oculus rift unity development

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Oculus-rift Virtual Reality Application development

pixelsFor obvious, the resolution is not high, the motion tracking aspect is not perfect and so on, although Oculus Rift is now near to achieve the best in the industry,But there is still a long way to go before the real virtual reality is demanded. Comments that Facebook's takeover of Oculus madeOculus has sufficient financial support, which allows

OCulus Rift Game Development Six principles

This article is written by Cartzhang, reproduced please indicate the source. All rights reserved.Article Link: http://blog.csdn.net/cartzhang/article/details/46685477CartzhangOCulus Rift Game development Six principles你是一个游戏开发者?在你的生活中,你涉及游戏开发的那些点呢?你是否听说过Oculus Rift VR系统呢?你是否赞同业内的一些声音,说

Oculus Home installs some pits and how to use Oculus rict CV1 to do development in unity.

of the Unity installation path you just opened.Unity5.4 the same, but the corresponding unity version of the Oculus plugin is not backwards compatible, the upward compatibility has not been tested, if you are interested in trying to tell me the results.7. Finally, set the Allow unknown program in Oculus home.Enter the

Oculus Rift officially on sale, ready to start the VR era.

, but chose to compare the mid-end Intel i5-6400 processor, which in fact has a slightly worse performance than the i5-4590 processor recommended in the VR entry-level configuration. Without the hardware factor, Oculus home UI design, including the game's icons have a high degree of completion. In the test game, only a small number of games have a predictable slight lag, rift in the entire test to provide a

Unity Development Oculus Games

1, download Oculus corresponding to their own operating system SkdruntimeI am here the window System, the download is version of the2, the installation runtime, the computer lower right corner of the status bar will appear a small eye to indicate the installation is successful, the specific parameter setting method I won't say it here, there's a whole bunch of tutorials on the Internet.3, the download good SDK into

3D somatosensory game development experience based on Oculus DK2 and Kinect------about getting started Oculus DK2

is Gray, now you need to add users and give a certain user information can be clicked.3. Do as I say, but I still can't see the example?The answer is yes, click Tools->rift Display Mode to enter the following interface and the default direct HMD access from AppsInstead of Extend Desktop to the HMD, uncheck DK1 Legacy App Support   Now run the sample code and you'll find yourself in front of a desk with a book on the table, are the plants really real?

Unity vs UE4, how to choose virtual reality development engine? _ Body Sense 3D Games

 The VR wave swept through, relative to the mania of capital, the real need is the strength of VR hardware research and development team and professional content production team. For entry-level developers, the choice of the game engine has become a major challenge. At present, there are many kinds of virtual reality game development engine, two main engines are unit

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