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The next generation of firewall wins the application layer, and the next generation wins the application layer.

The next generation of firewall wins the application layer, and the next generation wins the application layer. Why is next-generation firewall superior to application layer? Almost no one doubts about the important position of firewalls in the procurement of all security e

Capture the "DNA" of traffic-Analysis of the Next Generation firewall and application Recognition Technology

characteristics in the traffic, this is the application Recognition Technology proposed by the industry. As a new generation of "Shen" on network boundaries, the next generation Firewall is a device that fully utilizes application recognition technology to build a security system based on the application layer. In the next-g

Teach you to choose a qualified next-generation firewall

With the gradual rise of the network activity, the threat that the enterprise faces is growing exponentially. As an enterprise IT manager, how should choose Next Generation firewall. Nearly two-thirds of network traffic is web-based applications, with new security threats and network bandwidth usage increasing. Today's network traffic requires proper control of the next-

How to Choose Web security gateway and next-generation Firewall

How should I select the Web security gateway and next-generation firewall? For enterprises that have deployed enterprise-level firewalls, further deploying Web security gateways will greatly enhance the enterprise's in-depth content security protection capabilities. The two are not a simple replacement.According to the Information Security Report released by Gartner

How to compare and select next-generation Firewall

How to compare and select next-generation Firewall The security situation is changing every day. For example, changes within an enterprise include how applications are securely used and communicated. Although from the availability perspective, this change is a benefit in many cases. However, if improperly handled, it may also become a disaster for information security personnel. To cope with this change, E

Application next-generation firewall to determine application access policies

Translator: Liu DaningOne advantage of application next-generation firewall (NGFW) is that it can improve Application Awareness and granularity when setting and managing policies for specific application elements. In contrast, the old-generation firewall relies on the ports and protocols of specific rule sets. For exam

Research on the technology of multi-media services traversing NAT and firewall in the Next Generation Network

manufacturers have used this method to solve the problem of audio/video traversal through NAT and firewall. Although the name is different, the basic principle is the same. I believe that with the expansion of the Next Generation Network, this traversal technology will be increasingly applied to the next generation network. References [1] Zhao huiling, ye Hua. N

Cisco ASA Next-Generation Firewall fragment Message Denial of Service Vulnerability

Release date:Updated on: 2013-06-27 Affected Systems:Cisco Next-Generation FirewallDescription:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------CVE (CAN) ID: CVE-2013-3382Cisco ASA Next-Generation Firewall is a Next-Generation Firewall product.

How to choose a Web security gateway and next-generation firewall

In Gartner's information security Report of August this year, NGFWS, in principle, does go beyond the state port and protocol filtering mechanism of the common firewall, which can perform part of the intrusion prevention function based on deep packet detection technology, and on some high-end devices, can also provide port/ The identity attribute management and policy execution function of a protocol-independent application. The report also highlight

Application Firewall will give birth to the next generation of Web Protection.

Original Title: Next Generation of Application Firewall Web application firewall is the beginning. To combat increasingly complex application attacks, the protection provided by WAF should be integrated into the application insurance platform. This architecture was proposed by f5. it integrates Web application firewall

Introduction of three-generation firewall architecture Evolution

In order to meet the higher requirements of users, the firewall architecture has experienced the transition from low performance x86, PPC software firewall to high-performance hardware firewall, and gradually to not only meet the high performance, but also need to support more business capability direction development. After several years of prosperity, the

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