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Okhttp Cache Max-age and Max-stale detailed

First, prefacePrior to understanding the use of okhttp cache, and the use of the cache is a preliminary summary of 80650856. The cache is primarily intended to obtain resource information directly from the cache in the absence of a network, or when

The difference between expires and Max-age

Both expires and max-age can be used to specify the expiration time of a document, but there are some minor differences1.Expires has been defined in the http/1.0, cache-control:max-age in http/1.1 is defined, in order to backward compatibility, only

Baidu optimization does not set max-age or expires

Set static content cache time39 problems-client cache time can be set for infrequently changed static resources to reduce requestsFAILED-(max-age or expires not Set)- or expires not

The apache prompts that the max-age or expires solution is not set. max-ageexpires

The apache prompts that the max-age or expires solution is not set. max-ageexpires You should know that you only need to Set max-age or expires. The following method is used to set apache: Generate to enable The Code is as follows:LoadModule headers_

Expires and max-age

Both Expires and max-age can be used to specify the document expiration time, but there are some nuances between the two. 1. Expires has been defined in HTTP/1.0. Cache-Control: max-age is defined only in HTTP/1.1. For backward compatibility, it is

Apache hint does not set max-age or expires workaround

This should be known as long as you set the Max-age or expires on the line. Here's how to set the method under Apache:Generate to openCode to copy code as followsLoadModule Headers_module modules/mod_headers.soAnd then write it down Under the.

Apache prompts that max-age or expires is not set. Solution

You should know that you only need to set max-age or expires. The following method is used to set apache:Generate to enable The code is as follows:Copy code LoadModule headers_module modules/ Then write it under the. htaccess file

Common "cache-control" values include private, no-cache, Max-age, and must-revalidate.

The cache of web pages is controlled by "cache-control" in the HTTP message header. common values include private, no-cache, Max-age, and must-revalidate, the default value is private. The function of browser review is divided into the following

Reprint-"Cache-control" common values are private, No-cache, Max-age, must-revalidate, etc.

Reprinted from Http:// cache of the Web page is controlled by the "Cache-control" in the HTTP message header, and the common values are private, No-cache, Max-age, must-revalidate, etc., and the

thinkphp 3.2 Apache htaccess open Cache Max-age (2014-11-7 revision)

Files*>Options-indexesFiles>IfmoduleMOD_HEADERS.C>FilesMatch"\. (ico|pdf|flv|jpg|jpeg|png|gif|js|css|swf) $">HeaderSet Cache-control"max-age=2592000, public"FilesMatch>FilesMatch"\. (xml|txt) $">HeaderSet Cache-control"max-age=604800,

Go Cache-control max-age=0

Cache-control max-age=0 Cache-control no-cache-forces each request to be sent directly to the source server, without the checksum of the locally cached version. This is useful for verifying the authentication application (which can be used in

If Cache-Control: max-age = 0 is set, restart the browser and enter a url to access the resource. Will the resource be read from the Cache?

Why is rt 200 (fromcache)? Why is rt 200 (from cache) Reply content: Why is rt 200 (from cache) 200 (from cache) is a cache that is not directly read from the server like sending requests304 is to send a request to the server. If the server

Expires and max-age attributes of cookies

Expires attributesCoolie lifetime is specified. By default, coolie exists temporarily, and their stored values only exist during browser sessions. These values are also lost when users launch browsers, if you want the cookie to exist for a period of

The Cache header does not work. <metahttp-equiv = "Cache-Control" content = "max-age = 7200"/> What should I do?

The Cache header does not work & lt; metahttp-equiv = & quot; Cache-Control & quot; content = & quot; max-age = 7200 & quot;/& gt; if you have any questions, please add this sentence to the html page. I don't know why. & lt; the meta cache header

Nginx Server enforces caching configuration and caching priorities _nginx

Nginx Agent done, the cache is also configured, but found that CSS, JS, jpg these static files are all cached success. But the page file is still to the source server.1. Nginx does not cache reasonby default, whether the cache is nginx by the Nginx

HTTP caching in-depth practice

Reprinted from: HTTPS://WWW.JIANSHU.COM/P/32733A356ACF Network-specific latency and the cost of data transmission, restricting the Internet to quickly obtain web resources. To this end, the HTTP protocol introduces caching to space-time, allowing

HTTP protocol Cache-control Header--Performance AH

Original address: of this articleOverviewTermsHTTP Cache-control HeaderResources that can be cachedResources that can be stored in cacheModify the basic expiration mechanismCache

The cache header does not work <meta http-equiv= "Cache-control" content= "max-age=7200"/> What to do with

Cache header does not work I have a question for you. In the HTML page add this sentence useless don't know what reason Or is there any way to control a single static page cache time? ------Solution--------------------

Apache htaccess settings expires and Max-age cache compatible notation

htaccess file Contents:header set Cache-control" max-age=604800, public "header set Cache-control" max-age=18000, Public, must-revalidate "header set Cache-control" max-age=3600, Must-revalidate "by

REST note (6)-Service with scalability and fault tolerance of the Cache architecture

Document directory     Cache channel) Let's look back at the simple implementation of cache in rest wcf 4.0: 1. Configuration 2. Use Configuration [OperationContract][WebGet (UriTemplate = "/Time")] [AspNetCacheProfile

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