windows installs PIP

Some Python modules can be installed with PIP, which is convenient for the Yum command under Linux, and the module does not need to be manually compiled and installedTools/Materials Pip Windows Method/Step Pip is dependent on Python, first check if there is no Python installed on the Windows machine, or if it is not added to the environment variable, if there is no need to install or a

Redis installs and launches on Windows platforms

Official website: website:, download the Windows version of RedisThe official website does not provide a version of Windows download, only the Linux version, but the Windows version is available on GitHub Network disk:

Batch installs the Windows service, prompting "InstallUtil.exe" is not an internal command or an external command resolution

Today when testing a C # written Windows service, when invoking CMD installation with bat,CD C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727InstallUtil.exe C:/windows/dxtb/dianxiaosync.exeTips:"InstallUtil.exe" is not an internal command or an external command resolutionIn fact, this installation tool is present in the C:\Windo

Modifying environment variables does not work after Windows installs multiple versions of the JDK

The machine has jdk1.6 installed, and earlier projects need to rely on jdk1.5, so both jdk1.5 and jdk1.6 are installed natively.Before installing jdk1.5, perform java-version to getJava Version "1.6.0_38"Java (TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_38-b05)Java HotSpot (TM) 64-bit Server VM (build 20.13-b02, Mixed mode)After installing jdk1.5, and modifying the environment variable Java_home to D:\devSoftware\jdk1.5. When you execute java-version again, it still shows:Java Version "1.6.0_38"Java

Dell R730 Server installs Windows Server R2 blue screen issue

Installing Windows Server R2 on a Dell R730 server a few days ago, the installation process is blue screen;For information, the 13G server os-driver is relatively new, which does not contain the system drivers required by Windows Server 2008r2. Then download the old version of Os-driver on the Dell website.Start downgrading Os-driver:1. Store the downloaded os-driver in the USB flash drive2. Restart F10 to

Windows compilation installs Mod_wsgi, with DJANGO+APAHCE

running the serverBrowser appears it worked! instructions OKModify mysite/ This file is Apache find the Django Project interface #! C:\Python34\python.exe #否则会报错: is not executable; ensure interpreted scripts has "#!" or "'!" first line C4>import osimport sys #添加这三行 to resolve Importerror:no module named ' MySite ' ERROR /path/to/ No use, still don't know why ... = Os.path.dirname (Os.path.dirname (Os.path.abspath (__file__ from Im

Windows 7 Pro Installs VS2005 and WinCE6.0 development environments

Recently updated its own little black from XP update to WIN7 Pro Edition, I spent two days verifying that the following software installed in WIN7 Pro is fully compatible.1:2011 Latest update of the SourceInsight3.50.0066 version, this is supported by WIN7 PRO [verified]2:pads9.2 also supports WIN7 PRO [verified]3:cadence16.2 also supports WIN7 PRO [verified]4:altium Designer V8 later versions are supported WIN7 PRO [verified]5:iar earm 6.3 Support WIN7 PRO [verified]6:keil C51 and MDK4.20 are s

Windows 7 installs Cygwin experience annoyance record

small articles--perhaps to you a little help. In my previous article, "Cygwin must read," I introduced some important details of downloading Cygwin. However, today I am more excited because I have just successfully installed my Windows 7 machine to finish Cygwin.Very ashamed to say that it took nearly four days of spare time to complete the task above.First of all, the important impact on my installation of Cygwin in addition to the article men

Windows 7 installs the PHP Runtime Environment and development environment

/php5apache2_2.dll"Phpinidir "c:/php"AddType application/x-httpd-php. php. html. htmNote: in the PHP directory you can see multiple php5apache dll files, due to the use of Apache2.2, So you need to use Php5apache2_2.dll, and then specify the PHP installation directory and the program extension to execute. 2) The default Apache server executes the Web main program directory as Apache2.2/htdocs, so when your Web main program directory changes, we need to modify the corresponding Apache configurati

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