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1.1 What is parallel

On the simplest and most basic level, parallelism means that two or more actions occur at the same time, the parallel we encounter is the natural existence of life, we can talk while walking or each hand carry out different movements, of course,

Design and Implementation of proactive-based distributed parallel web spider

  Summary: Because the Internet has a massive amount of information and is growing rapidly, it is important to increase the speed of data collection and updating for the web spider of the search engine Information Collector. This article uses the

Python implements parallel capturing of 0.4 million house price data for the entire site (can be changed to capture the city), python captures

Python implements parallel capturing of 0.4 million house price data for the entire site (can be changed to capture the city), python captures Preface This crawler crawls house price information to practice data processing and whole-site crawling

Yar-parallel RPC framework (ConcurrentRPCframework)

Author: Laruence () address of this article: www.laruence.com201209152779.html record the source Yar (yetanotherRPCframework) I developed a PHP extension and RPC framework to solve a practical problem more than three months ago, Author: Laruence ()

[WebGL Primer] 21, light emitted from a parallel source

Note: The article is translated from, the original author Sambonja 広 (doxas), the article assumes that I have additional instructions. I will add [Lufy:], in addition, my WEBGL research is not deep enough, some professional words.

[Selenium+java] Parallel Execution & Session handling in Selenium

Source url: understand how to run scripts in parallel, let ' s first understandWhy do we need Session handling?During test execution, the Selenium webdriver have to

Parallel and asynchronous processing of C ++ PPL: C ++

Parallel and asynchronous processing of C ++ PPL: C ++   Written by Allen Lee   You held it all, but you were careless to let it fall. You held it all, and I was by your side powerless.-Linkin Park, Powerless   Calculate the sine value in

C ++ AMP: Parallel Computing On the GPU

C ++ AMP: Parallel Computing On the GPU   Written by Allen Lee   I see all the young believers, your target audience. I see all the old deceivers; we all just sing their song.-Marilyn Manson, Target Audience (Narcissus Narcosis)   From CPU to GPU In

Learning the Intel thread building block Open Source Library (TBB) _ Parallel Computing

Learn about Intel thread building blocks open Source libraries Brief introduction We have found a powerful alternative to POSIX threads and windows-based threads, the Intel thread building block, which is a C + + based framework designed for

Go language concurrency and Parallel Learning notes (ii)

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Don't know if you've noticed a phenomenon, or this code, if I run in two goroutines inside the words: var quit chan int = make (chan int) func loop () {for I: = 0;

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