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Easily send email-utl_mail in Oracle 10 GB

If you want to send an email from Oracle before 10 Gb, you must use the utl_smtp and utl_tcp feature packages of Oracle to package an email sender program and then use it. since 10 Gb, this process will become very simple. because Oracle provides us with an utl_mail package,

[Turn] A simple Oracle applet that generates a random phone/phone number/Social Security Number/bank card number/address/email, etc.

In some scenarios we may need to generate some random data, such as generating phone numbers, e-mail addresses and other data in a test environment for functional testing. Or import the production data into the test environment for simple desensitization processing. This is what I developed on the basis of dbms_random to generate: Mobile phone number Phone number Email ID number Bank card number Address An

How to send an Email through Oracle

----------------------------------------------------- Begin Rochelle sendoraddress: ='| P_sendor |'>'; P_splite_str (p_receiver );-- Process the email address Forkin1.. my_address_list.countloop P_email (l_sendoraddress, my_address_list (k )); Endloop; /* Process the email address and separate the email by commas */ End; Test the performance of

Oracle Stored Procedure sending email instance learning

Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Create or replace procedure procsendemail (P_TXT VARCHAR2,P_SUB VARCHAR2,P_SENDOR VARCHAR2,P_RECEIVER VARCHAR2,P_SERVER VARCHAR2,P_PORT number default 25,P_NEED_SMTP int default 0,P_USER VARCHAR2 default null,P_PASS VARCHAR2 default null,P_FILENAME VARCHAR2 default null,P_ENCODE VARCHAR2 DEFAULT 'bit 7 ')AUTHID CURRENT_USER IS Copy codeThe Code is as follows:/*Purpose: use oracle to send emailsMain functions: 1. Support

Oracle Scheduled Email notification

successfully mailed out. -- tests procedure email_notice_expired begin email_notice_expired; End; After writing the procedure, it is time to set up an Oracle schedule to call this procedure to send a letter. /*Call the stored procedure get_expired_program every 5 minutes written from Milo on 20170309*/ beginSys.dbms_scheduler.create_job (job_name= 'PLOEC. Email_notice_expired_task', Job_type= 'stored_procedure', Job_action= 'email_notice_expired

Oracle Stored Procedure send email

Create or replace procedure procsendemail (p_txt varchar2, p_sub varchar2, p_sendor varchar2, p_receiver varchar2, p_server varchar2, p_port number default 25, p_need_smtp int default 0, p_user varchar2 default null, p_pass varchar2 default null, p_filename varchar2 default null, p_encode varchar2 default 'bit 7') authid CURRENT_USER is/*: use Oracle to send mail. Main functions: 1. Support for multiple recipients. 2. Support for Chinese Characters 3.

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