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IOS pedometer and ios Pedometer

IOS pedometer and ios Pedometer This blog introduces the popular "pedometer"-simple knowledge points. The implementation of the pedometer is changed at the beginning of ios8. However, I will give a brief introduction to the previous sections. IOS 8- /// ViewController. m // CX pedo

Android-based pedometer (pedometer) explanation-order (modify)

Today I wanted to say that the dropdown in the ListView refreshed the data, but suddenly thought of some better ideas.It took a day to make changes to the network functions, photos, and some logical functions of this project, so it is necessary to pedometer that the previously downloaded pedometer program may not work.Pedometer (pedometer) the entire project sour

Android-based pedometer (pedometer) explanation (vi)--listview dropdown Refresh Page

Pedometer (pedometer) the entire project source code, recently made a relatively large changes, may not have been downloaded before the run, interested friends can download to see (remember to help younger brother on GitHub to play a Star ~)Https:// implementation of the implementation of the drop-down refresh function, the first few pages:, today is the way to achieve thi

Android-based pedometer (pedometer)--an indicator that follows the interface slide

Pedometer (pedometer) the entire project source code, interested friends can download to see (remember to help younger brother on GitHub to play a Star ~) Https:// Today, the indicator is sliding with the interface, which may be less intuitive, I'll attach several: , the middle part is a viewpager (can slide the page), you c

Mobile pedometer app How to use the mobile phone pedometer tutorial

1, first download the pedometer, and then click Open, as shown below. 2, after opening, we can see that there are "step number", "kilometer", "step/minute" and other information 3. The pedometer is changed with the dynamic of our running. We can click on the phone in the lower left corner of the "three", click Pause, as shown below 4, click "Start Again", as shown below 5, click "Settings", as s

Android-based pedometer (pedometer) (iii)--circlebar (circular progress bar)

Pedometer (pedometer) the entire project source code, interested friends can download to see (remember to help younger brother on GitHub to play a Star ~)Https:// article is about the demo download here (0 download): me a couple of cards first:As shown, clicking in the middle of the circle will show 3 different pages (in

Pedometer algorithm brief and module use

Pedometer as an algorithm function module, this should be separated from the business module, decoupling. This can also be more focused on the upgrade of the algorithm. Let me briefly describe the implementation principle of the pedometer algorithm, and give us some inspiration.1. AlgorithmsFor all pedometer, the first step was to use an

iOS new accelerometer event (gyroscope and accelerometer)

iOS New Accelerometer Event"iOS New Accelerometer event "1, iOS5.0 before, you can use Uiacceleration to monitor the accelerometer event.2, after the Bug iOS5.0, Uiaccelerometerdelegate has been depreacated, as follows:  Deprecated is not to say, but it means that in the future version will be deleted, so if you do not want to update knowledge, use Uiacceleromete

Android-based pedometer (pedometer) explanation (a)--fragment page jump

Android.view.layoutinflater;import Android.view.view;import android.view.viewgroup;/** * This is the fragment of the step * Author: Li Wu Super Email:[email Protected] * date:2015-1-2 * Time: PM 2:39 */public Class FRAGMENTPK extends Fragment{private view view; @Over Ridepublic View Oncreateview (Layoutinflater inflater, ViewGroup container,bundle savedinstancestate) {view = Inflater.inflate (, container, false); return view;}}Package Com.example.changepage1;import Android.os.bundl

Cocos2d-x event distribution mechanism-accelerometer event monitoring, cocos2d-x Accelerometer

Cocos2d-x event distribution mechanism-accelerometer event monitoring, cocos2d-x Accelerometer Event monitoring mechanism In the previous article introduced the cocos2d-x touch event mechanism, this to introduce the next game is also often used in the accelerator events, these are the game is often used. An important input source on a mobile device is the device direction. Most devices are equipped with an

