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What do you do when your Mac appears in a gray screen of five languages?

After cleaning the file with CleanMyMac2, the Mac crashes, forcing the shutdown to enter the gray screen after the restart, and five languages appear. After restarting your Mac and holding down the option key, enter the WiFi password, select the

Mac/iphone Multimedia (picture, audio and video) processing

Mac/iphone Multimedia (Pictures, audio and video) handles how to export photos and recorded videos from the IPhone app image captureImage capture transfers images between a digital camera or a scanner and your Mac computer. When a compatible device

How to install Win8 Mac mobile Hard disk

We all know that Mac using boot camp to install Windows requires partitioning the Mac from the disk and wasting a lot of disk space. For Mac users who use SSD, disk space is invaluable. Today, the PC6 Apple NET will bring you the Mac use of win to

How does Mac put the win system on a removable hard drive?

How does Mac put the win system on a removable hard drive? We all know that Mac using boot camp to install Windows requires that the Mac be taken from the disk partition, and that it wastes a lot of disk space. For Mac users who use SSD, disk space

How IP and Mac are bound to the switch port

Information security managers want to have a security incident not only can navigate to the computer, but also to locate the user's actual location, the use of Mac and IP binding is a common way, the IP address is the computer "name", the network

If the vt-x virtual technology is locked, or has been deactivated on your MAC

If you see a warning message that tells you that Vt-x supports firmware lockout on an Intel-based MAC, make sure that you are currently running the latest software update.This article has been archived, so Apple will no longer update it.When using

The method of successfully modifying Mac under WIN7 system

Many users on the internet want to modify the wireless MAC address under the WIN7 system for various reasons, but most of them fail to modify. Of course, most of the online methods are the early XP system to modify the MAC address method, nothing

Mac os down folder (with Linux section) __linux

Detailed Mac hard drive folders (add Linux part reference ★ Detailed Mac hard disk in each folder Ways to show hidden files With the "terminal", the advantage is that no third-party tools are required, the downside is that if the command is wrong,

Iptables log search and iptables search

Iptables log search and iptables search Iptables log Exploration In addition to effectively controlling network access, the main function of the firewall is to clearly record network access and automatically generate logs for storage. Although the

View and modify Nic addresses

1. Simple NIC address modification method If you access the network through the physical address of the network card, you must modify the physical address. For example, if a new Nic is changed, the physical address of the NIC is repeated, or the

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