optimized idle override

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TOMCAT-JDBC source code Analysis and optimization

Database Connection Pool Connection pooling is a common technique for resource reuse. With connection pooling, it is possible to pool the resources that have been created with greater overhead and to cache them in a pool that needs to be taken out

Netty Reliability Analysis of Netty series

1. Background 1.1. The cost of downtime 1.1.1. Telecom IndustryIn a survey of 74 operators in 46 countries, KPMG International found that the global communications industry lost about $40 billion a year, accounting for 1%-3% of total revenue. There

Netty Reliability Analysis of Netty series

Author Li Linfeng released on June 19, 2014 | 29 Discussions Share to: Weibo facebooktwitter Youdao Cloud Note email sharing Read later My list of reading 1. Background 1.1. The cost of downtime 1.1.1. Telecom IndustryIn a

Distribution and routing of Akka

a Dispatchers 1.1 Understanding the dispenser The dispatcher is the role of a communications coordinator, primarily responsible for the receipt and delivery of messages. It is primarily based on a certain distribution strategy that controls the

ListView performance optimization for asynchronous loading _android

Android ListView is one of the highest-rate controls (the GridView and ListView are brothers, all inherited Abslistview), ListView optimization is the most effective is to use viewholder to reduce the frequent view query and update, cache images to

ListView Asynchronous Load Picture Implementation (optimization) _android

In App application, ListView's asynchronous loading image can bring good user experience, and it is also an important index to consider program performance. On the ListView asynchronous loading, there are many examples on the web, the central idea

Java must brush 100 questions __java

1. What is b/s structure. What is c/s architecture b/S (browser/server), browser/server programc/S (client/server), client/server, desktop application 2. What you know about network protocols. HTTP: Hypertext Transfer ProtocolFTP: File Transfer

Alibaba JAVA Development interview FAQ Summary 4

Alibaba JAVA Development interview FAQ Summary 4Three main features of java Encapsulation, inheritance, and PolymorphismDifferences between abstract classes and interfaces Java Abstract class:Classes modified using the abstract keyword are called

Java face question collection and reference answers (100)

Not accumulate Kuibu not even thousands of miles, here will continue to collect and update the Java Foundation related questions, currently has collected 100 questions.1. What is the B/s structure? What is the C/s architecture b/S

Asp. NET comparison of 26 performance optimization techniques _ Practical skills

This article mainly introduces the "ASP." NET, the 26 optimized performance methods commonly used in asp.net are mainly related to the 26 optimized performance methods commonly used in the ASP.net, and the students who are interested in the 26

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