mongodb replication lag

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MongoDB master-slave replication and the Replset configuration tutorial of the replica set _mongodb

CopyMongoDB replication is important, especially now that the storage engine does not support click Persistence. Not only can replication be used to deal with failover, data integration, but also read extensions, hot backups, or data sources as

Nagios Monitoring MongoDB Shard Cluster Service combat

1, monitoring plug-in downloadMongodb plug-ins are: git://, just started I did not install the gitpub Environment here, Find the user grassroots help download. Then uploaded to the csdn Resources page, the

Related concepts of MongoDB replica set "Go"

I. Basic concepts of replica setsReplica set (replica set)MongoDB's replica set is a Mongod process instance cluster where data is replicated to each other in the cluster and is automatically failover.MongoDB's database replication adds redundancy,

MongoDB replica set (1) member Introduction

I. MongoDB replica set introduction MongoDB's replication mechanism is mainly divided into two types: Master-Slave (Master-Slave replication), which is no longer recommended to use the new features developed by ReplicaSet (replica set) MongoDB in

MongoDB Maintenance Replica Set

In each MongoDB (version 3.2.9) instance, there is a local database that stores information and local data for Replication processes. The local database is characterized by the fact that data and collections located in the local database are not

MongoDB replica Set implementation

MongoDB Replica Set Overviewtake a piece from the official MongoDB document: this.width=650; "Src=" E95b0689174d4727974d39c02fd5

MongoDB Maintenance Replica Set

In each MongoDB instance, there is a local database that stores information about the Replication process and local data. The local database is characterized by the fact that data and collections located in the local database are not copied to other

A detailed description of the NoSQL Redis Advanced Utility Command-security and master-slave replication

Android Ios Javascript HTML5 Css Jquery Python Php NodeJS Java Spring Mysql Mongodb Redis Nosql Vim C++ C# Json Ruby Linux Nginx Docker All categories > Database related > NoSQL database nosql redis

MongoDB cluster--replica set

1. Structure and principle of replica set The replica set consists of three nodes: the master node, the slave node, and the quorum node.The master node is responsible for processing client requests, reading and writing data, and recording the

MongoDB election process

MongoDB's replication set has the function of automatically tolerating partial node downtime, which triggers an election-related process when the replication set is in trouble, and automatically switches the master-slave node.Each replica set member

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