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Ubuntu 14.04 using VirtualBox 4.3.10 virtual Windows 7

Ubuntu 14.04 is good, but some things can only be done under Windows, so using the virtual machine software Oracle VirtualBox under Ubuntu makes it a good choice to install a virtual Windows system. first, go to VirtualBox official website (

Install and configure VirtualBox 4.2.12 in Windows 7

VirtualBox is a free and cultural "Virtual Machine" software developed by Oracle. It has been released in version 4.2.12. After VirtualBox is installed, you can add multiple virtual machines (or "virtual computers") on your computer, and install different operating systems on the virtual machine, for example: windows,

Install Ubuntu Nic configuration with VirtualBox in Windows 7

Install Ubuntu Nic configuration with VirtualBox in Windows 7 In Windows 7, Ubuntu is installed with VirtualBox, which requires Ubuntu to be connected to the Internet, and SSH, FTP, and NFS services are configured in Ubuntu to be

Windows 7 + VirtualBox installation Centos+mono+jexus

1. Download and install VirtualBox and VirtualBox extension2. Create and install a CentOS virtual machine3. Download and install the libgdiplus,gdi+ library4. Download and install Mono5. Download and install the GTK-SHARP,GUII library (optional, if you do not need to run the desktop program, you can not install)6. Download and install Monodeveloper (optional, you can write programs under

Install Ubuntu Nic configuration with VirtualBox in Windows 7

Ubuntu is installed with VirtualBox in Windows 7, which requires Ubuntu to be connected to the Internet, and SSH, FTP, and NFS services are configured in Ubuntu to be accessible from Win7. At this time, the Linux virtual machine requires two NICs, one connected using the NAT method (Network Address Translation Network), used to connect to the Internet; the other

Install Oracle Linux 7 on Oracle VirtualBox

Tags: VirtualBox oracle Linux 7 Oracle Linux remove OpenJDKI ' ll start coding with JEE soon. Product Environment adopts Oracle + WebLogic in Linux, technology adopts EJB3 and JPA. So I ' m going to set a development environment in my own computer with them.For IMac installi

CentOS 7 Installation Oracle VirtualBox

machine starts to error /sbin/vboxconfigThis time to enter the terminal on the VirtualBox, the hint is not available kernel or kernel not loaded information, and prompted to run/sbin/vboxconfig to see the details, after the run found two hints a missing gcc, The other is kernel's problem.Decisive release of the dog, it is necessary to kernel-devel this component, found the problem that installation on the line."For Elrepo sources, see the previous b

[Python development practice] Windows 7 + VirtualBox + Ubuntu environment configuration, virtualboxubuntu

[Python development practice] Windows 7 + VirtualBox + Ubuntu environment configuration, virtualboxubuntu 1. VirtualBox Installation Refer to the general installation method. VirtualBox 4.3.14 for Windows hosts:

Tutorial on using VirtualBox + Vagrant to install CentOS 7 on Windows

Using Virtualbox+vagrant to install the CentOS 7 environment on Windows, you need to install the VirtualBox and vagrant Tools, and download a box image file for CentOS 7. First, install the above tools, download a good box file, use the Vagrant command to add mirrors to vag

Windows 7 + VirtualBox installation of Mac OS X Virtual Machine full tutorial

of sound, I need to install a driver. In addition, I followed the Wizard provided in several articles during installation. If you want to get rid of the empireEFIv1085.iso startup system, you can also follow these instructions: How to Install Mac OS X Snow Leopard on VirtualBox 3.2 with Non Apple, Intel PC Mac OS X Guest Snow Leopard 10.6.4 on PC with VirtualBox 3.2.6-on

How to share files between Windows 7 and Ubuntu in VirtualBox

shared folder 4. ls view the new files in Ubuntu and open the folder file in Windows. For more information, see The entire process is as follows: This completes file sharing between Windows and Virtual Box. Refer: Install Ubuntu 13.04 in VirtualBox 4.2.12 Use Virtualbox in Ubuntu 12.10 to install Win7 Ubuntu 12.04.2

