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Use advanced Installer to package ASP.NETMVC together with the IIS service and MySQL database as an EXE installation package

of Mysqld.exe is executed, the batch will error, causing the installation to fail. Now that the package preparation is complete, here are the steps to pack Second, packaging 1. Create a packaged project Click Next Choose. NET run version, you can use the default network download, or in advance download good. NET run environment and then a piece to package to the installation

2018 first release: A [Advanced Installer] package trip, 2018 first release

2018 first release: A [Advanced Installer] package trip, 2018 first releaseI. Preface In the last few days of June 2017, you are all happy for the New Year. The blogger is working overtime to create the. net installation package. Because the first version of the installation package was released years ago, the blogger

(go) Use advanced Installer to package one-click Install Web Application

Install a Web application with the Advanced Installer package with one clickInstallation preview:   Resources Download:  Sample installation PackageOperation Flow:1. Create a new ASP. NET application.2. Set the application name and company name.3. Select the installation package distribution type. By default.4. Specify

After the advanced Installer is packaged, the installation package runs again after the WIN10 is restarted.

installation command line.3. When using the default theme, even if the feature-based is included, the added startup item will be deleted automatically when the installation finishes clicking on the "Default End" button.4. If you use the modified button, that is, remove the default installation Complete button, the use of other buttons to replace the time, the installation program can also end normally, but will not remove the added boot item .In summ

Small white with advanced installer build installation package

installation project will be automatically updated. ---3, file system This view can add the files we need to put in the installation package. The application folder is placed in the original file, and another two folders are placed in the shortcut. Shortcut right-click the original file to create it, and then copy it to the other two folders.--------------(see Uninstall.exe is not very surprised, this file is actually the following path in the Msiex

C # package MSDE In the installer

Add the automatic installation and merging module of Microsoft SQL Server 2003 Desktop Engine (MSDE) to the vs 2000 project. MSM: 1. Download The sp3a installation package of msde2000. 2. decompress the package to the local hard disk. The figure in the MSM folder is the msde2000 merging module. 3. add an installation project in your project, assuming mysetup, add project output according to the normal steps

Teach you how to use C # package an application (installer) [Uninstall a module added]

path, otherwise, the default installation directory of the installation program will be" C: \ programm file \ your USERNAME \ installation solution name "; open solution manager, right-click your solution name, and select Properties: On the open properties page, select" system required ", On the System essentials page, select the following items. This is very important !!!!! 1 !!!!!After the installation is selected, the generated installation

Package your C # project with advanced installer

1, update the project code with SVN, then commmit upload the latest code.2. Under debug mode (i.e. development mode), modify the version number of two places (The app. config configuration file under the 1:securitymanagerclient project; The app. Config profile under the 2:wcfservicehosting project).3, run the project, see if there is a problem, no words choose the release mode, rebuild the solution, start packaging.4. Enter the "D:\lixq-PC\client\Clin

Python3.5+installer package. py as an. exe

(1) Download install installer, as I installed in D:\Program files\python35, after the installation is complete, D:\Program files\python35\scripts can be found Installer.exe(2) Performing packagingD:\Program files\python35\scripts>pyinstaller-f Problems encounteredD:\Program Files\python35\scripts>pyinstaller-F spider_005.pyfailed to create process.Workaround:Find D:\Program files\python35\scripts\pyinstaller-script.pyWill# ! D:\Progr

What if Windows 7 prompts Windows Installer not to start?

