official sunrise and sunset times

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5 leading linjiangxian

Lin Jiangxian-Yang Shen Rolling across the east of the Yangtze River, the waves are all heroes. Non-success or failure headers are empty, The mountains are still in progress. The white-haired fish on the river, used to see the spring breeze in

Qingming Festival is the origin of a few days of the Qingming Festival _ folk tradition

2012 is April 5Qingming Festival is based on two of the four solar terms to calculate. So it is not necessarily the annual Ching Ming Festival is April 4. Qingming is one of the Shiber, Qingming Festival in the Qingming that day, the annual qingming

Unistorm Basic Settings

article content is based on Unistorm 2.4.0, please use Ctrl F to search for keywords. References: Unistorm Official document initialization Unistorm Open the APS window (Unity menu bar: Windows, Unistorm, Auto Player Setup, C #) Set camera type ,

Linux Time Settings and Synchronization (NTP) __linux

remark: article reproduced from: Summary: GMT/UTC/CST; /etc/localtime,/usr/share/zoneinfo/* time zone file,/etc/profile plus TZ variable; Hardware time RTC, system time;

These apps, make your photos beautiful to fly up

Categorize these apps as follows: Aesthetic Photography is the root of good pictures Basic knowledge of basic Photography Light Photography is the use of light to paint Composition Highlights body shoot A

How to install and configure the ' Weather information indicator ' in Ubuntu 14.10

There are various ways to provide weather information in Ubuntu Desktop, you can use Unity Dash and desktop app to get weather information, such as Typhoon.But a panel plug-in that can quickly query weather conditions and temperature data and get a

Linux NTP time server configuration

Network time Protocol (NTP) is also a new exam requirement for RHCE. Study time also by the way to review how to set up Linux time, now take out and share with youSetting up an NTP server is not difficult, but NTP itself is a very complex protocol.

Linux time synchronization

Summary:GMT/UTC/CST;/etc/localtime,/usr/share/zoneinfo/* time zone file,/etc/profile plus TZ variable;Hardware time RTC, system time; date,hwclock,tzselect;NTP relay SERVER;RPM–IVH ntp-*;ntpdate; Ntpq–p,watch

Linux ntp time server configuration tutorial, ntp server configuration

Linux ntp time server configuration tutorial, ntp server configuration Network Time Protocol (NTP) is also a new test requirement for RHCE. During study, I also reviewed how to set the Linux Time. Now I will share it with you. It is not difficult

MySQL server time synchronization problem processing

1. Adjust database server timeBecause the app shook a shake activity found out of date 15 minutes, but also can continue to shake, the problem is that the database server time than the application server time is quite 18 minutes, and the app is the

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