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How do I access local resources through a local IP address on a local server without an outside network condition?

1, in the local server Tomcat deployed a Web site, mobile phone and server via WiFi connection to the same LAN, but the WiFi is not connected to the network cable, is unable to access the extranet. So how do I access the site through a local IP (such as: 2, LAN is not connected to t

Linux C Network Programming-Get local IP address, mac, get corresponding IP via domain name

Get the local IP address, Mac, get the corresponding IP through the domain name,Is the more common operation that network programming may encounter, so it is summarized as follows (3 functions are encapsulated),Directly on the code :#include Test RunThe results are as follows:Linux C

Shell script gets the local network card IP, MAC address, subnet mask, DNS IP, extranet ip_linux shell

#/usr/bin/env Bash # Name:get_network_info.sh # author:purple_grape # This was a script to gather network inf Ormation of your Linux system. # Test under Ubuntu 10.04 only. #---------------------------- nic=eth0 mac= ' lang=c ifconfig $NIC | awk '/hwaddr/{print $} ' ip= ' lang=c Ifconfig $NIC | awk '/inet addr:/{print $} ' | Awk-f: ' {print $} ' mask= ' lang=c ifconfig $NIC | awk-f: '/mask/{print $} ' ex

How the extranet host sends packets to a local area network with a common IP address on a specific host

Recently, to do a project, need to accept GPRS data, public network Server A need to transfer the specified port (PORT1) received data to the intranet Server B, the public server designated port (PORT1) to receive the data mapped to the network server B IP and port (PORT2), In practice, it is found that Port1 can be the same as Port2. Original: http://blog.csdn.n

C # obtain the local name, IP address, domain name, and physical location through network programming

In C # network programming, host domain names and IP addresses can be converted to each other. At the same time, DNS classes, iphostentry classes, IPaddress classes, and dnspermission classes can be used to implement some simple DNS functions. The following describes a C # windows application to implement the following functions: (1). Obtain the host name; (2). Obtain the

How to quickly query a valid IP address in a local area network?

How to query a valid IP address quickly in a local area network? Usually in the daily use of computers in order to let workstations smoothly through the LAN Internet, we often need to configure a valid IP address, but what is the local area

Win7 Connection Network Prompts "Local Area connection does not have a valid IP configuration" How to resolve?

Recently, many Win7 system users reflect that when connected to the network, there is a hint that "local connection does not have a valid IP configuration," especially after the router is installed, the problem is more frequent. So what happens when we encounter a local connection that doesn't have a valid

How to hide the computer and IP address in the local area network

The local area network is most common in each big unit, all boot computers will appear in the unit of the local area network, and everyone has a fixed IP address, and fixed IP address is easy to attack, therefore, there is no way

Several ways to replace local IP addresses in Python crawlers and network marketing scenarios

purchase of paid IP, in fact, is not expensive.Method Two: Paid IPBefore the software, account purchase and so on only provide methods, and did not provide specific software and service providers, this time to provide my usual pay-IP buyers, he is not the most bull I do not know, but basically enough for me to use. Use it according to your own usage scenarios. The specific purchase process will not speak,

Three strokes to protect the IP address in the local area network

The IP address in the local area network is occupied or tampered with often, offer a few practical tricks for you. Deactivate a network connection service The easiest way to limit the user's arbitrary modification of TCP/IP parameters is to let users fail to open the TCP

How to view the local IP address and the physical address of the network card under the Win7 system

IP address is a unified address format provided by IP protocol, which assigns a logical address to each network and each host on the Internet, so as to shield the difference of physical address. The physical address of the NIC is usually the eprom of the network card manufacturer that burns into the NIC (a flash memory

QT5 obtains the local IP address, computer name, network connection name, MAC address, subnet mask, and broadcast address.

QT5 obtains the local IP address, computer name, network connection name, MAC address, subnet mask, and broadcast address.Get Host Name /** Name: get_localmachine_name * function: get the name of the Local Machine * parameter: no * returned: QString */QString CafesClient: get_localmachine_name () {QString machineName =

How to quickly get the IP address of a computer in a local area network

There are many computers in the LAN, in order to standardize all the computer IP address in the local area network, need to view each computer's IP address. In My Network Places, I can only see the name of the computer, how to quickly get the

Win7 How to view the local IP address, network card physical Address

1, click the Window button, select "Run"; 2, in the pop-up operating window input: cmd, click enter; 3, in the Pop-up Doc dialog box input "Ipconfig/all" command, click Enter; 4, the value behind the red box is the local IP address, the green box after the number is the physical address of the network card. Win7 system to v

[Network programming/C ++] modifying the IP address of the Local Machine

Yesterday I learned how to program and obtain the information of the local Nic. Today I learned how to modify the IP address of the local Nic. In fact, the principle is very simple, just call the doscommand with C ++. I have to say that the doscommand is too powerful. Of course I heard there is another method to modify the registry, but I have not tried it, so pu

[Network programming/C ++] reads Mac, IP, and other information of the local machine.

After a month of idleness, I asked my boss to create a PXE simulation program. The first step was to implement a DHCP client, which involved reading the MAC address and IP address of the local machine, I don't want to copy files to the public, so I will briefly describe how to use the getadapterinfo () function in the Windows SDK. This function is implemented in the header file iphlpapi. h. Then there is th

On a local server without an Internet connection, how does one access local resources through a local IP address in WeChat?

1. a website is deployed on the local server tomcat. the mobile terminal and the server are connected to the same LAN through WiFi, but the WiFi is not connected to the network cable, and the Internet cannot be accessed. How to access the service through a local IP address (such as 1. a web

[Excerpt-socket-Learning]socket listen for local IP (inaddr_any) and get local IP address

1, the server is not fixed IP listening, only monitoring the host any IP address: (the client specifies the local IP address, the server does not need to modify any IP address information) bzero (adr_inet, sizeof (adr_inet)); adr_inet.sin_family = af_inet; ADR_INET.SIN_ADDR.

C # obtain all IP addresses of the Local Machine (including LAN and Internet IP addresses of the local machine)

Using System. net; Namespace Jihua. cnblogs. com { Class Nethelper { /// /// Obtain all local IP addresses, including lan ip addresses and local Internet IP addresses (if any) /// /// | Public Stati

Get the network card name, network card description, network card MAC address, network card IP, network card type and other information and whether the network cable is plugged into the state

using the API functions provided by the Windows SDK GetAdaptersInfo () can obtain the network card name of all network cards, network card description, network card MAC address, network card IP,

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