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Two SharePoint resources in Microsoft download center

Open the Microsoft download center page Enter SharePoint in the search box. Two resources seem interesting in the search results. Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 sample: Example master pagesMicrosoft has made available four sample master page sets compatible with the application templates for

Prerequisites: Download of Microsoft free server tools (below) (1)

For Microsoft server tools, IT not only provides large-scale enterprise-certified paid tools, but also provides free entry-level solutions for small IT enterprises. Previously we introduced four of the ten free server tools provided by Microsoft-essential work: Microsoft

Microsoft for genuine users to provide Chinese version of antivirus software for free download

Beijing time September 18 Morning News, Microsoft China Co., Ltd. announced today that Windows PC users who have been authenticated by genuine certification will be able to download and install the Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) Chinese beta antivirus software free of charge from Microsoft's official website. The

Microsoft released free IIS server IIS Express 7.5 (download included)

Microsoft recently released an IIS Express 7.5 server. This product is a free Web server built by Microsoft for Internet software developers. Microsoft said that IIS Express 7.5 has complete Web server functions, including SSL, URL rewriting, and other modules of IIS 7.x. In addition, this

Microsoft Push DreamSpark program to provide students with free software download address _it industry

Microsoft pushes DreamSpark program to provide students with free software Microsoft chairman Bill Gates announced that it will provide free development and design tools to millions of universities and high school students around the world to explore the creative potential of students and help them embark on academic a

Microsoft Office 2007 Lite-free Installation 3.18 Final Download _ Common Tools

Microsoft Office 2007 Lite-free installation 3.18 final version Fixed Excel Association problem ...Fixed the POWERPNT association problem ...Replaced the installation method to resolve the installation runtime issue ...If there is no major problem, this is the final OFFICE2007 version of the installation, will not be updated later ...Start to make 5-in-1 installation version, so that you can choose to inst

Microsoft Release WIN10: Technical Preview Free download

Microsoft today released the Windows 10 Technology Preview Download, you can now download the Windows 10 Technical Preview ISO file for free, install and open the experience.the first edition of Windows 10 Technology Preview is available in English, Simplified Chinese, and Portuguese, with 32-bit, 64-bit .Windows 10 Te

Free Download: Microsoft ebook "Introduction to Windows Server 2016"

WIN10 News Microsoft's latest server operating system Windows Server 2016 official version of the image has been leaked, then what is the characteristics of this system? What are the benefits of version 2016 compared to previous versions of server 2012 or server 2008? Now the Microsoft Windows Server team has authored a user guide called "Introduction to Windows Server 2016", published as a free ebook, to h

Duet enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint and SAP

Document directory How sap information is displayed on SharePoint Server and Microsoft Outlook 2010 Preset Functions Template and other construction Blocks Monitoring and Troubleshooting Security Duet enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint and SAP is a new product jointly developed by SAP and

Create event log messages for document libraries in Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services

Applicable:Microsoft _ WINDOWS _ SharePoint ServicesMicrosoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Summary: Use this article and sample code to enable the document library event log message in Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services. This document describes how to create an event handler for use in

MS-MAVA: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) Analytics View Access Protocol Specification

SharePoint Click here to view this version of the [MS-MAVA] PDF. Click here to download a zip file with all of the PDF files. Intellectual Property Rights Notice for Open Specifications Documentation Technical Documentation.Microsoft publishes Open Specifications documentation for protocols, file formats, ages, standards as well as overviews of the interaction among each of these technologies. Copyrights

Summary of SharePoint resources officially provided by Microsoft

SharePoint data collection is often seen on the network, and someone has opened a website to collect these resources. Today, the official SharePoint resource summary document is displayed on the Microsoft website.A total of over 40 documents not only contain SharePoint InfoPath Forms, sdks, WebCast, MVP blogs, E-Learni

SharePoint designer will be available for free in April 1

Two days ago, I saw an MVP blog saying that SharePoint designer will become free in April 1. It should be a good news for enterprise users. After all, a 399 USD authorization is not cheap. It seems that some associated product licenses of SharePoint will also be modified on that day. Why did Microsoft choose this da

Download address required for Sharepoint Development

-fullfile-zh-cn.exe Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 with Service Pack 1 Version 86Download Page:Http:// Displaylang = ZH-CN familyid = ef93e453-75f1-45df-8c6f-4565e8549c2a :Http:// versions: Download Page:Http://

Scaleio 1.30 for back-end storage running Microsoft Server Software SQL Server, SharePoint, Exchange 2013 Solutions

Label:EMC has released a new white paper on Scaleio 1.30 for back-end storage to run SQL, SharePoint, and exchange solutions.The following page has a brief introduction and a download of the entire document PDF. documentation download link is here:

wps free Download |wps Office official download | Office software download

1 min Download installation WPS 2012 in the continuous optimization while still keeping the super small volume, not time-consuming to wait for downloading, also do not have to install time-consuming headaches, 1 minutes to download installation, start fast, let your office speed "Fly up"! WPS2012 deep compatibility with Microsoft Office

Recommendation: always find the best FREE e-book download website

anything. Diesel eBooks-Offer Free eBooks formatted for both Microsoft reader and mobipocket. Free ebook miners-Free eBooks for your education, research or amusement. Planet ebook-Free classic literature to download and

wps Free Download Lifetime free

and fast, let's talk about the features of WPS Office 2012: First, the WPS Office 2012 is deeply compatible with Microsoft Office versions (Microsoft Office 2003 to 2010), and Microsoft Office implements bidirectional file reading and writing. At the same time, WPS Office 2012 is completely compatible with Microsoft

Download the Microsoft. NET Framework English Textbook Series (wrox, Microsoft Press)

never comes into contact with the original English version, therefore, his information is certainly slower to accept than others, which is virtually far behind. I suggest that if you have learned English as a foreign language, you must read the original English version or photocopy teaching materials. Besides, msdn is mostly in English, isn't it? The University has to pass level 4 and Level 6, and there are many courses. Therefore, we need to combine the two in order to spend less time and lear

Free virtual machines under WINDOWS7 (Microsoft Official virtual machine)

need to download the official Microsoft site;Http:// selecting the version number and language of the Windows7, the two download button will be realistic;Http://

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