outlook 2010 view message headers

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How to view message headers in Outlook 2010

Recently many colleagues appeared after the message sent to the other party can not receive the situation, such words need to mail headers information to query the log, tracking the transmission process of the message, see what went wrong. For Outlook2010, you can check for the following steps: In Sent items, hit the development of the mail, click on the tag at

Retrieve a message that was mistakenly deleted through Outlook 2010

In more and more enterprise operations, we often encounter the user mistakenly delete the message case, and at this time the enterprise is not online about the mail platform backup scheme, how can we operate to ensure that the user mistakenly delete the message can be successfully recovered? Currently, if your enterprise mail platform is based on Microsoft Exchange Server, you can use

Outlook 2010 does not open the link in the message

Outlook 2010 suddenly does not open the link in the message, prompting: This operation has been canceled due into restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator You can try these several ways: Microsoft's Official solution: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/310049 If not, try the following methods: http://www.msoutlook.info/q

Outlook 2010 Remove unwanted message attachments diagram

With Outlook 2010, the pain was finally ended. You can remove attachments directly from your message by simply removing them: Put this picture away. expand this picture You can delete the specified message attachment by right-clicking on the messa

Outlook 2010 does not open attachments Direct Preview Content View method

1, if we look at an example, we open Outlook 2010 after we find the message you will see the message contains Word documents, pictures, Excel tables, PowerPoint presentations; 2, if we do not want to download do not need to face right click on the attachment after clicking on "Open" or "Save as", directly clic

[Case sharing] Exchange 2010 logs on to OWA view message appears rights Managem operation failed

Environment:Ad+exchange (all in one)Failure phenomena:The client logs on to OWA to view any message that appears Rights management operation failed error.:650) this.width=650; "title=" image "style=" border-top:0px;border-right:0px;background-image:none;border-bottom:0 px;padding-top:0px;padding-left:0px;margin:0px;border-left:0px;padding-right:0px; "border=" 0 "alt=" image "src=" Http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02

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