Easy implementation of iOS pedometer

With the improvement of people's living standards, coupled with the rapid development of mobile technology, more and more software into the health industry, pedometer is used to record the personal movement of a very good technology. This period of time out of curiosity about this technology, learn to learn the steps of the implementation process.There are two ways to implement the pedometer, (1), directly

Principle and application of accelerometer-mobile phone rollover, weightlessness detection, motion detection, position recognition

This paper introduces the characteristic principle and application scenario of the-LIS3DH accelerometer sensor for wearable devices. ST's LIS3DH is widely used in smart wearable products such as smart hand loops and smart step shoes.LIS3DH has two ways of working, one of which is that it has built-in algorithms to handle common scenarios such as standstill detection, motion detection, screen flipping, weightlessness, position recognition, click and do

IOS Accelerometer and Gyroscope

Cmpedometer. iOS 8 's new Cmpedometer replaces iOS 7 's cmstepcounter as a pedometer that gets the number of steps a user can take to carry the device. The class contains the following methods: This method, like Cmstepcounter, determines whether the pedometer service is available: + (BOOL) isstepcountingavailable;Determine if the calculated distance is available:+ (BOOL) isdistanceavailable;Determine if

Sensor + Accelerometer + Shake

to study)Use third-party libraries (the underlying C functions are encapsulated with OC)Https:// meterThe accelerometer can be used to detect the movement of a device, and common applications such as shake/pedometer are based on accelerometers."Accelerometer mainly throu

"Go" "translate" accelerometer and gyroscope guide

Source Address: post is translated from the IMU (accelerometer and Gyroscope devices) guide used in embedded applications.This article mainly introduces the mathematical models and basic algorithms of accelerometers and gyroscopes, and how to fuse the two, focusing on the discussion of algorithms and ideas.IntroductionThe purpose of this guide is to introduce inertial MEMS sensors, especially accel

Cardboard Talk02 Accelerometer

Tags: trait is Ted systems axes osc eset Android noteOperating system: Windows8.1 Graphics: Nivida gtx965m Development tools: Android Studio 3.0.0 | Cardboard 1.0 Before discussing the implementation in depth, it is necessary to understand the relationship between the IMU sensor and the coordinate system of the Android system and the relationship transformation, so that the coordinate system can not be mixed in the implementation and application. In this loan opportunity to translate Nvdia an

[sensor]--bmi160-Accelerometer, Gyro sensor

; } kprintf ("pmu_status:0x%x \ r \ n", ui8status); Bmi160_write_reg (Am_devices_bmi160_step_conf_0, 0x15);//Pedometer function Bmi160_write_reg (am_devices_bmi160_step_conf_1, 0x0 B); Bmi160_write_reg (Am_devices_bmi160_acc_range, 0x05);/Set Accelerometer +-4g//Read status register to clear it. Ui8status = Bmi160_read_reg (Am_devices_bmi160_err_reg);//Read error status Register clear Ui8st

iOS Development-coremotion Framework (accelerometer and gyroscope)

Coremotion is a framework dedicated to motion, which contains two parts of accelerometers and gyroscopes, before iOS4 the accelerometer is the Uiaccelerometer class responsible for collecting data, Now generally use coremotion to deal with the acceleration process, but because Uiaccelerometer is relatively simple, the same people are used. Accelerometer is determined by three axes, the user's most common op

UVa 11205 The broken pedometer: enumerating good questions & skillfully using binary

11205-the Broken Pedometer Time limit:3.000 seconds Http:// problemproblem=2146 The Problem A marathon runner uses a pedometer with which it has problems. In the pedometer the symbols are represented by seven segments (or LEDs): But the p

Coremotion in-frame accelerometer using a concise tutorial

ObjectiveBefore someone made a mobile phone anti-theft app through the iphone's accelerometer, and it was through this anti-theft app to get Angel investment. From then on gorgeous turn, the company develops the vivid. Although this project is not very good at the end, but it is really a nice idea.Maybe you don't know, every iphone has an accelerometer built in. This allows the built-in

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