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Study on several protection logic of FTU

Three-stage current protectionThree-stage fixed time overcurrent protection each section action current fixed value and the action time fixed value can be independently set, each section overcurrent protection uses the same action discrimination

Business logic on the controller layer good or model layer good

Always feel that the model layer is only used to manipulate data, a lot of business processing in the controller, there is a claim that business logic is more suitable for the model layer, do not know which processing better! Look at the tp5.0, as

OMCS development manual (02) -- Multimedia connector OMCS development manual (00) -- Overview OMCS development manual (01) -- Multimedia Device Manager

Document directory 2. Status Information 1. microphone connector 2. Camera Connector 3. Remote Desktop Connector 4. electronic whiteboard Connector OMCS development manual (01) -- Multimedia Device Manager IMultimediaManager, which

"Coding-the language hidden behind the computer"--reading Notes (iv): logic

10. Logic & Switches1) Bit in logic is also important, true or false can be expressed as 1 and 02) in Boolean algebra, operands are not numbers but classes, and a class is a group of Things (collections). In Boolean algebra, the calculation of a

Compare manual and automated tests again

Original article: manual v. Automated Testing again In the "Future of software testing" series I wrote, some people criticized me for being a dual-faced team. Both manual and automated testing are supported, just like politicians in the United

HapiJS development manual and hapijs Manual

HapiJS development manual and hapijs ManualHapiJS development manualAuthor: chszs, reprinted with note. Blog homepage: http://blog.csdn.net/chszs1. Introduction to HapiJSHapiJS is an open-source, Node-based. the js application framework is suitable

What is the logic and service layer in thinkphp for?

I usually develop only use the model layer, I ask these two layers are dry what use? I spent the relevant content, are directly according to the official manual copy, and did not specifically say clearly, can you give an example to illustrate? Reply

Business System Design considerations (2) Separation of the business logic service layer

The business homogeneity of commercial companies is very high. If the market is like a battlefield, who can respond quickly, who can provide personalized services to customers, who can get the business, and who can survive. In particular, countries

Introduction to Osip protocol stack (Continued 1: Pure protocol stack logic analysis)

A long time ago, I took a rough look at Osip, exosip, ortp and quickly "encapsulate" a Windows-based vc6-based mfc sip Soft Phone (all source code vc6 project files and Lib libraries can be found in this blog shared folder ), due to time constraints,

The mining of logic upload vulnerability in code audit

0x00 Preface Say a person's happiness, two people share will become two happy, this I see not necessarily, if share and be shared between the two is a rival relationship, and the share of happy reason is ... Haha, do not say, all

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