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Troubleshooting and solving method of campus integrated wiring

With the deepening of education informationization in our country, the network construction of colleges and universities is becoming more and more perfect. After more than 10 years of construction, the rapid expansion of campus network coverage, the

Network Fault stratified troubleshooting-New Network Analysis ideas

To reduce design complexity and enhance versatility and compatibility, computer networks are designed as hierarchies. This hierarchical system enables a variety of different hardware systems and software systems to easily connect to the network.

Basic troubleshooting methods for Cisco network faults

1. Troubleshooting)Here we will introduce the hardware and software problems that may occur when using vrouters. During the networking process, such as X.25, FR, DDN, DDR, TCP/IP, problems encountered in different network environments such as

OSPF topology troubleshooting report

OSPFTroubleshooting report   Fault Point 1: PPPLink fault Fault symptom: The PPP link between R2. Fault analysis: 1) whether the PPP authentication types are consistent 2) whether the user configured for ppp chap authentication is correct 3) is the

Detailed analysis of DNS troubleshooting steps

In the face of more and more complex network applications, many networks will encounter one or more faults. Now, let's analyze the DNS troubleshooting process. This section describes the precautions, troubleshooting procedures, and detailed

Use Layer 2 route tracing for troubleshooting

I believe many people are familiar with tracing network faults with traceroute ip addresses. This is based on the IP address (Layer 3) route tracking, and is suspected to be used to eliminate most network faults. The layer-2 route tracing is very

ISA Server Troubleshooting Policy (1) _ Servers

ISA Server Troubleshooting Policy 10.2 ISA Server Troubleshooting Policy The system method is a necessary condition for successful troubleshooting. When an unexpected ISA Server error is encountered, it is possible to troubleshoot by identifying

MySQL redo deadlock troubleshooting and troubleshooting process analysis, mysqlredo

MySQL redo deadlock troubleshooting and troubleshooting process analysis, mysqlredo Problem background I went to work on Monday. I first asked my colleagues about the test results last week. I was told that MySQL Server hang is in multiple instance

Details of several common troubleshooting methods for routers, and details of several troubleshooting methods

Details of several common troubleshooting methods for routers, and details of several troubleshooting methods1. Serial Port troubleshooting When a connectivity problem occurs in the serial port, in order to eliminate the serial port fault, the show

Troubleshooting and Analysis of Common Faults of core layer Switches

With the development of China's exchange industry, it also promotes the upgrade and improvement of the core layer switch technology. Here we mainly analyze some fault analysis and troubleshooting of the core layer switch. The LAN of multiple

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