Method one, using 360 computer assistants 1. The use of 360 computer butler is very simple, we click on the "360 security defender" as shown in the following figure. 2. Then we find 360 security guards, indeed "Human Services" click to enter 3. Then search the Windows Installer as shown in the figure will search for your results. 4. We click on the repair scheme to enter, and then click Fix immedi

[ES4 Package Tutorial] 3. Using Easy Sysprep v4 Package Windows 7

the operating system, reducing unnecessary duplication of effort. Therefore, we need to integrate the system patches to the source system, install common software, thereby reducing the duplication of work after each deployment. 1. Installation PatchesWindows 7 patch installation, you can choose to bring your own Windows Update or use a third-party fix pack, such as a system patch installation assistant.If you are using Windows Update, there is

Package learning 4: Use of the Delphi package

Editor () is displayed. The Package Editor Contains two folders: Contains and Requires. 3. Click the Add button to Add a unit file (component or simple code unit file ). Note: You have added the PAS source code file instead of the compiled DCU file. When you add a unit file, the unit name in the package is displayed in the Contains folder of the package editor.

Windows 7 personalized theme package production tutorial, Windows 7 personality

are using a battery, it is best to hook up the pause slide playback option. 3. Change System sound The system sound effects can also be changed, but the operation is troublesome, and we usually do not change this setting, the system can be changed by default. If you still want to change the system sound, follow these steps: 1. Right-click the desktop to enter the personalized window; 2. Click "sound" at the bottom to see that the default sound solution is "Windows Audio file as the system soun

How to make a non-dependent PostgreSQL database RPM package on REDHAT6 (7) or CentOS6 (7)

Label:This article solves the source code installation needs to check the system on whether the application depends on the software package to worry about the source code developers also have some help. Can be modified on the basis of the appropriate to meet their own requirements. The REDHAT5 or CentOS5 has provided a directory for RPM packages that can be placed directly into the system-specific directory of the applications that need to make the RP

Java programming ideology version 4 * Chapter 7 * personal exercises and programming ideology version 4

Java programming ideology version 4 * Chapter 7 * personal exercises and programming ideology version 4Welcome to group: 239063848Notice on entering the Group: This group is only used for technology sharing and communication, issue and answerNo chat, no advertisement, no recruitment ...... If You Are the OneExercise 1: (2) create a simple class. In the second class, a reference is defined as the object of t

Thunder programming questions: programming: Find a number in addition to 2 + 1 In addition to 3 + 2 in addition to 4 + 3 in addition to 5 + 4 in addition to 6 + 5 in addition to 7 + 0

Package com; public class test {public static void main (string [] ARGs) {system. out. println (getsteps1 (); system. out. println (">>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>"); system. out. println (test. getsteps (); system. out. println (">>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ");} public static int getsteps () {// use the minimum public multiple to reduce the number of traversal times. Int I = 1; int step = 2; Boolean maxstep = false; while (true) {system. Out. Print ("

BAT Batch Automatic (silent) method of installing software (includes 4 common installation package formats) _dos/bat

Using batch processing to install common software, we need to grasp the following knowledge points: I. Package type of common application software: 1.installshield Type: InstallShield is a commercial-level installer encapsulation tool that many large commercial software uses to encapsulate. For example: Macromedia Flash. Pgtoshop, etc.Installation parameters:-R for recording the installation process-S fo

About Linux-centos 7 How to install the RPM package for MySQL 5.7.9

Tag: The installer for the RPM package of MySQL 5.7.9Introduction to Environment >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Operating system: Centos 7.1MySQL database version: mysql5.7.9MySQL official website:, before installing the new version of MySQL, we need to bring the system Mariadb-lib Uninstall[Email protected] ~]# rpm-qa|grep mariadbmariadb-libs-5.5.41-2.el7_

CentOS 7 install the latest Mono and centosmono through the continuous integration package

CentOS 7 install the latest Mono and centosmono through the continuous integration package Mono 3.6.0 was released. This version has submitted a total of 878 commits since the previous version. A total of 66 contributors have participated in the development since March 10, 2014. Among them, 22 have contributed to the initial submission and they have fixed 112 bugs. For details, see the Mono 3.6 release, nug

Self-study Linux -- 4 dpkg software package management tool command details

Learn Linux-4 dpkg software package management tool command details when you cannot install software online, if you have manually downloaded one. deb package, you can use the following command 1. install Debian Package File: sudodpkg-idebfilename2. list the contents of a package

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