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Windows Server 2003 upgrade win Ser 2008R2 2003 downgrade

The above for everyone to bring the Windows Server 2003 upgrade after the original 2003 server demotion operation, was prepared to normal degraded fallback domain and mandatory demotion fallback domain in an article, but feel that after the forced down-domain operation in the production environment used in the situation of the majority, simply divided into two ar

Upgrade the server domain environment to Windows Server 2003 domain environment upgrade to Windows Server 2013

What is brought to you today is the upgrade of the Windows Server domain environment, where Windows Server 2003 is used to upgrade to Windows Server 2012.Let us introduce you to the specific process of Windows Server domain environment upgradeFirst of all to introduce the ex

Windows 2003 AD upgrades to Windows 2008 AD

Here is a picture of an experimental environment; The existing ad infrastructure of an enterprise is Win2003 AD, in the hope of obtaining more functions, it is decided to upgrade the existing 2003 AD to 2008 AD; Domain name is: zhkd.ad DC1:ZSDC02 (Windows 2003 AD) DC2:ZSDC03 (Install Windows 2008 on this server and

How to add programs and Windows components in Windows 2003

This article describes how to add programs and Windows components to a Windows Server 2003-based computer. The Add or Remove Programs tool helps you manage programs on your computer. With this tool, you can add new programs or change, and delete existing programs. You can also use the Add or Remove Programs tool to add Windo

Migrating from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008

This article presents a picture of how migrating from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008 is a complete process. This article assumes the following case: The original Domain control situation is as follows: Computer name: DC2003.itpro.local (FQDN) IP address: (dns: Operating system: W

Windows Server 2003 CA upgrade to Windows Server ADCS

Log on to the Windows Server 2003 Certificate Server as a domain administrator. Start the-〉 management tool-〉 Certification Authority, open the certification authority 650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://s1.51cto.com/wyfs02/M00/80/3D/wKioL1c8D6jT5FZYAAEijdorG-8329.png "title=" 001. PNG "alt=" Wkiol1c8d6jt5fzyaaeijdorg-8329.png "/>3. Right-click the CA name, all Tasks, and then click Backup CA. 650)

Upgrading Windows 2003 to Windows 2008

Once you have made the Chinese version of Windows Server 2008, you first install it in the virtual machine, and after that, you want to upgrade Windows Server 2003 on the host to Windows Server 2008, which has Office 2007 installed on the host computer, nod32, download Express, Pole Wubi, Daemon tools Virtual optical d

Windows 2003 Server technical topics (1)

Server|window for people all over the world today can be regarded as an eventful, war, disease, each of the same affect our hearts, so the advent of Windows Server 2003 is not like the previous Microsoft launched a new operating system so much attention, but even so,  Eris silkworm oxime Huang window umbrella? Windows Server

Windows 2003 AD Upgrade to Windows-Ad CA Server Migration

Windows 2003 AD Upgrade to Windows-Ad CA Server MigrationIn the previous blog post we showed you how to upgrade Windows 2003 AD to Windows AD and the migration of the upgraded DHCP server, and today we will continue to introduce y

Windows 2003 AD Upgrade to Windows-Ad DHCP server migration

Windows 2003AD upgrade to Windows 2012AD DHCP server migrationDHCP Server Migration Reason:Windows Server 2003 will expire on the July 14, 2015 life cycle, and Microsoft will no longer provide services, for this reason many enterprise domain architectures will be upgraded to Windows Server R2 or

Building a Windows Media Server streaming media server in Windows 2003

pirated) to find it in 2003 CDs, When loading windows2003 can choose this service, if installed 2003 system, you do not choose to add this service, you can add a removal program to choose to add this service (don't tell me you will not install windows2003) Add, your machine already has Windows Media Server service Media Services 9, you can put ASF, WMV and other

Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 for x86 & x64 official Release _ Common Tools

Microsoft has officially released Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2, which supports the following versions of Windows upgrades: * Windows Server 2003, x64 Editions * Windows Server 2003

Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition startup Problem resolution (Resource repost)

One of the maintenance systems is deployed on the WINDOWS2003 Server Standard Edition of the servers, may be due to an application problem, causing the remote restart failed, so I spent a morning in the computer room, can be enough toss. Finally, according to the official documents to solve, just put the document address is: HTTP://SUPPORT.MICROSOFT.COM/KB/325375/ZH-CNThe content is: This article describes the general procedures that you can use to troubleshoot startup issues in

How to migrate Windows 2003 to Windows 2008

I. Existing environment First, add the Windows 2008 server that is well established to the original WINDOWS2003 domain environment. The existing Active Directory role is currently on a Windows 2003 server. Second, upgrade the Active Directory structure On any DC in the WINDOWS2003 domain environment (preferably the schema master), copy the Sourceadprep su

Windows Server 2003 first session-Introduction and installation

Teaching content: Windows Server 2003Hours: 18 weeks, four lessons per weekTeaching method: Multimedia teaching, on-machine experimentLearning methods: Read more, see more, dare to do, more on the machine, more practice, make full use of the time of class and the machineHomework: Workbook, Experiment reportExamination method: The final score accounted for 60%, peacetime results accounted for 40%. Recommended Reference books:1 Network system Managemen

The functional level of Windows 2003

In order to adapt to the development of the times, there are many companies to upgrade the Windows NT domain of internal server to a higher version, which involves the problem of ad migration. What are the advantages of a more advanced domain environment? In the case of Windows AD domain, it provides an extensible database schema, a domain controller for multiple primary domains, a trust relationship for au

Windows 2003 Windows 2012 export domain-controlled hash method

Quarkspwdump The author describes the usage: 1. Windows 2008 Microsoft recently implements VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) which allow a administrator to make FileSystem snapshots While the operating are running and writing to current backuped files. Here is a-to-backup Ntds.dit file while a domain controller is running:

centos6.x and Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 open IPv6 related issues

behavior to configure the IPv6 private network addressIpv6_defaultgw=fc00:0:0:202::1 #配置ipv6网关Name= "Auto eth2"Uuid=96511ae6-4616-432e-be2c-c57f3dc7cfeeOnboot=yeshwaddr=00:50:56:a5:4d:4fIpv6_autoconf=no #关闭IPv6自动配置IPV6ADDR=FC00:0:0:202::11/64 #设置带掩码的IPv6地址, different from the ipvaddr above.Ipv6_defroute=yes #开启默认路由Ipv6_failure_fatal=no~Second, Windows XP and Windows Server

Create secure Windows 2003 Server _ security settings

Windows Server 2003 is one of the most common server operating systems. While it provides a powerful network service and is simple to use, its security has been plagued by a number of network administrators, how to take full advantage of the services provided by Windows Server 2003, while ensuring the security and stab

Windows 2003 add workaround for removing IIS application Server items in Windows components

First, the solution is as follows:1. Start-run, enter C:\\\\windows\\\\inf\\\\sysoc.inf, will open this file;To find the "[Components]" section, add the following: "iis=iis.dll,ocentry,iis.inf,,7". Then save and close.2. Download IIS6 installation package (attachment download), Unzip to d:/ root directory, easy to use;3. Start-run-cmd and open command-line mode. Execute the following two commands:EXPand D:\\\\iis6\\\\iis.dl_ C:\\\\

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