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Store those things. (iii) fusion of OpenStack block storage cinder and commercial storage

OpenStack is a cloud computing software developed by NASA and Rackspace, which is licensed by Apache License and is a free software and open source project. OpenStack is the IaaS (infrastructure, service) software that allows anyone to build and provide cloud computing services on their own. In addition, OpenStack is also used to create a "private cloud" within a

[Hengtian Cloud technology sharing Series 10] openstack Block Storage Technology

Original article: Block Storage provides interfaces for block device storage. You need to attach the block storage volume to a virtual machine (or bare metal) before you can int

[Hengtian Cloud technology sharing Series 10] openstack Block Storage Technology

Original article: Block Storage provides interfaces for block device storage. You need to attach the block storage volume to a virtual machine (or bare metal) before you can int

Explore OpenStack (9): In-depth block storage Service Cinder (Part 1)

: $:02.000000| None |+------------------+---------------------------+------+---------+-------+----------------------------+---- -------------+Description Cinder run a Cinder-volume service for each backend You can specify a zone for the Cinder-volume host by setting the STORAGE_AVAILABILITY_ZONE=AZ1 in cinder.conf.You can select AZ when creating volume, and with Cinder-scheduler availabilityzonefilter you can create the volume into the specified AZ. The zone is nova by default.

Openstack block storage installation and configuration use LVM

1. storage systems use LVM ins and configuration block storage; Apt-Get install lvm2; Create physical volume Create a volume group Add a filter entry to the devices section in the/etc/LVM. conf file to keep LVM from scanning devices used by virtual machines; Figure Error Succ "A/sda1 /" Block

Openstack-mitaka Block Storage Node installation

1, the target host, preparatory work is ready to complete, do not explain2. Install the relevant package on the target host650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http:// -wmp_4-s_2248711700.jpg "title=" qq20161110170128.jpg "alt=" Wkiom1gkoblaihi8aachxjnxqv0918.jpg-wh_50 "/>3. Create an LVM physical volume/dev/sdb650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http://

Openstack Object Storage Management Manual (1) about openstack

, but don't be afraid, we have a guide to help you solve the problem. Because this project is so new and constantly changing, you need to keep an eye on the changing information. If you are reading a document a few months ago, you feel that the content in the document is not completely accurate, you can send mailing list ( /~ Openstack) or presents a bug (

Openstack-m version (Mitaka) built on (Centos7.2) + + + 10, OpenStack Object storage Service (SWIFT)

10. OpenStack Object Storage Service (SWIFT) configuration: I added two hard drives (SDB,SDC) to the compute node for storage, and the compute node in my build is the storage node, because the computer can't pull more virtual ... Brief introduction: There are four main components of Swift: Swift-proxy-server, Swift-

Install the swift component of openstack on Ubuntu-installing openstack Object Storage

We are building a swift environment on our own these days. After reading some documents and combining my own practices, I wrote it down: 1. Physical Environment Description: Linux: Ubuntu server 12.04 Proxy Server IP: server one: server two: server three: 2. important components: Node: runs one or more object storage services. Proxy node: Run proxy services Auth node: Run auth

Openstack storage Summary: explains how to use NFS as the cinder's back-end Storage

)2014-10-2312:23:28.960 1747 TRACE nova.virt.block_device [instance:eb1742c6-1e73-4656-b646-ca8442519e7a] File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/eventlet/",line 80, in tworker2014-10-2312:23:28.960 1747 TRACE nova.virt.block_device [instance:eb1742c6-1e73-4656-b646-ca8442519e7a] rv = meth(*args, **kwargs)2014-10-2312:23:28.960 1747 TRACE nova.virt.block_device [instance:eb1742c6-1e73-4656-b646-ca8442519e7a] File "/usr/lib64/python2.6/site-packages/", line419, in attachDevi

Virtual machine online migration without shared storage conditions in OpenStack [go]

high. Thermal migration (hot or live migration)-thermal migration is also called dynamic migration. The virtual machine still works during the migration, and the user can continue to use the virtual machine. This is the type of migration that is described in this article. Thermal migration is divided into the following two types: (1): The virtual machine data exists on the shared disk (GKFX storage-based Live Migration), as shown i

Block Storage Area-how to verify whether a block is on the stack or on the stack to verify the block

Block Storage Area-how to verify whether a block is on the stack or on the stack to verify the blockBlock Storage area first, three terms need to be introduced: ● _ NSConcretStackBlock ● _ NSConcretGlobalBlock● _ NSConcretMallocBlockThe three block

[Reprint] Object Storage (2): OpenStack swift--concept, architecture, and scale deployment

Original: fc78a68049a14bb228cb2742bdec2b9498806815fcb59399eee501874bb9e9086bce3050baf1438179330d72d2508871 Absrtact: The greatest charm of open source is to satisfy people's exploration and curiosity, so that we can understand a system in depth, if we find that its design or implementation of any unreasonable or wrong place, we can come up with their own ideas and realize it, and personally to improve a people are conce

Differences between hadoop Distributed File System and openstack Object Storage Service (SWIFT)

Recently, a student asked me about the difference between the hadoop Distributed File System and openstack Object Storage Service, and said a few words to him. I personally think that data processing and storage are preferred. There is no absolute quality. It should be used based on specific applications. I found some online saying: this is the original: http://

Openstack-swift Cloud Storage Deployment (i)

Recently built a swift cloud storage architecture for the needs of the jobLet's take a look at the technical knowledge Inside: The SWIFT Service is a component service belonging to OpenStack, the Component Services in OpenStack are Keystone, Nova, glance, etc., different services are responsible for different functions, we build today swift+ Keystone,swift is res

What is the difference between hadoop Distributed File System and openstack object storage?

Recently, someone mentioned a problem in Quora about the differences between the hadoop Distributed File System and openstack object storage. The original question is as follows: "Both HDFS (hadoop Distributed File System) and openstack Object Storage seem to share a similar objective: To achieve redundant, fast,

Openstack Object Storage developer Guide/official swift API documentation-translation (1)

) Client Authentication is provided by the get method of the rest interface and is usedV1.0As the path. In addition, there are two headers that must provide:X-auth-userAndX-auth-KeyAnd their values are the user name and API access key respectively. Each rest request accessing the openstack Object Storage System must contain a specific header in the HTTP header:X-auth-tokenThe value of this header is the

OpenStack m Installation Storage (Cinder) service Chapter

Installation Configuration Cinder ServiceController nodeFirst, create a database[Email protected] ~]# mysql-u root-p>>create DATABASE cinder;>>grant all privileges on cinder.* to ' cinder ' @ ' localhost ' identified by ' Cinder_dbpass ', >>grant all privileges on cinder.* to ' CINDER ' @ '% ' identified by ' CI Nder_dbpass ';Cinder_dbpass Replace the password you want to setIi. Creating service entities and API interfaces[[emailprotected]~]#source/root/[[emailprotected]~]# openst

Curl Operations OpenStack Object storage REST API details _openstack

Due to the recent work need to use OpenStack, use Curl Operation OpenStack Object storage Rest API, this is I found a lot of information, here, recorded. Using OpenStack, use curl to manipulate the rest API for OpenStack object storage

With practical experience in the development and application of distributed storage such as Ceph, Glusterfs, Openstack cinder Framework, container volume management solutions such as Flocker

feasible scheme to present unreasonable realization way;9, love to learn new knowledge and new skills;10, able to work with the team. totalidx=0imscid=r0000000751, participate in the development and operation of distributed file system (object storage System and block storage

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