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Android Ndk-build compile static library libxx.a and Android studio OpenSSL static library configuration (CMake)

Android Ndk-build compiling a static library libxx.aRequirements Scenario:Currently there are two of the Android coded now OpenSSL. A, we need to invoke the function of OpenSSL and then encapsulate the function. A;In this case, in the Android Studio JNI Project CMake, you need to refer to the. A of OpenSSL before refer

Using the OpenSSL library for RSA, AES data encryption

Using the OpenSSL library for RSA, AES data encryption OpenSSL is a library that can be easily encrypted and decrypted, and can be used to encrypt data that needs to be transmitted over the network. Asymmetric encryption can be used: Public key encryption, private key decryption. O

Windows platform compiled openssl-0.9.8k library (32-bit, 64-bit)

libraries (longer wait) > Nmake-f Ms\ntdll.mak test Check whether the previous compilation was successful > nmake-f ms\ntdll.mak install Installing the compiled OpenSSL to the specified folder Optional Directives> nmake-f Ms\ntdll.mak Clean clears the last time that the OpenSSL dynamic library was compiled (depending on the need, choose whether to compile

Modify the name of the dynamic library file that OpenSSL compiles by default

There are two ways to invoke a dynamic-link library DLL file on a Windows platform:A) implicit load-time linking; use the *.lib (import library) file to include the name of the import library lib file in the IDE's linker related settings, or add the precompiled Directive #pragma comment (lib, "*.lib") to the program.b) Explicit run-time linkage. Instead of using

Use the OpenSSL library in the IOS app

Transferred from: the OpenSSL library in your IOS app--"Tutorial:iphone App with compiled OpenSSL 1.0.0a Library" translated from X2onOriginal address:

Modify the name of the default dynamic library file compiled by OpenSSL

Labels: C Language There are two methods to call a dynamic link library DLL file on Windows:A) Link for implicit loading; use *. lib (Import/Export) file, add the name of the import/export lib file to the relevant settings of the IDE linker, or add pre-compilation instructions to the Program # pragma comment (Lib ,"*. lib ").B) Explicit runtime link. Use the Load Library () and getprocaddress () functions t

Windows platform compiled openssl-0.9.8k library (32-bit, 64-bit)

dynamic library (long wait Time) > Nmake-f ms\ntdll.mak test Check for previous compilation success > nmake-f ms\ntdll.mak install Installing compiled OP Enssl to the specified directory Optional Directives> nmake-f Ms\ntdll.mak Clean clears the compilation of the last OpenSSL dynamic library (choose whether to compile the static

Centos6.5-The SSLVersion of the CURL library in the centos6.5 system PHP environment is NSS by default. How can I change it to OpenSSL?

Now requires PHP environment support TSL1.2 and SHA-256, php CURL library upgrade to curl7.35.0, openssl upgrade to OpenSSL1.0.1f, but through the resource file view curl SSLVersion is NSS, if modified to openssl? How to change the SSLVersion to opensslc... Now requires PHP environment support TSL1.2 and SHA-256, php CURL lib

Centos6.5-centos 6.5 System PHP Environment of the SSL version of the Curl Library default to NSS, how to become more OpenSSL?

PHP's environment is now required to support TSL1.2 and sha-256,php's Curl Library upgrade to Curl 7.35.0,openssl upgrade to openssl/1.0.1f, but viewing the SSL version of Curl through a funding file is NSS, If modified to OpenSSL?How to change to OpenSSL in SSL versionWhy i

Ubuntu Error:ssl modules require the OpenSSL library.

+ Ngx_http_echo_module was configuredChecking for PCRE Library ... foundChecking for PCRE JIT-support ... not foundChecking for OpenSSL library ... not found./configure: ERROR:SSL modules require the OpenSSL library.You can either does not enable the modules, or install the OpenSSL

