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Introduction to the "Entity Framework"--objectcontext, ObjectQuery, ObjectStateEntry, Objectstatemanager classes

This section briefly introduces ObjectContext, ObjectQuery, ObjectStateEntry, Objectstatemanager, which are some of the more important classes in EF, They are located under the System.Data.Objects namespace under System.Data.Entity.dll. In

Entity Framework-Introduction to the 2-objectcontext, objectquery, objectstateentry, and objectstatemanager classes)

This section briefly introducesObjectcontext, Objectquery,Objectstateentry,ObjectstatemanagerThese important classes are all located under the system. data. Data. entity. dll namespace system. Data. Objects. In subsequent chapters, we often use some

Entity Framework 4.0 and 4.1

I remember paying attention to entity from the beginning of last year. Framework. At that time, it was just a simple test and found that it was not very mature than nhib.pdf. At that time, EF was mainly developed in table-Driven Mode and relied

ASP. NET MVC Series Framework (ii) Optimization of storage layer

The great God does not spray, the small God silently learns.Will be a trivial thing, will not be absolutely tall on.Finally upload the source code. Hope to bring some new understanding and knowledge to the reader.Haven't been on the headlines yet.

Entity Framework tutorial -- DBContext, entitydbcontext

Entity Framework tutorial -- DBContext, entitydbcontext DBContext: In the previous section "create an object data model", EDM creates a SchoolDBEntities class for us.System. Data. Entity. DbContextThis class. This DbContext is called the context

Tip 29. How to avoid lazy loading or load () reader issues

Tip 29. How to avoid lazy loading or load () reader issuesIf you have the following code:1 var results = from C in CTX. Customers 2 where c.salesperson.emailaddress = = "..." 3 Select C; 4 foreach (var

Linq Learning (2)-LinQ to Entity

I learned some basic knowledge about LinQ yesterday and wrote some examples of LinQ to Object. I have some knowledge about the basic syntax and key points of LinQ. I will continue my learning today. I will summarize some of the topics that I learned

Entity Framework Tutorial--dbcontext

DBContext:In the previous chapter, "Creating the Entity Data Model", the EDM created the Schooldbentities class for us, which derives the class of sub- System.Data.Entity.DbContext , This dbcontext is called the context class in EF.Before EF4.1, the

Extending the ASP.net MVC three-tier framework and using StructureMap to implement dependency Injection 1-model layer _ Practical Tips

This article will show you how to add a service and repository layer and use StructureMap to inject the service layer into the controller and inject the repository into the service layer. Service layer is mainly our business logic layer, this layer

Code First Entity Framework 6 passive to active explicit it loading mode practical analysis (with source Code), entityloading

Code First Entity Framework 6 passive to active explicit it loading mode practical analysis (with source Code), entityloading There are three ways to use Entity Framework to load correlated entities: 1. lazy Loading ); 2. Greedy loading (eager

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