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How to migrate from VMware and Hyper-V to OpenStack

IntroductionI migrated >120 VMware virtual machines (Linux and Windows) from VMware ESXi to OpenStack. In a lab environment I also migrated from Hyper-V with these steps. Unfortunately I am not allowed to publish the script files I used for this migration, but I can publish the steps and Comm ANDs that I used to migrate

OpenStack, KVM, VMware, and Docker

. function(1) VMware vMotionThe Vmotion is a collection of the three features of Vsphere DRS, DPM, and host maintenance. Where virtual machine dynamic migration allows one virtual machine to be migrated from one host to another on a 0 shutdown, which was originally supported for shared storage, but in vsphere 5.1, VMware has no need for dynamic migration through shared storage. When a virtual machine is mig

Openstack use migrate for Database Upgrade implementation scheme detailed introduction _openstack

Openstack use migrate for Database Upgrade implementation scheme detailed introduction OpenStack with the version of the switch, the new version to add some database tables or add fields and so is the inevitable thing, how easy to do these database upgrade adaptation and management, here will be used to oslo_db in the migrat

OpenStack VM Migration Live-migration failed (error:internal error attempt to migrate guest to the same host)

guest to the same host 00 020003-0004-0005-0006-000700080009, the initial suspicion that the virtual machine is not migrated because it thinks the destination host is itself, so I looked under the hosts, the host resolution is normal.This reminds me of an early VMware migration problem, that is, many vendors are OEM servers, resulting in the same UUID.Using Virsh SysInfo | grep uuid or dmidecode-s system-uuid can query the server UUID, the result que

CEO of RedHat on VMware, OpenStack, and CentOS

CEO of RedHat on VMware, OpenStack, and CentOS RedHat has completed an acquisition to build an open-source stack that leads the hybrid data center, and its main competitor is VMware. The duel between RedHat and VMware remains to be observed, but Jim whitehust, CEO of RedHat, believes that open source will ultimately de

Openstack kills VMWare (2)

or vmostion, or ft, there is a precondition, Is that you must have shared storage, and configure the disk array as a shared storage everyone knows it's a small investment (except to set up a server to play as a shared storage). OpenStack uses ceph differently, does not require a complex configuration, does not require a centralized disk array, because CEPH itself is inherently distributed storage, natural is redundant features, so

Migrate the parent disk of VMWare and the vmware Disk

Migrate the parent disk of VMWare and the vmware Disk Migrate the parent disk of VMWare Do not worry that the hard disk information is not visible in the virtual machine settings. Simply start the Virtual Machine and select the location of the parent disk as prompted. U

Migration VMware VMS to OpenStack KVM modifies vmware Windows SCSI to IDE

Professional (3) -0.VMDK, which will be used in a moment. Select the virtual machine, click [Remove] In the local file system, locate the virtual disk file that is logged in the 4th step of Windows XP Professional (3) -0.vmdk. Open with a text editor. Find Ddb.adaptertype = "BusLogic" line. Replace "BusLogic" with "IDE". Save exit. In the Virtual machine Settings interface, add a new hard disk. On the Select a Disk page, select Use an existing virtual disk.

An analysis of OpenStack docking vmware

PrefaceThis article is an analysis of OpenStack docking VMware, so this article focuses on the following two points: First understand its overall structure, and figure out why to use such a framework; Then understand the various components in the architecture, the main functions provided by the component and the interaction between the various components Overall ArchitectureFirst, learn a

Openstack kills VMWare (1)

Tags: openstack vmwareVMware has a large market share in small and medium-sized virtualized applications, and it is highly recognized, but according to the latest news in the line, Huawei's funsioncloud shipments to the domestic OpenStack commercial product have surpassed VMware, If you add other OpenStack commercial p

The disadvantages of Openstack for VMware

On the left is my personal, if you need further communication, please add. On the right is my public number "OpenStack private cloud", if interested, please pay attention.Two blog posts, "OpenStack kills VMware (1)", "OpenStack kills VMware (2)", and provides some comparison