Compile and install openssl in Linux and generate the dynamic system connection Library dynamic/shared libraries

directory '/usr/lib64 'MAKE[2]: Entering directory '/usr/lib64 'MAKE[2]: Leaving directory '/usr/lib64 'MAKE[1]: Leaving directory '/usr/lib64 'CP Libcrypto.pc/usr/lib64/pkgconfigchmod 644/usr/lib64/pkgconfig/libcrypto.pcCP Libssl.pc/usr/lib64/pkgconfigchmod 644/usr/lib64/pkgconfig/libssl.pcCP Openssl.pc/usr/lib64/pkgconfigchmod 644/usr/lib64/pkgconfig/openssl.pc Another config method./config--prefix=/usr/local/openssl-fpic Shared zlibCp-r/usr/local

MAC OS x Installation libevent Library install libevent bufferevent_openssl.c:60:10:fatal error: ' openssl/bio.h ' file

Compile libevent (source file in/users/carl/downloads/libevent-2.1.8-stable), execute make command, report Install libevent bufferevent_openssl.c:60:10:fatal Error: ' openssl/bio.h ' file The first reaction, the feeling is not OpenSSL version too low. 1. View the OpenSSL version, found that the version is relatively low $ O

Call the OpenSSL library function that comes with your Android phone with the NDK

Target: Many Android phones already have their own OpenSSL library,,, the following example implements the APK call to the OpenSSL library function Pkcs5_pbkdf2_hmac (key generation algorithm) through the NDK1) Create a JNI directory in Android project2) Edit Abcjni.javaPackage com.example;public

[Go] Reference lib Static library in VS2010 VC + + project (for example, OpenSSL)

This article transferred from: is a security protocol that provides security and data integrity for network communications, encompassing key cryptographic algorithms, common key and certificate encapsulation management functions, and SSL protocols, and provides a rich range of applications for testing or other purposes.First download the OpenSSL package: (http://www.

tutorial on installing SSL protocol dependent library OpenSSL in Linux

0. Introduced by a mistake The code is as follows: Fatal error:openssl/aes.h:no such file or directory If you encounter this error at compile time, this may be the following reason: The program you are trying to compile uses OpenSSL, but the files (libraries and headers) that need to be linked with OpenSSL are missing on your Linux platform. To solve this problem, you need to install the

Data encryption using the MD5 of the OpenSSL library in a Linux environment

the MD5 encryption tool in the OpenSSL library can encrypt the input string and output a 16-byte number. The test code is as follows:1 //test_md5.c2#include 3#include string.h>4#include 5#include 6 7 intMd5_test (void*idata, size_t len, unsignedChar*MD5)8 {9 md5_ctx CTX;Ten One if(idata = = NULL | | Len 0|| MD5 = =NULL) { Aprintf"Input param invalid!\n"); - return-1; - } the -memset (ctx,0

Use OpenSSL library for MD5 encryption in Linux

This document draws on the files on the Internet and makes some modifications on its own. It mainly solves some problems caused by inconsistencies and not details during the test. OpenSSL Installation Centos Yum install OpenSSL-devel # Include Compile and check. You need to link the OpenSSL library. Gcc-lcrypto mai

Using OpenSSL's MD5 library

 On the Linux machine, there is a command to calculate the MD5 value of the file, that is md5sum, if not, you need to install the RPM package: Coreutils. Now we can also easily compute the MD5 value of the file using the OpenSSL library. The main function to use is int Md5_init (Md5_ctx *c);int Md5_update (md5_ctx *c, const void *data, size_t len);int md5_final (unsigned char *md, md5_ctx *c); Before usi

Dynamic library for openssl-1.0.1c cross-Compilation

# Cross-compiling OpenSSL ------Modify makefile directlyAdd this line:Cross_compile = arm-unknown-Linux-gnueabi-Go to the following linesCc = cc to CC = $ (cross_compile) GCCGo to the following linesAR = ar $ (arflags) rRanlib =/usr/bin/ranlibChangeAR = $ (cross_compile) Ar $ (arflags) rRanlib = $ (cross_compile) ranlibModify the installation path and locate the following two lines:Installtop =/usr/local/SSLOpenssldir =/usr/local/SSLChanged to the act

Use OpenSSL to generate certificates (including OpenSSL)

Original introduction of OpenSSL OpenSSL is currently the most popular SSL password library tool, it provides a universal, robust, full-featured tool suite to support the implementation of the SSL/TLS protocol.Official website: composing partial cipher algorithm library key and certifi

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