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[Noip 2014 review] Chapter 2: Dynamic Planning -- Review of previous problems of noip

Sequential Dynamic Planning 1. wikioi 1058 DescriptionDescription N students stood in a row, and the music teacher asked the (N-K) students to make the remaining K students lined up.A queue is a formation in which K students are numbered 1, 2, and so on from left to right ..., K. Their heights are T1, T2 ,..., TK, then their height meets t1 Your task is to know the height of all N students. The calculation requires at least a few students to make the remaining students form a queue. Input des

[NOIP 2014 review] Chapter 2: Dynamic Planning -- Review of previous problems of NOIP

[NOIP 2014 review] Chapter 2: Dynamic Planning -- Review of previous problems of NOIPBackpack Dynamic Planning 1. Wikioi 1047 stamp face Design DescriptionDescription Given an envelope, up to N stamps can be pasted, and the number of stamps is calculated (assuming that the number of stamps is sufficient) for a given K (N + K ≤ 40 ), how to Design the face v

[NOIP 2014 review] Chapter 5: Graph Theory, noip2014

[NOIP 2014 review] Chapter 5: Graph Theory, noip2014I. Most short-circuit problem 1. Graph storage method 2. Floyd algorithm for multi-source shortest 3. Dijsktra Algorithm for single-source shortest 4. Bellman-Ford Algorithm for single-source shortest 5 SPFA single-source shortest (1) wikioi 1173 optimal trade DescriptionDescription [Problem description]C Has n major cities and m roads, each of which co

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Waiting for update Graph Theory Single-source shortest path (dij, spfa) Floyd) Minimum (large) spanning tree (prim kruscal) Euler Loop Strongly Connected Component (Tarjan). Point Reduction Cut Point. Bridge Difference Constraint K Short Circuit Query set Number Theory Linear screening Prime Number Quick power Set of approx. Maximum common divisor and minimum common multiple Binary theorem of number of combinations Lucas Theorem Catlands Extended Euclidean Homogeneous Equati

[NOIP review] Chapter 2: Dynamic Planning

[NOIP review] Chapter 2: Dynamic PlanningI. Backpack Problems 1. Wikioi 1014 Packing ProblemDescription Description There is a box with a capacity of V (positive integer, 0 It is required that any number of n items be loaded into the box, so that the remaining space of the box is minimized. Input description Input Description An integer v indicates the box capacity. An integer n indicates that the

20 years of Microsoft software Development Technology Review-com, OLE, ActiveX, and COM + articles

technology, which is no longer confined to a desktop system on a single machine, but rather targets a broader intranet, or even an international interconnection network. COM + and Multilayer architecture models (Windows DNA architecture, see the next section) and the Windows operating system provide a complete set of solutions for enterprise applications or Web applications."Problem". NET era, will COM dis

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