Experience: Migrate Windows hosts to virtual machines using VMware Convert

A few days ago in a unit, 7 Windows Server 2003 R2 servers (running SQL Server, Web site) migrated to the virtual machine, using VMware Convert 3.02 can be easily migrated, the main steps: Find a larger server, create a shared folder, the folder share permissions for full control, assuming that the computer name is ABC, share name is D Install VMware Convert 3.02 on the host that you want to

How to back up VMware Virtual disk files or migrate to other virtual machines

Original: http://jingyan.baidu.com/article/a681b0de17b3173b1843468f.htmlMethod/Step The first method: directly copy the virtual disk files under the local host disk into the backup directory, and the next time you restore, open the files in the backup directory directly with VMware.First, the virtual machine virtual disk file and the directory where the configuration file resides are displayed before the VMware virtual machine is opened and the mo

Some of the pits that VMware migrated to OpenStack

= anquanpingtai-win2008r2[Enter description here] [1]6. Bind a cloud DriveSince the IDE driver does not support hot-swappable, we will be able to set up the virtual machine, then the 400G size of the previously created hard disk 2, and then re-boot, operating on the interface can be, here does not give the commandAt this point, the recovery of the server state is complete.7. Bind the floating IP and connect to the networkBind the virtual machine to a floating IP and then contact th

Network address planning and communication mechanisms for installing fuel-openstack using VirtualBox and VMware

:8000/#clustersWhere the user name and password are admin.Then about the installation of 3, there are many tutorials online, here do not do too much explanation. Give only a few detailed links for your reference.Http://www.cnblogs.com/dyllove98/p/4115629.htmlHttp://www.cnblogs.com/heybob/p/4718927.htmlThe above two have illustrated the installation process of fuel, there is nothing to say. The main thing I want to express is one of the small problems, that is why the URL given by fuel server can

Analysis of VMware openstack Access Solution

Statement: You are welcome to forward this blog, but please keep the original author information! Blog: http://blog.csdn.net/halcyonbaby It is a pleasure to study, study, and summarize the content!Analysis of VMware openstack Access Solution In openstack, the Nova project currently has two vmware-related drivers (esxdr

How OpenStack mirroring works in a VMware environment

1. Cloud image file:Http://sahara-files.mirantis.com/sahara-juno-spark-1.0.0-ubuntu-14.04.qcow2 (image file with Sahara-spark software installed)From this website you can get the Ubuntu cloud image file, which is deployed on OpenStack with the suffix named Qcow2.2. Turn the qcow2 image file into VMDK (VMware) format.Convert using the Qmenu-img tool: http://download.csdn.net/detail/zlc702/8811535Conversion c

VMware VMS Migration to OpenStack

create a new guest. in the Vsan name window, enter a name for your guest. In this example, the Vsan is named winxpvm and also select the "Import existing disk image ". Click Forward. Click on the "Browse" button:Locate The qcow2 image, we have converted above and select it:Next,choose The amount of RAM and number of virtual CPUs allocated to the guest:In the Summary window, verify the settings for creating the guest. When you are satisfied, click Fini

OpenStack hangs dead in VMware Virtual machine environment (EXSI or workstation)

The OpenStack platform was installed in the VMware Virtual machine environment, creating instances Cirros and Centos,openstack did not error, but the Cirros instance card in Novnc was not able to enter the system in grub, and the CentOS instance card in the install Centos7 after the interface, and reported the kernel error.Later found Comtute node nova.conf in th

Initial cluster Virtualization (ii)--xen, KVM, OpenStack, VMware ESXi, Citrix XenServer and many other options

install, with Windows-side graphical remote management interfaceFree!!! The latest version of 6.5 was released in January 2015, and Citrix has xenserver open source, and regular users can use it for free forever.Architecture:Usage Experience:1) Initial installation of version 6.2, unable to identify the SSD SSD. contacted the SSD manufacturer and learned that there is no 6.2 version of the driver.2) Just xenserver out of the 6.5 version, so try to install, successful identification ~ ~3) It is

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