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Common Web development vulnerability Solutions

Most of my daily work is to develop Web projects. Because it is generally used to develop internal business systems, security is generally not very important, basically it is the Intranet system, generally, it is rarely attacked, but sometimes some

2017-2018-2 20155231 "Network countermeasure Technology" experiment Eight: Web Foundation experiment

Practical goalsMaster the basic skills of information collection and the use of common tools.Experimental content (1) application of various search techniques such as ip2location location query Queried for their IP route

CentOS install Nginx, MySQL, php method (LNMP)

For LNMP installations, each operational dimension may have been hundreds of times. Here's what I think is the simplest and most efficient installation scenario. 1. Upgrade Yum to the latest version: The code is as follows Copy

Penetration Testing penetration test

Penetration Testing penetration test Directory0. PrefaceI. IntroductionIi. formulate implementation plansIii. Specific Operation Process4. Generate ReportsReferences PrefacePenetration Testing is illegal in accordance with the laws and regulations

Penetration Testing penetration Test

Penetration testing penetration testAuthor:zwell Last updated:2007.12.16 0. Preface First, Introduction II. development of implementation programmes Third, the specific operation process Iv. generation of reports V. Risks and avoidance in the

Penetration test practice guide d01

Methodology: detects, scans (port scans, vulnerability scans), and maintains access. I. Investigation Active investigation: Directly Interacts with the target, and the behavior may be recorded by the target. Passive detection: attackers can obtain

metasploit--(i) Information collection

First, passive information collection1, whois query to find out the domain name of a site server using a DNS server for the zone transfer attacks and other types of attacks, attackers can often expose a site and the outside of a lot of information ..

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