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VBA connection to MySQL database and ODBC configuration (ODBC version and MySQL version if mismatch can occur driver and application errors)

db_connected = False' Get database connection settingsDsn_name = Trim (Worksheets ("Load Policy"). Cells (2, 5). Value)------(data SOURCE NAME in the ODBC configuration)user_name = Trim (Worksheets ("Load Policy"). Cells (3, 5). Value)Pass_word = Trim (Worksheets ("Load Policy"). Cells (4, 5). Value)' Get Database Sett

MySQL ODBC is not in the 64-bit prompt for ODBC driver problem resolution

Label:Cause of the problem:When an application accesses a database, such as ASP, ASP. NET, VB, LoadRunner, and so on, if the data source is configured in a 64-bit ODBC-driven Configuration Manager, an ODBC-driven scenario may not be found.This is because these applications are 32-bit applications that do not have access to the data sources configured in the 64-bit ODBC

Reprint: MySQL ODBC under 64-bit prompt cannot find ODBC driver problem

On a 64-bit machine, if you want to connect to 32-bit MySQL, you will typically install MySQL CONNECTOR/ODBC 64-bit and connect properly in the configuration of ODBC data source tests, but when the program is connected, such as ASP, ASP, net, VB, Delphi and other software to access the database, You are not prompted to

MySQL ODBC is not prompted for ODBC driver issues under 64-bit

On a 64-bit machine, if you want to connect 32-bit MySQL, you will typically install MySQL CONNECTOR/ODBC 64-bit and connect properly in the configuration of the ODBC data source test (and I didn't actually test it successfully ...). ), but in the program connection, such as ASP, ASP. NET, VB, Delphi and other software

The specified driver of Mysql odbc 5.1 driver cannot be loaded.

Problem: After installing the new 5.1 mysql odbc Driver, the program prompts "(MySQL ODBC 5.1 Driver). The specified Driver cannot be loaded ." Solution: The security settings of win

Database Driver-mysql driver cannot be deleted in ODBC

After the driver is uninstalled, mysql in ODBC is still in progress and cannot be deleted. after you click delete or configure, two windows will pop out! IMG (img.ask.csdn.netupload201507241437719369_282117.png )! IMG (img.ask.csdn.netupload201507241437719382_794672.png )! [Image description] (img. ask. csdn. netupload201507241437719392_42...

About mysql-ODBC driver installation configuration in 64-bit win7 _ MySQL

Install and configure the mysql-ODBC driver in 64-bit win7 To use powerdesigner, you need to configure ODBC. after repeated failures, the following knowledge points are summarized: 1. there are some bugs in ODBC drivers of d

MySQL ODBC driver installation

First, online installation 1,Yum install drivers onlineYum Install Yuminstall MYSQL-CONNECTOR-ODBC2. Configuration Driver(1) Viewing driver-related informationcat /etc//************************************************# Example Driver

Add an ODBC driver for MySQL in Ubuntu

Anyone who has learned Web development should know ODBC. This Microsoft-Created database connection method makes it easy for a program to connect to the database in Windows, such as Java ODBC to connect MSSQL and Access. To develop a cross-platform and cross-database program, it is a good choice to Connect ODBC to the database, but it is not as easy to create

Why does the Windows ODBC driver fail to connect to the MySQL database on Linux?

* 0 0 accept TCP -- ** state New tcp dpt: 22 0 0 accept TCP -- ** state New tcp dpt: 3306 0 0 reject all -- ** reject-with ICMP-host-prohibited Chain forward (Policy accept 0 packets, 0 bytes)Pkts bytes target prot opt in out source destination0 0 reject all -- ** reject-with ICMP-host-prohibited Chain output (Policy accept 8 packets, 1120 bytes)Pkts bytes target prot opt in out source destinat

Export Mysql database as Excel (ODBC driver)

Export the Mysql database as an Excel (ODBC driver) PHPcode lt ;? Phpdate_default_timezone_set (AsiaShanghai); * [email #160; protected]: [email #160; protected] * if this program does not infringe the rights of any company or individual: export Mysql database as Excel (ODBC

Export Mysql database as Excel (ODBC driver)

Export the Mysql database as an Excel (ODBC driver) PHPcode lt ;? Phpdate_default_timezone_set (AsiaShanghai); ** @ author: * when this program does not infringe on any company or individual rights: * This program follows GP Mysql database export as Excel (ODB

Is there any way to know the version name of the MySQL ODBC driver installed on the remote server?

Hello, everyone. I have an old program that's asp+mysql. Now only connect to the database via the MySQL ODBC driver But there is no way to know what version of MySQL ODBC driver is in

MySQL database export for Excel (ODBC driver)

MySQL database exported to Excel (ODBC driver) PHP Code Currdir = DirName (__file__); }/* Gets the MySQL column name */Public Function Getsrccolumn () {$handle = @mysql_connect ($this->ho St, $this->username, $this->pwd); $this->srccolumn = Array (); if (Is_bool ($handle)) {echo "====**=

How to use MySQL ODBC Driver in VC and Delphi

We often encounter such problems, how to use the MySQL database in non-web programs or ASP programs? There are two solutions for this problem: 1. Use the Library of API functions provided by MySQL. This is how many well-known MySQL client tools are implemented, as is the famous Winmysql tool. This can be achieved in

MySQL ODBC 5.1 Driver Installation-free script

When using MySQL, you need to use the ODBC data source to connect to MySQL. Therefore, you often need to use a driver without installation. Please refer to the script on the official website, I modified a practical script and shared it with you: Install MySQL

Linux:java ODBC driver additions under MySQL

Tags: profile linux export source root directory1, Mysql-connector-java-5.1.7-bin.jar Add location: Under the/jre/lib/ext/directory under the JDK root directory;2.Configure environment Variables for Linux: (remember source. bash_profile). Modify the/etc/profile file (global All users)vi this file/etc/profileat the end of the profile file, add:Export java_home=/usr/java/jdk1.6.0_20Export path= $JAVA _home/bin: $PATHexport classpath=.: $JAVA _home/lib/d

JAVA/JSP Learning Series 5 (JDBC-ODBC flip example) _ MySQL

; // The page number to be displayed.Java. lang. String strPage;Int I, j, k; // set the number of records displayed on one pageIntPageSize = 5; // get the page number to be displayedStrPage = request. getParameter ("page ");If (strPage = null ){// Indicates that the QueryString parameter does not contain the page parameter. The first page of data is displayed.IntPage = 1;} Else {// Converts a string to an i

Introduction to MySQL database and its ODBC interface (1) (reproduced)

). ^_^ 4. Diverse data types, including/unsigned 1,2,3,4,8 byte Integers,float,double,char, Varchar,text,blob,date,datetime,year,set,enum. *_~ 5. Very flexible and secure access system, password encryption. Grin 6. Provides an ODBC interface for WIN95, which can be associated with it through access. A third party developer offers a variety of An ODBC

Android Deep Explore (Vol. 1) Hal with Driver Development Learning notes (5)

Android Deep Explore ( vol. 1) HAL with Driver Development Learning notes (5)The fifth chapter builds the test environment of the development version of s3c64101. s3c6410 Processor Overview The s3c6410 is a 16/32 -bit RISC microprocessor designed to provide a cost-effective, low-power, high-performance application processor solution, such as mobile phones and g

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