Docker-based installation of Hadoop in Ubuntu 14.04 in VirtualBox in Windows 7

1. Installing Ubuntu 14.04 in VirtualBox 2. Installing Docker in Ubuntu 14.04 3. Installing Docker-based Hadoop Download image Docker Pull sequenceiq/hadoop-docker:2.6.0 Run container Docker Run-i-T Sequenceiq/hadoop-docker:2.6.0/etc/–bash Test Hadoop (set Ubuntu memory to 2G, or 2048MB, or run an error) CD $HADOOP _prefix

Using VirtualBox virtual machine installation win7--The third step of installing Windows 7 on a virtual machine under a Mac system

Step three install Windows 7 on the virtual machine After waiting for the virtual machine to enter the Windows 7 installation interface, in the language, currency, keyboard input method This side, it is recommended to keep the default settings, directly click the "Next" button, Next click on the "Install Now"

Cloning virtual machine images (clones and imports) under the Windows environment under Oracle VM VirtualBox

Tags: solution vbo uuid CentOS file exe mouse ID repeat CENTOS7Cloning virtual machine images under the Windows environment under Oracle VM VirtualBox:Note: Copy directly a. VDI virtual hard disk can be hung up again, but VirtualBox actually prompted the UUID to repeat, unable to use., you can resolve it with a command-line tool that comes with Vritualbox, and th

Set the virtual hard disk size of Oracle VM VirtualBox in windows

In windows, adjust the virtual hard disk size of the Oracle VM VirtualBox:Run cmd to enter Windows command line modeAfter cd, keep up with the directory installed by the Oracle VM VirtualBox. You must go to the innermost layer, that is, the root directory. Press Enter.The fo

Virtual machine Oracle VM VirtualBox Linux system How to access Windows shared folders

1. Set up a shared folder on the local system to use for the regional space that interacts with Ubuntu. 2. Right-click the shared folder icon on the status bar or the menu bar "device-shared folder" to open the shared folder settings, as shown in3. Click the Add button in the upper right corner of the shared Folder settings box.Select a shared folder that was previously set by this computerYou must not check the automatic mount at this time4, set

Installation of Windows 8 in Oracle VM VirtualBox (77440)

The two days of a whim to see what Windows 8 really look like, because the first thought is to install one on the virtual machine to play.Select VirtualBox, download and install everything goes well and start after entering Windows 8 interface.However, after installing the VirtualBox enhancement tool, you will no longe

Access Windows Host folders in Oracle VM virtualbox

Environment HOST: Windows XP VM: Oracle VM virtualbox 3.2.6 Vm OS: Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop 1. Set the shared folder in Oracle VM virtualbox 2. Install vboxguestadditions 3. Enter Ubuntu and enter the following command: Mkdir/mnt/share Create a mount point Mount-

Cloning virtual machine images under the Windows environment under Oracle VM VirtualBox

Tags: nal centos centos7 win ETH copy virtual VDI one1. Locate the installation directory to Vritualbox2. Copy the installed. vdi file to the specified directory3. ImplementationVboxmanage internalcommands Sethduuid F:\VirtualBoxALl\CentOS7-002\CentOS-02.vdi4. Create a new virtual machine, reference CENTOS-02.VDIThis makes it possible to complete a clone replication without having to reinstall a Cenos system again, saving time.Cloning virtual machine images under the

How to install Linux under Windows with Oracle VM VirtualBox virtual machine

Oracle VM VirtualBox This virtual machine many people are not unfamiliar, this very famous open source virtual machine software, the software interface is friendly, the operation is simple. Based on I7500 ROM compilation and boot.img file modification, need a Linux environment, we can apply it here, not to reload the system, and then the original system based on virtual Linux out. 1. Download in Install

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