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Google Docs download-quick batch download of Google Docs documents

Google Docs DownloadIs the Greasemonkey script of Firefox, used to downloadGoogle DocsDocumentation, with DownThemAll extension, batch download can be implemented. Today andGoogle DocsFinished,Google Docs DownloadUnlike GDocBackup, the download format is optional or specified. InstallGoogle Docs DownloadAfter the scriptGoogle DocsAddDownload Your Document

Baidu docs How to use Baidu Docs online processing Tools Tutorial

Baidu docs How to use? Recently, Baidu has belatedly launched a Baidu doc such a project, is generally able to meet the needs of Word users. Green tea Le elder brother share a Baidu docs online processing tools to use the tutorial, hope to help everyone! Although most people are currently working to support the domestic WPS, but still have a lot of friends will be more habitual use of Microsoft's classic O

Linode CentOS 6.5 x86_64 Change kernel

The VPS on Linode uses the latest 4.1.5 kernel directly provided by Linode, and you can modify the kernel version to the version you want in node profile and then use Pv-grub to run the latest kernel provided by the familiar distribution.1. Upgrade System softwareYum Update2, view current kernel versionUname-a3, install the new version to provide the kernel (record the kernel version number of the newly ins

Build a WEB server abroad-Linode VPS

Build a WEB server abroad-Linode VPSBuy a virtual server (VPS), put your site on top of the run, find the feeling, usually can also use it to practice. A few days ago, the search to someone recommended Linode VPS, yesterday, a friend asked me to use Linode, so I bought a copy to give you a test. If your site users mainly from abroad,

Considerations for Linode purchase and the process of transferring VPS to other accounts

Although we can see in the Linode backstage the renewal fee has been supported by credit card and PayPal two ways to pay, but the new purchase or only support dual-currency credit card only way, perhaps in the near future will open more payment methods. Chiang chose and used the Linode VPS server for a long time, from the original monthly cost 512MB memory needs 20 U.S. dollars, to now 2GB memory program on

Linode upgrade SSD, double memory

The upgrade cost reached $45000000 and was the biggest transformation investment since Linode was founded (11). SSD StorageThe SSD array storage system used in Linode is not a popular hybrid hard disk at present, and it uses the server-level SSD hard disk with battery back-up power. The price is very expensive. 40Gbps NetworkEach Linode host server uses a Gbps

Linode replacing the Linux kernel tutorial (exclusive)

Linode server cost-effective, minimum package 2G memory, enjoy the monthly 2TB traffic, room 40Gb bandwidth, the monthly supply and demand of $10 (linode discount link). Linode users create VPS servers, you can customize the Linux system version in the background, including common Ubuntu and CentOS, the default kernel profile is the latest version, optimized by t

VPs of linode

characteristic, that is, they love tossing, so I will talk about the entire linode VPs. The key is that I still need to install a lot of messy applications, and the virtual host is probably not good. The domestic VPs is too expensive. A small company buys the cheapest linode solution, which costs less than that. If it costs 19.9 yuan a month, buy one month first and try again. Of course, you have to decide

About the Linode, Digitalocean, vultr three US VPS service user Experience

Once upon a time, although we in the overseas VPS service providers can also see a variety of large and small businesses, but really can make linode such a high-rich handsome competitive is really not much, this is not at the beginning of the Linode business 512MB memory solution for $20 One months, there are many people scrambling to buy. But since the emergence of Digitalocean, vultr merchants, we see

Network Helper in the Linode

Linode Host VPS has a good network configuration tool: The network Helper, he can be in the system when the boot, according to your operating system, as well as the detected network configuration and other information, automatic configuration of networks, is very useful.Official documents:Network Helper automatically deposits a static networking configuration in to your Linode at boot. Thanks to the network

