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NetScaler creating a multi-domain certificate (SAN)

1. Create a OpenSSL profile on the local computer by modifying the fields below for your own needs.Note 1: In the example used in this article, the configuration file is named "Req.conf".Note 2: "Req_extensions" will place the subject alternative

(1) OpenSSL basic concept

1.1 Background knowledgesymmetric encryption: encrypted decryption uses the same key, and the decryption speed is fast. As the number of people increases, the number of keys increases by N (n-1)/2.Asymmetric Encryption: Use the public private key

Build an HTTPS server with a self-built CA certificate

1. Introduction to theoretical knowledge of HTTPS HTTPS (full name: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol over secure Socket Layer) is a security-targeted HTTP channel and is simply a secure version of HTTP. That is, the SSL layer is added under

SSL Certificate Management: Practical Guide

One of the things faced by many network engineers is the maintenance and update of SSL certificates. For the author, SSL certificates are mainly used for VPN deployment, but there are also many network devices that need certificates to encrypt

Set up IPSecVPN in CentOS6.3

1. install the required Library CentOS: 1yumupdate2yuminstallpam-developens 1. install the required Library CentOS: 1 Yum update 2 Yum install pam-devel openssl-devel make gcc 2. download strongswan and

Set up IPSec VPN in CentOS 6.3

Set up IPSec VPN in CentOS 6.31. install required Libraries CentOS:1yum update2yum install pam-devel openssl-devel make gcc 2. Download strongswan and decompress it (* indicates the current Strongswan version number)1 wget http://download.strongswan.

Use Let & amp; #39; s Encrypt to protect your packets

Use Let & #39; s Encrypt to protect your packets Let's Encrypt is a free SSL Certificate launched at the end of last year, and there is basically no limit to applying for this certificate, as long as you prove that you are the domain name owner, you

Anti-Virus Anti-Spam system construction (IV.)

4. TLS support By modifying the/USR/LIB/SSL/MISC/CA.PLL script implementation, the following changes are compared between and unmodified***************59,69 * * * *} elsif (/^-newcert$/) {# Create a Certificate! System (

A tutorial on web information capture using Ruby program _ruby topics

Websites no longer cater to human readers alone. Many sites now support APIs that enable computer programs to access information. Screen capture--it is still convenient to parse HTML pages into a time-saving technique for forms that are easier to

Acme-tiny making a free HTTPS certificate

Preface Although the implementation of the environment of HTTPS, the use of a paid CA certification body, but there is really a lot of sound in the advice of this free HTTPS SSL certificate, so I really set up to try a free HTTPS build process, and

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