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"Bug Summary" Resource interpreted as Script but transferred with MIME type text/html

Yesterday opened a new cloud server, the site deployed to IIS, found that the CSS and JS are not normal display, after the inspection found that a warning:Resource interpreted as Script but transferred with MIME type text/htmlThe current problem has

Send mime mail class

? Phpif(basename($php_self?class.html _ mime_mail.inc) {includefileinfo. inc; echopre if not included: $ mailnewhtml_mime_mail (); $ htmlHTML content; $ mail-add_html ($ html, $ text); $ mail-build_message (); $ mail-send (recipient, email receiving,

Send mime mail class _ PHP Tutorial

Send mime mail class. If not included: $ mailnewhtml_mime_mail (); $ htmlHTML content; $ mail-add_html ($ html, $ text); $ mail-build_message (); $ mail-send (recipient, Email, sender, Email. if it is not included, Mark: $ mail = new html_mime_mail (

Send mime mail class

SyntaxHighlighter. all (); news & nbsp; | & nbsp; Security & nbsp; | & nbsp; Forum & nbsp; | & nbsp; download & nb If not included? D? N: $ mail = new html_mime_mail (); $ html = "HTML? Hot? Quot; $ mail-> add_html ($ html, $ text); $ mail->

Send mime mail class

If the parameter values are not included: $ mail = new html_mime_mail (); $ html = "HTML content"; $ mail-> add_html ($ html, $ text ); $ mail-> build_message (); $ mail-> send (recipient, Email, sender, Email, subject, external Header: $ url = "www.

Send MIME message class _php tutorial

If it does not include the file: $mail = new Html_mime_mail (); $html = "HTML content"; $mail->add_html ($html, $text); $mail->build_message (); $mail->send (recipient, mail, sender, email, title, extra header); If it contains a file: $url =

Depressing openpop mime parser

It seems that openpop is rarely used ...... So there are some things about openpop/opensmtp/mail. net ...... No response ...... However, I 'd like to know whether the source of inspiration for openpop development has not seen these messages or what

Java Mail Send message no object DCH for MIME type multipart/mixed positive solution

In the development of the machine, the mail is not a problem, and generally should not have any problems, Commons_email and Javax.mail collocation for a long time, low-level problems should almost no, but upload to the server,

IE6 bug (1)

660 people read comments (0) collect reports 1. IE6's [crazy one] IE6's odd-high BUG IE6 is crazy. Today, the project requires such a layout: an external relatively positioned div, an absolutely positioned inside div (right: 0 ), However, in IE6,

Install Bugzilla in Linux-open-source Bug management tool

Install the Bugzilla-open source Bug management tool-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information in Linux. For more information, see the following. 1. Install a Database Engine Mysql> grant all privileges on *. * to bugs @ '

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