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ubuntu12.04 Sync CM10 Source (personal records, as notes)

/environmentCreate a working directory and synchronize:Mkdir-p ~/ANDROID/CM10CD ~/ANDROID/CM10Repo Init-u git:// JellybeanThere will be several initialization settings to fill your Google accountTo start the download:Repo sync-j16A prompt appears next:... A new Repo Command (1.18) is available.... You should upgrade soonDo not know this weight is not important, the first download repo is version 1.17, but I have been unable to find 1.18, annoyed! Direct:CD ~/b

Software Engineering--Personal final summary

A Software engineers should devote their energies to the analysis, specification, design, development, testing and maintenance of software that will benefit you and be more respected. According to their commitment to the public health, safety and well-being, software engineers should follow the following eight major pr

Personal plans will never go messy: five timed reminder software for horizontal Evaluation

Personal plans will never go messy: five timed reminder software for horizontal Evaluation (16:19:57) Category: Work articles Generally, the reminder software is simple and may not be used by everyone. But for users who need to use computers as work tools, a good reminder software will o

Software Engineering Personal Final summary

First, translation  Software engineers need to be committed to their own software analysis, specification, design, development, testing and maintenance, it is a person's social and respected career. To comply with their commitment to public health, safety and well-being, software engineers need to adhere to the eight p

Personal Summary of software engineering

First, please translate the following text yourself, pay attention not to learn from others ' results or try to find the translation from the Internet, you must use their own language to understand the text onceSoftware engineers shall commit themselves to making the analysis, specification, design, development, testing and Mainten Ance of software a beneficial and respected profession. In accordance with their commitment to the

Personal application software development for Android applications (1)

Currently, I personally work on my own financial management software. I am a financial management specialist who has no fixed funding plan or financial management plan every month. As a result, I have read other financial management software, which makes me very complicated and complicated. I think if I want to make a financial management software, I must first b

Personal accounting software version 0.1 released

Software: personal accounting software version 0.1 Source code : PersonalaccountRelated blog: I want to write a personal accounting software. Please give me some comments.Personal Accounting Program Preliminary ideasPersonal Accounting S

Personal Software Engineering Reading Notes

Personal Software Engineering Reading Notes Today, I learned an article about improving the personal software development process. I am very touched by it, so I recorded it for future reference and spur myself to execute it. Many people complain that the development process of their company is not standardized, the pro

Software testing Technology The first week of Classroom essay Records

Written before, this is the software testing technology of the classroom essay, recorded some of the content described in the class.One, because it is the first week class, inevitably talk about the definition of software testing: what is software testing.Software testing is an important part of the software developmen

Personal Summary of software engineering

On a hot summer day, at this time, we end a semester course. Learning without thinking is bewildered, and thousands of years ago the Ancients realized the importance of thinking and summarizing the knowledge they had learned. Then, we also want to inherit the ancient people's records, we have a week of 16 weeks of study a serious summary. When it comes to software engineering, it is inevitable that the teac

[Personal blog Job Week7] Software engineering team Project thoughts and Reflections

of all be interested in itself. What no one wants to pay attention to is naturally difficult to do in a market-style way. So, at this time, the bazaar did not play any role, and the market-style we had always relied on became the culprit of low quality.After so many, I think we still need to stick to the market-style model We have always relied on, and it is the cornerstone of our success. But on top of that, we have to find another way to deal with situations that do not apply to it. In my opi

What can computer desktop monitoring software monitor? Chat records? Can it prevent leakage of corporate employees?

is not conducive to pre-prevention, in-process prevention, and post-event tracing.Countermeasures against network leaks1. Strengthen Network Security Education and ManagementConducts security education on network personnel in the light of various security issues such as equipment rooms, hardware, software, data and networks, and improves the security concept and responsibility of network personnel; education Network personnel strictly abide by operat

Personal software process 2 Basic Project Development Process

the company is working beyond its capacity at the promised time, the software process cannot really solve this problem. The final result is: overtime, provided that the project manager takes on more responsibilities. The reality of working overtime is to increase the sense of urgency, which forces programmers to focus more on their work time from outside. The so-called overtime cannot solve the problem. Overtime itself means that the project fails

Release the beta version of the Java Mobile Phone software personal consumption management V1.0 for testing ......

[JAVA Mobile Software] Personal Consumption management V1.0 : Http:// Author: Zhuang Xiaoli (liigo) Is there such an experience? I just got a few hundred dollars from the bank a few days ago. I didn't remember the flowers, and my wallet was empty! Was it really me? -- Think about it and I still don't know where to spend so much money. Therefore, we need a piece of

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