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Mygeneration: Obtain the database name of all Oracle databases. Name of the data table life Column

Use the mygeneration Automatic Generation Code tool to obtain the Database Name and data table name of all Oracle databases. The procedure is as follows:1. Set the database link string provider = oraoledb. oracle.1; Password = mypassword; persist

How to list all databases of the mysql server mysql_db_name

How to list all databases of the mysql server mysql_db_nameDefinition and usageThe mysql_db_name () function considers that calling the mysql_list_dbs () function from the database name.This function returns the database name success or FALSE

hiding irrelevant databases in SQL Server

I'm going to put my actual test results first.ProblemI have a SQL Server instance, which has hundreds of databases. Navigating the database tree in SSMS is a pain and I were wondering if there was a by-a-to-limit the list of databases that I See in

Obtain all database servers in the LAN, query SQL Server non-system databases, all tables, and all columns

/// /// Obtain the names of all database servers in the LAN. /// /// Server Name Array Public List String > Getsqlservernames () {datatable datasources =Sqlclientfactory. instance.

Relationship Between XML and databases

1.0 Introduction This paper briefly discusses the relationship between XML and the database, and lists some software that can use the database to process XML documents. Although I am not going to introduce these software in detail here, I hope it

15 NoSQL databases

1. MongoDBIntroducedMongoDB is a database based on distributed file storage. Written by the C + + language. The main solution is the access efficiency of massive data, providing a scalable and high-performance data storage solution for Web

Comparison of eight mainstream NoSQL Databases

Abstract: Although SQL database is a very useful tool, after 15 years of outstanding performance, the monopoly will be broken. This is only a matter of time: I was forced to use relational databases, but I finally found that I could not meet my

Using Microsoft Enterprise Library in database Access projects to support multiple databases

In many of our projects, data access is essential, with access to the regular databases of Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and possibly to SQLite, access, or some of the PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, or domestic dream database, and so on, the common

What Should DBAs consider when selecting NoSQL databases?

[51CTO external headlines] We once discussed "What role does NoSQL play in our work ?" We have also raised 101 questions about how to choose a NoSQL database. We even held an online seminar to thoroughly analyze what SQL, NoSQL, or applications can

12 free and open-source NoSQL databases _ MySQL

NoSQLNareshKumar is a software engineer and enthusiastic blogger who is very interested in programming and new things and is very happy to share technical research results with other developers and programmers. Recently, Naresh wrote about 12

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