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Laravel 5.1 uses SMTP to send emails (including attachments and images).

1. Configuration fileLaravel integrates the SwiftMailer library for mail sending. The mail configuration file is in config/mail. php:Return ['Driver '=> env ('mail _ driver', 'smtp '),'Host' => env ('mail _ host', 'smtp '),'Port' => env ('mail _ port', 587 ),'From' => ['address' => null, 'name' => null],'

How to use SMTP to send mail in Laravel (for 163, QQ, Gmail, etc.)

Laravel4and Laravel5Messages are sent in exactly the same way. Laravel5The mail is sent in Chinese document in: this article, I will163The mailbox, for example, shows how to send a message using the Laravel built-in mail delivery class.ConfigurationModify the Mail send configuration.4.2In app/config/mail.php,5In config/mail.php, modify the following configuration:'Ho

Laravel Send mail based on SMTP driver implementation

PHP 7Laravel 5.1OS X El Capitan 10.11.4Brief introductionLaravel provides a concise API based on the popular Swiftmailer function library. Laravel provides drivers for SMTP, Mailgun, Mandrill, Amazon SES, PHP mail functions, and sendmail, allowing you to quickly start sending messages from your chosen local or cloud service. (excerpt Phphub translation document) Configuration The mail profile is config/ma

SMTP mail format, SMTP protocol, SMTP mime writing, SMTP sends HTML mail

Reprinted: Mime Message format The RFC 2822 document defines a simple ascii-encoded email mail format. However, with the development of the Internet, only simple text transmission of email mail cannot meet users' requirements, to transmit a large number of HTML, images, sounds, and attachment formats in an email, a new extended mail format-mime emerged. Due to the complexity of mime mail formats, many RFC documents define and describe the mime

[Laravel] Laravel Basic Use Laravel Example Tutorial Laravel college laravel Framework Download

[Laravel] Basic HTTP routing for Laravel Use Laravel's basic route, implement GET request response, find file app/http/routes.php Call the route's static method get (), implement get response, parameter: path of type string, anonymous functions function () {} Inside the anonymous function, returns the string data Implementation of Post,put,delete's request, IBID. Implement the Get pass parameter route, cal

PHP programmers commonly used 8 Laravel package Laravel 5 Tutorials laravel How to read Laravel development teaches

Laravel is a simple, elegant and fast-developing framework that supports design patterns such as IOC, based on PHP syntax. In the Laravel Frame Development of PHP-related applications, allowing developers to break out of the messy code of noodles, help developers build a perfect web app, and each line of code can be concise and expressive . Once you've met the Laravel

Laravel Rough notes Laravel performance Laravel download Laravel Homestead

With intermittent a week of time to understand the operating mechanism of the laravel, may be the basic knowledge of PHP or is not strong enough for the laravel source or not to see very clearly. First of all, the Laravel document is really concise, most of the content can only be explored on their own ' sever.php ' This file should be a portal file. Then ' req

Lumen---For speed Laravel frame Laravel performance Laravel Download Laravel Homestead

Data-id= "1190000004934808" > What is lumen? Official website Lumen is a micro-frame built by Laravel components and is one of the fastest PHP frameworks in the current! When do you use lumen? Lumen is designed for microservices or APIs, for example, if your application has a high frequency of requests for some business logic, you can take this part of the business logic separately and use lumen to build a small app.Because Lumen is optimized for

[Mr. MAK] Beginner laravel framework differs from thinkphp 1 laravel Chinese Laravel College laravel Teaching

1. Render the template differently: in the Laravel frame, the return view (' URL path ') is used to render the template, while the thinkphp uses the->display () method to render the template; 2. In the actual development we often encounter this problem, that is, the development of the location is not fixed, which caused us to frequently change the database configuration, to the development of trouble, TP still do not avoid this "disaster", in the

Lots of great Laravel resource collection: Awesome-laravel

A list of great bookmarks, packages, tutorials, videos and other cool resources in the laravel ecosystem. Essentials Documentation API Reference Laracasts Laravel News Laravel 5 Released on 4th February, 2015 Laravel 5 fundamentals-laracasts New Features in

Laravel Framework session ID decryption algorithm Laravel auth session laravel session time Laravel session None

$encrypter = new Illuminate\encryption\encrypter (' Qianzhudecangshu '); $session _filename = $encrypter->decrypt ($_cookie[' Cangshu '); Var_dump ($session _filename); exit; The above is a third-party library solution, in fact, is also a dependency on the laravel built-in implementation of the package, no bird The following is the Laravel 4.1 built-i

A large collection of great Laravel resources: awesome-laravel

A large collection of great Laravel resources: awesome-laravel A list of great bookmarks, packages, tutorials, videos, and other cool resources in the Laravel ecosystem. Essentials Documentation API Reference Laracasts Laravel News Laravel 5 Released on 4th Feb

Laravel (a) routing, parameter passing, Blade laravel How to read Laravel development tutorial Laravel Framework

Each access to the Laravel will boot to the routes.php file A route is usually given to a controller to handle Controller 1. Create a Controller' PHP artisan make:controller controllername 'Note: ' PHP artisan make:controller controllername–plain ' does not carry a custom method2. Using a controllerRoutes:Route::get('/','SitesController@index');Sc: publicfunctionindex() {return"sjming"; } 3. Parameter passing(1) Single value:Sc: publicfuncti

Laravel $errors not working properly Laravel 5 Tutorial Laravel development tutorial Laravel How

As of 5.2, routes.php is by default already called in the context of a [' middleware ' = ' web '] by Routeserviceprovider. But in routes.php default generation of auth routes, the Route::group call was still happening by default-so if you delet e that Route::group declaration from routes.php the application then correctly shows errors. Http:// =d2b

PHP implements the mail sending instance code based on the SMTP protocol and smtp mail sending

PHP implements the mail sending instance code based on the SMTP protocol and smtp mail sending SMTP protocol When we use a third-party library or tool class of PHP to send emails, do you have any questions: Why can't we use someone else's library instead of writing php code for email discovery? How does php send mails? First, we need to understand the basic princ

[Laravel] basic use of Laravel, laravel _ PHP Tutorial

[Laravel] basic use of Laravel, which is used by laravel. [Laravel] basic use of Laravel. laravel uses the basic HTTP route of [Laravel] Laravel

Laravel self-study Lesson 1: laravel download and installation, laravel lesson 1 _ PHP Tutorial

Laravel self-study Lesson 1: laravel download and installation, laravel lesson 1. Laravel self-study Lesson 1: laravel download and installation, laravel lesson 1 local installation of laravel

Php Send mail method 22. (SMTP transport SMTP class call sent) _php tutorial

[HTML] Require_once ("email2.php");//This is for PHP to send mail method 22. (SMTP transport SMTP Class) /** * Server information */ $MailServer = ' '; SMTP Server $MailPort = ' 25 '; SMTP server port number default 25 $MailId = ' '; Server ma

In the Laravel framework, send an email instance (email verification). laravel sends an email _ PHP Tutorial.

In the Laravel framework, send mail instances (email verification) and laravel send mail. In the Laravel framework, the Mail sending instance (email verification) is implemented. after a period of use, laravel finds that user verification is required in many parts of the project, send email instances (email verificatio

Php method 2 (SMTP transfer SMTP Class Call) _ PHP Tutorial

Php method 2 (SMTP transfer SMTP class call ). [Html]? Phprequire_once (email2.php); Method 2 for sending php mail (SMTP transmission SMTP class) *** server information *** $; SMTP server $ MailPort25; SMT [html] Require_once ("email2.php"); // This i

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