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Encyclopedia knowledge What is Windows P E

Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE) translates directly literally as "Windows Preinstallation Environment".??Microsoft released on July 22, 2002, the original explanation is: "Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE) is a

Windows 8.1: Windows 8 sequel

[This article is from the Blog of the Windows team.: Http:// B /bloggingwindows/archive/2013/05/30/continuing-the-windows-8-vision-with-windows-8-1.aspx? Ref =] The following parts are translated based on the

Windows 8 hotspot issue summary

Windows 8 hotspot issue summary Windows 8, as a revolutionary OS of Microsoft, not only brings us a new visual experience, in addition, changes in functions and operating habits have become the focus of discussion by many friends. 1. How do I

More details about new features of Windows Phone 8

The core part of this article is from PocketNow. The comments part refer to the comments from Xi Xun of We Love Windows Phone. HK. Let's take a look at the specific content below. PocketNow releases proprietary news that they have seen a film made

How to design a good Windows 8 application?

Document directory 2. Good background/image/Image 3. Good Design Interface 1. User Interaction Guide 2. Page Interaction Design Windows 8 Application Status Although Windows 8 has just been listed for more than half a month, but the father of

001 about Windows

                  001 about Windows#Windows Introduction  Windows version History16-bit graphical user interface16-bit and 32-bit hybrid operating systems64-bit operating systemMobile device Operating system  NT Architecture#Windows与编程语言  Windows

Windows Group Policy details

1. What is group policy?(1) What are the functions of a group of policies? When it comes to group policies, you have to raise the registry. The Registry is a database that stores system and application software configurations in windows. As

Use Windows 8 to develop the first Windows App Store application

Use Windows 8 to develop the first Windows App Store application This section uses a simple windows App Store application as the first example to illustrate the basic development steps of Windows App Store applications. Although this example is very

Windows Phone 8 Development environment Setup

Developing a Windows Phone requires two tools: Windows Phone SDK 8.0 and Visual Studio integrated development tools. The Visual Studio Ultimate 2012 we purchased does not include the Windows Phone SDK, because Visual Studio Ultimate 2012 is a paid

Take Windows 8 to travel to make your trip easier

For the donkey friend, the greatest pleasure is not only in the journey of seeing and seeing, but also in the careful preparation of homework before the trip. The holidays will arrive, it's time to start planning. And in the winter, apps in Windows 8

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