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Merry Merry Christmas MySQL-based forum (4)

]", $chinesename); $sql = "SELECT name from user where slaveboard= ' $board '"; $sql _result=mysql_query ($sql); ?> Layout: echo $chinesename;?> (Management) Moderator: While ($sql _row=mysql_fetch_array ($sql _result)){echo "$sql _row[name]". ";}# Select a message record;$sql = "SELECT * from $board where slaveid=0";$temp =mysql_query ($sql);$sum =mysql_num_rows ($temp);$totalpage =ceil ($sum/$pagesize);if ($sum ==0) {$totalpage

Merry Merry Christmas 8 tips for PHP and MySQL development

If this request is submitted only once, OK, there will be no problem, but if you refresh multiple times, you will have multiple records inserted. This problem can be solved by the header () function: The following is the new version of addcust.php: $query = "INSERT into customer SET surname = $surname, FirstName = $firstname "; $connection = mysql_connect ("localhost", "Fred", "Shhh"); mysql_select_db ("Winestore", $connection); $result = mysql_query ($query, $connection); Header ("L

Merry Christmas (Blessing Words and music box)

Christmas music box 1 Christmas Eve Download 2 Jinger Download 3 Merry Christmas to you Download 4 White Christma

Merry Lonely Christmas php read MySQL data code

Create a new view.php file with the following contents: Copy the Code code as follows: $link =mysql_connect ("localhost", "root", "previous Administrator password");if (! $link) echo "Not connected successfully!";else echo "connected successfully!";?> In this way, we connected to the MySQL database, and then the data read part of the code, according to my MySQL data source table structure of the introduction, we are experimental to read: Depart varchar (45) Department name ename varchar (45

Merry Lonely Christmas bbsphp & MySQL full version one

()); $sql = "SELECT * from". $table. "WHERE"; $result =mysql_query ($sql) or Die (Mysql_error ()); $lin =mysql_fetch_array ($result); for ($i =1; $i { $re = "R". $i; if (! $lin ["$re"]) Break } $sql = "Update". $table. "Set". $re. " = ' $id ' where '; } Else $sql = "INSERT into". $table. " (Id,userid,date1,title,content,row) VALUES (' $id ', ' $userid ', ' $date 1 ', ' $title ', ' $content ', ' $row 1 '); $result =mysql_query ($sql) or Die (Mysql_error ()); if ($result) { Header ("location:php3

Merry Lonely Christmas How PHP sends data to MySQL

Mysql_fetch_array function is called again and comes to the current record's content. This process has been circulating, and when no next record exists, Mysql_fetch_array returns false, the loop ends, and the recordset is completely traversed once. The array returned by the mysql_fetch_array ($result) can be invoked not only by field names, but also by subscripts, as in normal arrays, by referencing the various components of an array. In this way, the above code can also be written like this: P

PS simulate the water droplets on the glass frame "Merry Christmas."

When the festival comes, every household will be decorated beautifully, today we use Photoshop simulation in the glass frame on the water droplet word "Merry Christmas", to wish you a Merry Christmas. Making tools: Photoshop CS, other version steps similar. To make a tutorial : 1, in Photoshop Open a shading materia

Merry Christmas! A new version tabsiplus released

Merry Christmas!Tabsiplus had released a new version on the evening before Christmas. the new version had no new feature added, but fixed two very serous bugs. several month ago, the old version tabsiplus (build 1209) had report a serious bug which cocould hang up source insight Host Program abnormally. I fixed this bug without delay, but for some reason, I'm not

Photoshop to create a beautiful and stylish tree branch merry Christmas WordArt Tutorial

This paper makes use of Photoshop to create a beautiful and stylish tree branch of the Merry Christmas Art tutorial, today to bring you a small skill: control deformation, with AI don't look, the big God also Detour, is a manual work. CS5 above version starts to have the control distortion, the following version washes sleeps. Today this effect is only a pen, then is the manipulation of deformation, there

Merry Lonely Christmas PHP write MySQL data implementation code

PHP writes data to a MySQL database in three steps: 1,php and MySQL establish a connection relationship 2. Open MySQL Database 3, accept the page data, PHP input into the specified table 1, 22 step can directly use a database link file: conn.php Copy the Code code as follows: mysql_connect ("localhost", "root", "");//Connect MySQLmysql_select_db ("Hello");//Select Database?> Of course, the premise is that the Web server, PHP and MySQL are installed, and the MySQL table "Cnbruce" is built My

Merry Christmas-A tribute to Google-a tribute to Linux-tribute to StackOverflow-a tribute to OpenStack-never retreat

deleted_at = updated_at, deleted = id, power_state = 0, vm_state = "deleted", terminated_at = updated_at, root_device_name = NULL, task_state = NULL where deleted = 0; all your instances! Use show columns from instances; if you want to choose another column (s) for yourwhere-clause. Update the cache in table instance_info_chaches appropriatelyupdate instance_info_caches set deleted_at = updated_at, deleted = id where deleted = 0; Update the fixed_ips table:update fixed_ips set insta

Merry Lonely Christmas PHP implementation of the common query program MySQL

if (GET_MAGIC_QUOTES_GPC () ==1) { ?> Note that this program requires a PHP configuration file (PHP3 of PHP3.INI,PHP4 to PHP.ini) MAGIC_QUOTES_GPC Set to OFF or 0, restart Apache after modification. Exit (); } Set_magic_quotes_runtime (0); $host = ' localhost '; $db = ' Test '; $user = ' Test '; $pass = "; [php/inc/str2url.php] CVS 1.2 function Str2url ($path) { Return Eregi_replace ("%2f", "/", UrlEncode ($path)); } ?> if ($cmd) { $con = Mysql_pconnect ($host, $user, $pas

AOJ 2251 Merry Christmas (minimum point coverage)

"Topic link""The main topic"Given a picture, now there are tasks that require TI to send gifts to pi locations at a timeAsk at least a few Santa Claus to finish the mission on time.ExercisesWe're going to send a gift and we can get to the next place. Connecting between two points for a giftOnly the minimum point of this graph is required to cover the answer.Code#include AOJ 2251 Merry

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ~

Christmas is coming, and the new year is approaching. At the end of the year, there was always a lot of new power for us, and we were full of imagination and vision for the future. I would like to send a beautiful horizon from azhe to all my friends and those who accidentally came to my blog. Happy New Year ~ May everyone have a safe and happy year! This song of azhe is a well-written lyrics. It says what

Turn: Different Christmas: When a holiday song meets iPad

. Reid Greven from the northern church wrote on his personal blog website: "Jared used application software to orchestrate the song" swing around the Christmas tree "and" Merry Christmas ", and used Apple's logic software to complete multi-track production. Jared, Eddie Kirkland, And I orchestrate the first

We three kings Christmas song before March 13, 150

We three kings Christmas song before March 13, 150Source: aiqiba English songsOff Key Words: zanmeishi Christmas songs Christian songsPerformer: Jennefer aveon This is a famous American Christmas carol. The text was written by John Henry Hopkins in 1857. Both grammar and words are very exquisite. Here we have selecte

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