Build a VPN on linode

Original link: /? P = 488 To access multiple App Engine videos on a well-known video website, I set up a VPN based on PPTP on linode. This article will first introduce some information about PPTP VPN, next, we will introduce the creation steps. PPTP VPN PPTP, short for "Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (point-to-point tunnel protocol)", is a VPN technology that supports multiple protocols. Through this protocol, allows remo

Notes on installing Laravel5 in Linode

: This article describes how to install Laravel5 in Linode. if you are interested in the PHP Tutorial, refer to it. I learned about PHP a few days ago and found the Laravel framework. I started to see version 4.2. last Thursday, I suddenly found Laravel 5 officially launched. I am not very familiar with frameworks, because I am not engaged in code, but I have been very interested in programming and started to read it. I have read Yii before, and I'm d

Linode Installation Laravel 5 notes

A few days ago to learn PHP, found Laravel this framework, began to see the time is 4.2 version of the Thursday when suddenly found Laravel 5 officially on-line. I am not a lot of contact with the framework, because it is not the code, but the programming has been a strong interest, began to look at. Previously saw Yii, look dizzy, say really not very like, but laravel a look feel comfortable. Today toss a big half-day in Linode Laravel 5, finally to

After Linode is installed on Ubuntu, the file is invisible to FTP.

After installing the website according to the instructions on the Linode official website, you can create an index. php file {code...} in Putty to access the website. Then, after logging on via SFTP of Filezilla, I can only see any public_html folder and index. ph... After the website is installed according to the instructions on the Linode official website, an index. php file is created in Putty. Nano/va

Linode VPS Limits SSH permissions login and root password, port loss resolution

The first step, login linode panel account settings Lish settings The image above is found in my profile-lish settings and we need to create the SSH login key and fill it out to the Lish keys. Step two, create SSH key login , create the SSH login key and paste it into the list setting-lish keys text above. Third, find lish via SSH information We need to find the login super information in Dashboard-remote access

Linode VPS Purchase and online introduction free trial 4 months

Linode VPS I think this is one of the few very stable VPS in the world. It is possible to include the feedback speed of the QA work order.Linode VPS Host products have 8 data centers: London, Newark, Atlanta, Dallas, Fremont, Tokyo. In particular, Japan Tokyo and the United States Fremont is our Chinese webmaster like to choose, the speed is very good. It is important to note that at present we can only pay by credit card if we need to purchase and do

Actual combat share Linode VPS Build MAPN One-click installation package Environment

With the needs of the station and the popularity of the VPS host space, more and more webmasters began to use the VPS as a building station space. In the VPS host, Linode VPS is Gao representative, in its lowest consumer price of 19.95 knives above the threshold of many personal webmaster are discouraged, in fact, to buy a real heart to do the station VPS products, in fact, this price is really general like. Today I do not with everyone foreigners pri

Linode file is not visible in FTP after installing Ubuntu

After the website is installed according to the instructions of Linode, a index.php file is created in Putty. nano /var/www/html/ Visit website everything is OK. Then I log in Via FileZilla's sftp only to see the following You cannot see any of the public_html folders and index.php. Ask the great God for guidance Reply content: After the website is installed according to the instructions of

Build the latest version of transmission on Linode VPS

Build the latest version of transmission on Linode VPS2015-09-16 by Hansen Original link: installed on the VPS installation transmission when seedbox make most of the use of some one-key package, or the use of RPM package installation, one-click Package I have been not like, often problems, and the general version is very old. Geekery now offers a more convenient way to install Yum Repo, automatica

A brief analysis of the steps of WordPress moving to Linode

domain name and pseudo-staticIf your VPS needs more than one website, add a vhosts.conf (end of. conf, name yourself) in the console to the/ETC/HTTPD/CONF.D to set up a directory of multiple websites, in the following format: ServerAdmin [email protected]-host2.example. COM "/var/www/myblog/public_html" ServerName www. MyBlog. COM aliasname myblog. com " Logs/ " " Logs/ " common One of the DocumentRoot and Se

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