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Visual Studio 2015 compilation builds a libcurl static library that supports the HTTPS protocol

Because previous work required the use of the Libcurl Open source project library after various studies found that the HTTPS protocol could not be usedLater through a variety of documents, found to need OpenSSL support, this need to download and

Using the OpenSSL management certificate and SSL programming part 3rd: Export MinGW compiled OpenSSL DLLs to Def and Lib for msvc use

Export the MinGW compiled OpenSSL DLL to Def and Lib for msvc useBefore we used MinGW to compile OpenSSL into a dynamic library, we got the following 2 DLL files:Libeay32.dllSsleay32.dllThen use the following script to generate the module definition

Self-release Python version production (ii) compilation

The second article in this series focuses on the build environment and compilation process of the Windows environment.Compilation Environment Selection:1. Microsoft Visual C + + Compiler for Python 2.7 is used by the compiler as a god. The reason

NET Framework,. NET Core, Xamarin

Recognize. NET CoreThe previous article introduced. NET new eco-environment: including the . NET Framework,. NET Core, Xamarin Troikawhere the. NET Framework is a proprietary development framework based on the Windows platform.. NET core can be

[. NET object-oriented programming in depth] (5). NET MVC 6.0--build cross-platform. NET development environment (Windows/mac OS X/linux)

[. NET object-oriented programming in depth] (5). NET MVC 6.0--build cross-platform. NET development environment (Windows/mac OS X/linux)1. About Cross-platformThe evolution of MVC was described in the previous article, when the name of. NET 5.0 was

[Turn to translate] Networking API improvements in Windows 10

In today's era of cloud-first, mobile-first technology, most apps have at least some integration with Web services or other devices on the network. These include apps that get weather online content, news or sports scores, media or downloaded

Using Javascriptservice to implement DES encryption algorithms in. NET Core

The article "ASP. NET Core Love JavaScript" and "cross-platform NodeJS component solution." Netcore some issues that do not support the System.Drawing Graphics feature provides a set of solutions for our extended. NET Core API, which was seen last

PHP 7 compiled Memcache extensions

1.1 Php-memcache (for PHP 7.x) 1.1.1 OverviewAfter PHP 7 comes out, Http:// does not have a for PHP7 version of the Php-memcache, need to compile one yourself. Found on the internet mostly under Linux, and I need to be

Install python3.6.1 and scrapy and win7python3.6.1 in win7

Install python3.6.1 and scrapy and win7python3.6.1 in win7 --- Restore content start --- The first blog record the process and problems of self-learning python. First download python3.6.1 and required materials Baidu:

"Go". NET core based on. Csproj Configuration File Publishing Project

First, preface. NET Toolchain in the latest Preview3 release, the new MSBuild project system was introduced, and the project files were returned to the . csproj XML file to manage, project files, package references, assembly references,. NET Core

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